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Death Note Anime!
Posted on Saturday, August 20th 2005 by atikiN

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***EDIT*** This was posted over a year ago when there was no Death Note anime. We know it's already out and you can find it in our Fansubs: Daily Releases section. Sorry to disappoint you but there is no Death Note anime. The above screenshot was from the latest episode of Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid. Although most of you probably want to hang me by the balls right now, this was still an interesting little find.

The whole scene lasted about 1 second about 9 minutes and 40 seconds into the episode. This could have been just a coincidence or maybe a little hint that we might see Death Note made into an anime sometime soon.

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Nami296 on Saturday, August 20 @
OMG that is so not a coincidence! How could they put in those characters without basing them on death note? I really hope they make an anime soon!


ponkonkachan on Saturday, August 20 @
I want to hang you by the balls for getting my hopes up =(


berserkerX on Saturday, August 20 @
they either are so teasing us or one BIG coincidence but I would never thought DN to be anime but it wouldnt be a bad idea.


doomed51 on Saturday, August 20 @
god damnit!!! you shouldnt do that to people....but i really hope there is a deathnote anime!!


kaykay on Saturday, August 20 @
that was gay.................. there were my hopes, all high in the sky...then u shot them down w/in 10 sec.!!!


fullmetal888 on Saturday, August 20 @
hahaha nice finding
cant believe u actually catch that

after seeing dis... i started to miss L again
TT_TT ahahah


ponkonkachan on Saturday, August 20 @
I think L and Kira battle will live in our minds forever. More interesting then these new guys


jamilao on Saturday, August 20 @
phew my heart almost stop when i saw the screenshot i thought that there will really be an anime of DN :(
yeah they were the best rivals, too bad he died early :(


3V1L_3R1C on Saturday, August 20 @
Huh, that's interesting. That's the best psyche I've recieved today.


booo on Saturday, August 20 @
OMG !! cant be just a coincidence. hope there's going to be a Death Note anime XD


kakashisei on Saturday, August 20 @
o.O u scare mi!!! i tot there was reali a death note anime tat i did not know!!!


erex on Saturday, August 20 @
WHAT THA ! WAHT THA ! WHAT THA ! WAHT THA ! WAAAAAAAAAAA YEEEEEEEEEY !!!!!!!!! OMG !!! Im so happy i cant explain it in words !!!!!!!!!!!!! T_T (tears of joy)


atikiN on Saturday, August 20 @
#12, They will become tears of sorrow as soon as you read what I wrote below the article.


blu3_dr4g0n408 on Saturday, August 20 @
haha i feel sry for #12 when he read post by #13


Egad on Saturday, August 20 @
Heh, I knew it was to good to be true.



Lucifer on Saturday, August 20 @
Is it JUON (grudge) written on the glass? ^^


asianskater on Saturday, August 20 @
yea it does say juon another coincidence but yet i wonder y they named it that


atikiN on Saturday, August 20 @
#16, What does JUON have to do with Death Note? I don't think I came across that word.


shinobiramen on Saturday, August 20 @
lol that was good. i was really suprised, but now there's no anime. it would be really interesting if there was. death note is super cool. it got me soo confused at times. lol. but everything made sense in the end.


smellySUZIE on Sunday, August 21 @
o: i still need to finish death note x3
Damn you for fooling us!


Floozie on Sunday, August 21 @ sorry this was accualy my bad....sorry -.-


GeoHolyhart on Sunday, August 21 @
Not that Im disappointed that there isnt going to be a Death Note anime, since I always did prefer mangas. Im just pretty surprised at the coincidence of finding a screen like that.


Lucifer on Sunday, August 21 @
#18, JUON is quite a popular Japanese horror movie other than Ringu (The Ring).

It doesn't have anything to do with Death Note but i find it amusing they put the word on the glass since it means "grudge"

Maybe FMP has a grudge against Death Note ? (just guessing)


kaitune on Sunday, August 21 @
I heard this news before, but still found it quite amusing... Oh well, that is a very interesting scene, is it the hint that this studio will make DN soon?


Kenjo on Sunday, August 21 @
L!!!!!!!!!!!!! on TV!!!!!!!!!


yuyue_hirakiseira on Sunday, August 21 @
uhhhh i though it has death note anime -_-||||
uhhh i really wan it
i hope they'll make it!!!


Rina-chan on Sunday, August 21 @
well thats true that picturei s from full metal panic the 2nd raid episode 6


darkrave on Sunday, August 21 @
even if its not death note... it still looks like a DEATHNOTE anime.. I do wish they would make a deathnote anime...


keruberos on Sunday, August 21 @
make an anime. i really want an anime o this one. maybe its not mere coincidence. but i still have to check if the makers o full metal panic is also the creator of deathnote.


revoN on Sunday, August 21 @
fufufu okashii


Jshen85 on Sunday, August 21 @
YA.. they are too many ppl waiting for the anime version of deathnote.. it will be very popular...


lont on Sunday, August 21 @
omg that is so not funny..... they better make the anime.....


numberonecubsfan on Sunday, August 21 @
Yes, I would very much like to hang you by the balls.


atikiN on Sunday, August 21 @
#23, Ahh thanks, never knew JUON meant grudge ^^. Oh well, one thing is for certain, I'll definitely be looking out for more hidden scenes like this one when watching FMP.


moonie05 on Sunday, August 21 @
This's really a dissapointment T___T. When I saw "Death Note anime", I'm so happy, but oh well. I hope they would make Death Note into an anime soon.


CGY on Sunday, August 21 @
This is really nice to hear! A Death Note anime!


naka on Sunday, August 21 @
U gave me a hope and took it away.

I hate u now



konosuke15 on Sunday, August 21 @
L looks good animated....

i think there will be an anime of DN, maybe in 2006


Irumi on Sunday, August 21 @
I could kill you for playing with me. *pulls AngelKing's tongue and ties it to a train* They'd better make the anime, or I'll really get pissed.
The coincidence is too much...I think the guy in the background looks suspiciously like Raito...and is that Misa???


catcat on Sunday, August 21 @
no wonder that scene looked awfully familar ^o^


fullmetal on Sunday, August 21 @
... i feel so complete


fullmetal on Sunday, August 21 @
omg, i was just watching full metal panic and i noticed that, i feel so proud of myself as a DN fan,


stfn on Sunday, August 21 @
It would be so cool if Death Note were made into an anime.


Floozie on Monday, August 22 @
Um...ok my Death Note topic got deleted once again....Anyways im the one who posted this pic in the forums...Im geussin that is were he got it....Although I just got new that there is a Death Note anime and it will be realesed on DVD in December......So mods why do you keep locking my threads?


Kaiser on Monday, August 22 @
Which forum did you post it in?

If there is already a thread on the topic then there is no reason to open another thread and admins will lock/remove duplicate threads.


atikiN on Monday, August 22 @
#44, I'm not sure whos locking the thread but I'll tell you why they're doing it.

1. It's in the wrong forum
2. It's bullshit
3. That picture is neither yours nor is it from a "Death Note" anime

If your thread gets locked, maybe, just maybe you're doing something wrong.


sakura_star-63 on Monday, August 22 @
You better be carefull at night in the sidewalks...
someone might assacinate you for letting our hopes up for Death Note anime......


Floozie on Monday, August 22 @
Oh talking about the Death Note anime doesnt belong in the general anime section?


millionsk86 on Monday, August 22 @
You made me very happy for a moment, then you ruined it................thanks man


KiraYamato on Monday, August 22 @
Thats quite funny. I hope there will be really a Anime-Series for Death Note.

Seems that in this second. U can see Raito, Misa, L and the father of raito.


KamiSama on Monday, August 22 @
Excellent this joke, and very interesting this big coincidence. Thanks for letting us now


yahoo on Monday, August 22 @
OH my gosh I was so excited.. but now I am really mad. Geez don't do that to people. I really do hope that Death Note Anime will come out soon.


DarkTears on Monday, August 22 @
U really put my hopes up! Anyways i also hope there will be a Deatn Note Anime pretty soon, it seems if they d make Death Note into anime it would have quiet a shock on people! I mean, the manga is so great that i would not expect nothing but greatness from the anime! Hope we all Death Note's fans would soon receive the news of an deatch note anime!!!


Allura on Monday, August 22 @
This totally tricked me too! I can't wait for a Death Note anime--the manga is totally addicting. I think a live-action movie would be pretty awesome too.


rchocobo on Monday, August 22 @
L is awesome. i wouldn't have noticed that if i didnt see this before watching TSR haha


Boomboom on Monday, August 22 @
Hope there will be more of these amusing scene ne. I wonder if they can put some scenes like if Fullmetal panic in death note nime:P


Itachi-kun on Tuesday, August 23 @
Wow thank god. My heart skipped a few beats there thinking they would ruin the manga by turning it into an anime.


Glurak on Tuesday, August 23 @
ad #56: Yes, SPK will employ Arbalest against Mello. ;-)


Glurak on Tuesday, August 23 @
DN IS popular manga. Today, animes based on popular mangas are common.
(for example, Ichigo or Gantz from A-S manga section... but their animes are weak T_T).
But ... right now is still too soon.


Wattson on Tuesday, August 23 @
I want to see a death note anime...but not just yet. The manga has not even reached 100 chapters so they anime would catch up to the manga pretty quickly.


jy1991 on Tuesday, August 23 @
wow, is it really true that there is anime episodes for death note?


adods on Tuesday, August 23 @
WoW cool. Death Note is the coolest story from Hikaru No Go Mangaka


chris_1004 on Tuesday, August 23 @
whoever has intelligence to make death note into anime will make a heck of alota cash


mysticalOne on Wednesday, August 24 @
feel.. empty... inside...


Kashi on Wednesday, August 24 @
I feel a bit sad about this. Oh well, maybe next time it's going to be true-I'm keeping my hopes up.


eisenmeteor on Wednesday, August 24 @
Well since they made this they might just make an anime, don't most polpular manga become anime?


LukeSilverace on Wednesday, August 24 @
aww some one put this up first, i was wanting to put this up too......wat a bumper. I think the two author have connection, don't they?
You could see rave master characters in Getbackers too if you watch carefully.
I still feel bitter about not posting this earlier. I think it is just a experiment on the air to test our reaction.
First time see this i thought 'My god, did i see L.' Haha i must be a L fan to be notcing that.


xacidicx on Wednesday, August 24 @
That was EXTREMELY mean! I got my hopes all up and then 'bang' you say it's from Full Metal Panic. Darn you! Now they /have/ to make Death Note into an anime!


ganekon on Wednesday, August 24 @
I think I prefer the Manga, since the anime take more time to explain things. While I prefer the story line. And I think the picture is much better in the Manga than the anime.


who_is_friend on Wednesday, August 24 @
Oh man I was fooled for a minute there (not really. I figured it was fake). It seems too similar to be a coincidence though. Hopefully a Death Note anime isn't too far away. If they do make one though, it will probably last until the end of the L arc. The episode count might be larger too because of all the speach involved.


Jru on Thursday, August 25 @
aaaw... sad!
I was getting all excited about it! But oh well... It amazes me that they chose characters that look straight from Death Note.... perhaps a little taste of what is to come? ^ ^


paul91765 on Friday, August 26 @
this probably means that there is gonna be a dn anime also whats your rope size?


iammeanduru on Sunday, August 28 @
I loved that manga


leonhart on Monday, August 29 @
waaaa.....I've been cheated. I thought its true,but actually its a fake. Please dont't do that bro...or I tell mommy...waaa.


Arnax on Tuesday, August 30 @
HA! The sould be a DN anime! It's so great! I can even preview the most of it ^^'


cyferwong on Wednesday, August 31 @
the death note manga is exellent i nearly can wait for its anime to release it is full with mystery and he main character raito and the L is setting so many traps to trap the each other


ayala on Wednesday, August 31 @
how can this be from fmp !! there are raito misa et also L !!!

i really want that death note will have a wonderful anime ...


seekm on Wednesday, August 31 @
noo... but why is there characters there...wierd..


Sheepthink on Friday, September 02 @
Wow! I watched that eposide and I didn't even notice it till this!


mozela on Friday, September 02 @
Man so Similar


r3drum on Sunday, September 04 @
and you got my hopes up high......


Defcom2000 on Sunday, September 04 @


Adonis on Sunday, September 04 @
According to TRSI, Viz will be releasing Death Note volume 1 this October.


Superwaterman28 on Monday, September 05 @
How did you spot that?Well good find.Also I think it's funny L is riding a bike.Anyone else think so?


Jsy3k on Monday, September 05 @
lol, good one, AK. I never knew that it can be such a coincidence ^^


OsakaWinry on Monday, September 05 @
TT_TT That was disappointing...

But I'm sure they'll make a Death Note anime eventually!!


p-jal on Wednesday, September 07 @
it's o.k..
but more...


hong on Wednesday, September 07 @
i dun think they will make it because as we know, DN is most rely an talking, words and thinking and very small amount of action. i think i will not go and watch it if DN is come out in anime form. nice catch! angelking


kng86 on Thursday, September 08 @
even if there is a deathnote anime, the manga would still be better. but that doesnt stop me from watching it


Ridley on Thursday, September 08 @
Well... I'm not sure about that.

Takeshi Obata's Hikaru no Go was a rather good Manga, and its Anime turned out to be even better in some aspects... So I think it would be interesting to see an Anime based upon such a great Manga as Death Note.

I just wonder... Will they be able to find fitting voices for both Yagami Light and L?



atikiN on Saturday, September 10 @
#84, That's actually the reason I spotted this scene. I was watching the episode and all of a sudden I was like "WTF... did L just ride across the screen on a bike?" So I rewound it and confirmed that indeed he did :)


chubby_kidd on Saturday, September 10 @
It would be cool if Death Note was made into an anime.


les9876 on Tuesday, September 13 @
if they ever do make an anime about death note it better be up to the manga's high standards. If not it would be verrrry dissapointing!


innersakura_ on Sunday, September 18 @
I wanna hang you by the balls! WHY!?


moonshinelow on Sunday, September 25 @
Why you do such things?!Every topic becomes an anime!:)


toxahood on Monday, September 26 @
this is ridiculous and a waste of time. someone must be looking for points


Japanimanga on Monday, October 10 @
AHHH YOUMAKE ME WANNA KILL YOU!!! anyhows lol i think ur right they probably are giving a hint theyre gonna make an anime out of deathnot. well they better anyway:)


hantui87 on Tuesday, October 18 @
theres no DN anime? you liar


toxahood on Thursday, October 20 @
what is DN


YukaMizuki on Saturday, November 05 @
...erm... wheres the Death Note manga?
It's gone...


NoirKoneko on Saturday, November 12 @
I think it's gone cause they finally released the first Death Note volume in the USA.'s L on a bicycle...that's so cute. Too bad really isn't an anime. *sigh*


Jay22098 on Monday, December 26 @
HaHa... The girl on the right looks alot like Misa too... i wish they wud release death note anime soon... thats one of the 2 animes i want them to release... the sound one is Hunter X Hunter OVA 4...


Jay22098 on Monday, December 26 @
just noticed but the other 2 guys also look like Raito and his dad.. hahaha


Mina15 on Thursday, January 05 @
Ahhhhhhh! Death Note! My heart is broken. Oh well if there isn't an anime, then we won't face the problem of America trying to buy the rights and then completely ruining it with their awful dub and censoring.


frdrgn359 on Monday, January 09 @
dubs suck!


lostmind on Sunday, January 29 @
oMG it look so like death note, nice picture post, it sure fool me


bluefalcon_05 on Wednesday, February 01 @
Awww man and i was so looking forward to it neways hope they reconsider.


atd1456 on Wednesday, February 08 @
got my hopes up for nothing... /sigh


xachk on Tuesday, February 14 @
i think DN would be best if it stays in manga, it scares me that when in anime the quality will drop....but still it suprises me though it's only a joke...*SIGH


aguelo on Thursday, February 16 @
I've heard that a movie is planned for this year. . . In June, I think. . . It would be really interesting, though :) Even more if it is an anime movie, an life-action. . .


Kenshin4545 on Tuesday, February 28 @
DUDE!!!! This is so freakin awesome! I read the manga and it kicks butt! I also have a question. it's off topic, but... How do you make the animated avatars? if you know send a private message please.


tofufu on Monday, April 10 @
WOw that's funny hahaha. Well I'm kind of late.. reading this "news"... can't wait for the live-action movie!


ile-o on Sunday, July 30 @
well hehe ^^U I just came across this topic *lol* I'm kinda really late for this... but thank god tehre is gonna be a Death Note anime... here's the tv guide for SHUEISHA in Japan and they have the anime skeduled for October ^__^;


dcjames on Saturday, August 19 @
There has been some speculation, but DeathGod.Org have it already up on their Release Dates that in the fall of 2006 the anime of Death Note will either start production or start airing. I'm of two minds about this myself since I've noticed a lot of the manga is lost in its translation into an anime [ie- Saiyuki becomes flashier, details are lost like in Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, etc.] but this is just my humble opinion. Hopefully if the anime proves true it will be as good as the manga.



konishi on Monday, September 25 @
It is true that DeathNote Anime exists. If you go to, you will find that Death Note (TV) is there. They even have got information on the voice actors for the main characters.
Light is gonna have the same voice as Suou Tamaki form Ouran, and L is gonna have the same voice as Inuyasha and Saotome Ranma! -faints-


kaychan4u on Tuesday, October 03 @
..Actually now there IS a Death Note anime. It got released today in Japan. If you don't believe me check other websites and watch the preview on youtube.


Sekhmet101 on Thursday, October 05 @
there is a death note anime, you can find the opening and ending on youtube now but no episodes yet


nzrock on Friday, October 06 @
@kaychan4u & sekhmet101
this review was posted on Saturday, August 20, 2005


Gohan51391 on Sunday, October 08 @
I infact have the first Death Note episode and am uploading it to my anime website To download all you have to do is register. After registered go to the homepage and click multimedia and you can download it under Anime>Death Note. It will be up shortly.


molly042 on Thursday, October 12 @
i watched the first episode this morning on

just go and search for death note episode 1 and itll come up with a bunch of results, but theres one thats the whole episode. :)


nikkler on Thursday, October 19 @
Death Note is an anime I have the first 3 ep. And It is amazing!!!!


M1dori on Monday, February 12 @
the live movie isn't that bad either


Jeoyanda on Tuesday, February 13 @
The live movie is good, but it left alot out. Instead of a tennis match, there is a chess match.


mf564 on Wednesday, February 14 @
What episode of full metal panic is this pic from ?


zelliko on Tuesday, February 27 @
omg that really creepy when another anime creates a scene for another just to promote it. I believe that there will be an anime and a Live action movie. And i cannot wait to see them both. Btw the manga RULES


assassin_angel on Saturday, January 05 @
actually there is an anime...and there is also a live action movie...
god! what year was this page posted up in??


assassin_angel on Saturday, January 05 @
altho i must agree...thats kinda creepy

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