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Why some anime fans are RETARDS (part 2)
Posted on Tuesday, September 13th 2005 by kaiser

Well its been well over an year since I first wrote an editorial during a crisis last year where it appeared that ADV had shut down a few torrent sites (Boxtorrents).

Some hot headed anime fans immediately declared all out war on all anime companies refusing to buy anime stuff they probably would have never bought it the first place, etc. etc. etc.

Then came some bullshit article trying to rally up people by declaring ADV exercising their licensing rights were a violation of the first amendment. Right....

So I wrote an editorial rebuking all of the commonly used excuses for anime fans to claim downloading anime is there god given right. Click on that link above to re-read it again.

Now over one year later some anime fan decides to write a nice letter to me about my editoral. You can read it in the extended text.

From: antipete
To: kaiser
Sent: Mon Sep 12, 2005 8:47 pm
Subject: y some anime fans are retarded

I PM'd ya so it didnt embarrass you on the boards and I may be wrong writing this but I dont really think so it gets me pretty pissed off when you guys come off like your high and mighty about supporting anime, and I guess you NEVER downloaded any anime off the web huh?......anyway heres my letter.........

So now that you blew a ton of smoke up our asses I hope you feel better. You are working for who may I ask? And what gives you the right to call people names anyway? I think its you that is totally out to lunch if you think any of us really give a damn anyway, and of course when I say that I dont mean 100% of the people who read this will all feel as I do and some may support the anime companies which is fime BUT its also fine for people to take the anime for free every single day of every single week and watch it without giving these creeps a dime. I cant for one minute agree that people watching movies, anime or even downloading software are killing the industry and I guess the numbers back me up cuz I dont see any of these industries folding up thier tents and going home. You can spout off all you want like some sort of sperm whale which is probably what you look like anyway and I say why dont you just go out and get a life already.
In fact if it makes you feel better why dont you become a PC-Cop and you can track down all the bad people out here downloadng anime while the real criminals that hurt people are having an easier time commiting crimes because morons like you support such things in the first place. You want me to care about Japanese Companies?? Have you ever heard of what the Japs did to prisoners during WW2 my little sperm whale?
Retarded huh? With all the real problems in the world this is what concerns you huh............ whos retarded now you disfigured sperm whale?
Oh, and BTW. I just read this after coming back from New Orleans where I was volunteering to help some really good people get thier lifes that are in ruins in order, I came back because I live in New York and we had a part in the 9/11 ceremonies but we are all almost certainly going back next month, what have you done lately you fat-retarded sperm whale?

My response:

Comment 1:
People should really calm down and think rationally before trying to write logical arguments or else they might sound like this retard here. Yes antipete, you are some of the retard anime fans I am talking about in my first editoral. My editorial, I can call whoever I want idiots, retards, whatever. Feel free to go make a blog and call me an asshole.

Comment 2:
So people bringing anime to North America are all creeps now and they don't deserve any money from anyone. Ok. Your letter, your opinions. PS. None of the staff here at A-S are affiliated or work for any anime company out there.

Comment 3:
Sure, the industries might not be going bankrupt but I seriously doubt by having freely downloadable media online makes their business better.

Comment 4:
All this nonsense of me not supporting downloadable anime/manga is not sure. Have you looked around Anime-Source before? I think most people here know we support fansubs and fan translations. You simply did not read my editorial or read only the parts you wanted to hear. I think I have probably the most neutral stance you can get on anime fansubs. We support fansubs and we also like to support the anime industry where ever possible.

Comment 5:
How does supporting or not supporting anime fansubs make criminals out there have an easier time to commit crimes?

Comment 6:
Right, because the Japanese abused POWs during WWII makes it legal for you to download fansubs and try to screw Japanese anime companies over. I completely understand your logic here.

Comment 7:
Apparently I'm not just only a sperm whale, I'm a disfigured sperm whale. Jeez, kids these days with their insults. Is that the newest craze in elementary school?
kid 1: You're a sperm whale!!!!!!
kid 1: You're disfigured too!!!
kid 2: *cries*

Comment 8:
So helping out in the Gulf down there eases your conscience. Do you do something good to even out all the bad things you do in life? For your information, I donated to the Tsunami victims and for Hurricane Katrina relief efforts and I don't even live in any of the affected countries. I think thats enough help from me.

To make it clear and to the point, my position on fansubs have never changed one bit. I like fansubs, I think they are great to help expose more people to anime. I also think we should be thankful that we live in a sort of balance with anime companies at the moment. They don't bother us like the RIAA or MPAA and generally turn a blind eye to fansubs. This fact has been explained again and again by most industry reps at conventions (read the interview with ADV by Angelking). Sometimes they do license stuff that everyone is watching and yes it gets frustrating see fansubs stop before a series is finished but to cry out in anger to boycott this and that because you can't see your fansubs anymore is totally uncalled for. Besides, if you wait a while someone else will sub it as long as there's a demand.

For antipete, I'll put it into words he can understand better.

download fansubs = good.
buy anime = good.
kill source of anime = bad.
antipete = retard.

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Sasarai on Tuesday, September 13 @
i got to say... i love this post XD


les9876 on Tuesday, September 13 @
I agree with you kaiser. Most of the points antipete made really weren't relevent. i see no harm in downloading things you would never have bought anways, but not buying anything at all will definatly not make things any better. it kind of pissed me off though how he tries to justify bad things that he does with saying he helped in orleans, thats like christians saying "i went to church i made a donation so now i get to make everyone elses life hell".


Duthek on Tuesday, September 13 @
kaiser you have my full backing

those dumbasses are "biting the hand that feeds them"

i have even had to research the legality of fansubs, and we don't even fall into a gray area, its blatantly illegal.

thank you anime corporations, we owe you alot


dookie04 on Tuesday, September 13 @
that guy is a cockhead, yeah its cool to download fansubs for free but to hate the people that sell the dvds and wat not, this guy is so stupid, and he abuses you and says kaiser needs a life, who spent all this time to write a letter to kaiser abusing him and calling him a sperm whale (wtf is with that, and he was probably so proud that he thought of that payout aswell)...and how does helping in orleans have anything to do with fansubs or kaiser bieng a sperm whale


SSS on Tuesday, September 13 @
Well I gotta say that Anipete guy has a point, Kaiser really shouldn't be calling people retards perse, stupid, ignorant or some other names are cool, but retards a little harsh... especially to the slow community. But I agree with Kaiser that this guy is not the brightest bulb because Americans aren't great, it's like arguing that two wrongs make a right. Would it really be a good idea to steal beer because of what the germans did during world war II? Besides just cuz some people in power are assholes like the government who was torturing the POWs doesn't mean that everyone is an asshole. To sum up, good job telling him off Kaiser!


heliusw on Tuesday, September 13 @
Kaiser, I think you were being nice by calling this guy a retard. If he would have fixed all the gaping holes in his argument, performed a simple point-and-click spell check, seperate his letter into paragraphs, and fix his grammar, THEN he would've been a retard.


blndng on Tuesday, September 13 @
wow...really...i tried to find some logic in that letter but just failed miserably.
the only thing anitpete did RIGHT was pm kaiser instead of posting it on the boards. Man...everyone has to give him credit for that!


sergeantz on Tuesday, September 13 @
Wow, a history buff apparently. I guess he skipped the chapter about how we segragated the Japanese-Americans into what were basically concentration camps. Or the fact that we dropped TWO ATOMIC BOMBS on cities full of civilians who had nothing to do with the war. As a result of this, the rate of birth defects is increased in Japan TO THIS DAY. I think the score was more than settled. He sounds a little, dare I say, racist?


subzero on Tuesday, September 13 @
I agree to kaiser, those who are antipete is retard and not qualify to call themself as anime fan


Soichiro-kunn on Tuesday, September 13 @
Good to see Kaiser is back kicking ass again. We miss you!! As for antipete, sometimes things are better kept to yourself. Silence is golden.


ForeverGoNe on Tuesday, September 13 @
I love idiots who love to make fun of themselves with letters like these 8).


Skittles on Tuesday, September 13 @
completey agree with kaiser tbh. sorry anitpete but your argument just isnt coherent and you havnt got any decent reasoning to back up your argument.

great editorial tho kaiser ^^


Lucifer on Tuesday, September 13 @
antipete wrote :
You want me to care about Japanese Companies?? Have you ever heard of what the Japs did to prisoners during WW2 my little sperm whale?

Right, "nice" comment... let's just blame it all on Japanese and the sperm whales.


dud0 on Tuesday, September 13 @
wait...does this mean i have to do volunteer work everytime i download licensed anime....


atikiN on Tuesday, September 13 @
OMG!! It's true! Kaiser really is a sperm whale!


superdude777 on Tuesday, September 13 @
Since when did watching anime and ww2 related?? Ck Ck CK CK CK CK .......Btw, Good ass-kickin, Kaiser!!


ddogt432 on Tuesday, September 13 @
what did the whales ever do to you?? huh??


Gandhi on Tuesday, September 13 @
Sperm Whales = good


NightFalcon on Tuesday, September 13 @
Ah yes. The usual: I'VE DONE A AND B. So, obviously, that makes me > you.

God. I love them.


idjota on Tuesday, September 13 @
wow none of you have comented on the article but are just bashing the guy for being and ignorant and arrogant dork(don't get the pun then find a dictonary), Kaisers frist article says it right, nommater how little the damage is, there is damage to the anime/manga industry, so if you don't support it STFU


Angelle on Tuesday, September 13 @
Lol, I so totally agree with you there kaiser! It's so sad to see stupid freaks call themselves insults (="otaku"), pronounce that downloading anime should always remain free and legal. They should be grateful for Western people trying to make Asian stuff available on their local market. >_>


Kamikaze-chan on Tuesday, September 13 @
"You want me to care about Japanese Companies?? Have you ever heard of what the Japs did to prisoners during WW2 my little sperm whale?"

Wtf? Am I reading this correctly? This retard's basically bashing the Japanese - and yet he still wants free Japanese animation?

I repeat: wtf?


Kusanagi on Tuesday, September 13 @
sad, that's so sad. Little brat and his crap insults. There's nothing wrong with being a sperm whale. WWII is old news anyways, it's like over 60 years old. Wtf, I'm only 16. People nowadays have been making worse and worse insults


CGY on Tuesday, September 13 @
Well, some of the anime fans feel that they are special, and they care more about themselves than anything else, so when their benefits are damaged, they go nuts!


Raiden on Tuesday, September 13 @
"You want me to care about Japanese Companies?? Have you ever heard of what the Japs did to prisoners during WW2 my little sperm whale?"

that was a time of war...all is now forgotten and forgiven right? ok...he hates Japanese people(and asians I think). maybe he should stick watching GI JOE or Tom & Jerry instead.


ShinChan on Tuesday, September 13 @
antipede...was just too furious i think
he just wanted to fight for his rights....but what he said didnt make sense

well, i must admit i dont like buying anime in my country
they cant seem to get the subtitles right
if anyone ever comes to malaysia, buy some anime...
what do you think of the subtitles?

i do buy anime btw....


Kakashi72 on Tuesday, September 13 @
wtf he called you his little sperm whale...this guy has problems


Kird on Tuesday, September 13 @
"You are working for who may I ask? And what gives you the right to call people names anyway?"

1. who do YOU work for and what gives YOU the right to call people names anyways? If i am not mistaken you are also calling kaiser names.

"You want me to care about Japanese Companies?? Have you ever heard of what the Japs did to prisoners during WW2 my little sperm whale? "

2. So, because of that you expect everything from the Japanese to be 'free' and the japanese should automatically lose their respect for that? And you're generalising(spelling?), these japanese companies you refer to that create the dvds/anime were probably not even around during the war. Oh also do you know what the americans did to the vietnamese in the vietnam war? If you dont, one word 'agent orange.' (not bashing americans, i'm an american myself)

"I cant for one minute agree that people watching movies, anime or even downloading software are killing the industry and I guess the numbers back me up cuz I dont see any of these industries folding up thier tents and going home."

3. This is true, although it is not hurting them badly, it is only benificial to you because you are the consumer and not the creater/seller. I bet if you owned a major company and many many people are pirating your products, you would mind. (maybe not a whole lot because you would still be making decent amount of money, but it would still tick you off a bit)

"Oh, and BTW. I just read this after coming back from New Orleans where I was volunteering to help some really good people get thier lifes that are in ruins in order, I came back because I live in New York and we had a part in the 9/11 ceremonies but we are all almost certainly going back next month, what have you done lately you fat-retarded sperm whale?"

4. How does this really relate to this?

5. For all we know you can be BSing that.

6. Not everyone can take time out of their lives to fly all the way to new orleans to help out, many of us have families/jobs to attend to. Best many of us can do is donate, and i'm sure many of us have.

7. And why do you feel the need to add the same 'insults'(and i use the term 'insults' loosley) over and over again? In the middle you already established that he was a sperm whale with no life. Repeating it wont make it any more true or less true, it just makes you sound like a little kid.

8. BTW how old are you? I assume you're in your teens by your grammar, saying "cuz" instead of 'because.' And dont give me that crap by saying: "Oh it saves time." And by using experessions such as "huh" and "...." Does those really make your point? is it there to make your writing more 'dramatic'?


Tank252ca on Tuesday, September 13 @
LOL @ AngelKing.

Have to side with Kaiser. We are very fortunate to be involved in an industry where fansubbing is permitted. International copyrights give Japanese firms the right to shut down any fansubbing group, but for many years they have allowed the fansubbing community to share their work. The difficulty for the industry is that BitTorrent is not regionalised. A fansub released by a UK group is just as accessible in America so we are left with the honour system. Torrent sites that list mostly licensed anime only bring attention to themselves and hurt the fansub community as a whole. And what does antipete have against sperm whales any way? @_@


JackGrover on Tuesday, September 13 @
First of all, remind me to NEVER get into an argument with Kaiser! *LOL*

Second of all.. well, Antipete is, maybe not wrong, but his way of , no, yeah, he IS wrong! His way of rationalizing the whole thing is warped and not based in logic. It's like trying to make a point with an emotional little girl that's having a temper-tantrum (While you're balancing on a uni-cycle and spinning 4 plates on your head).

I fall into the majority here and like to get my stuff for free for as long as I can. If it get's lisenced, then that must mean it's very popular, maybe even good, and I'll purchase it as a small "thank you" to Mangaka and their publisher in the hopes it will encourage them to produce and distribute more great works.

As for this whole WWII thing. WTF!?!?!? The Japanese soldiers did their job and the American/Australian/British/Indian soldiers did their job. It wasn't pretty (Not making light of it!). But look what humanity has done since! We put aside our diferences and are creating a better world TOGETHER!



hungrymeh on Tuesday, September 13 @
Highlariousness man! that man is RETARDED haha


CaptainFuzzy on Tuesday, September 13 @
Dont you just love it when people try to come back after an insult and just proove your point? Ignorant people are funny, espesually that WWII comment. It was a war, crap like that happens. Its like going up to a southern farmer and stealing his car because the south was pro slavery 150 years ago. And i love how because he had nothing worth wile to say he resorts to childish insults that wont offend anyone over the age of 7.


doomed51 on Tuesday, September 13 @
lol, thats just too funnay


fullmetal on Tuesday, September 13 @
I really hope antipete read all your comments so that he can better understand where he truly stands. reading his letter pissed me off, i sware, i though it was natural for human beings to think logically but omg was i WRONG. antipete, i sincerely hope you read this and know that alot more people hate you now, alot more than posted, and myself as well. oh, and Kaiser, you kick ass. thanks for posting this, i think it will give people like antipete something to think about before they make a move.


JOman on Tuesday, September 13 @
That was one of the funniest complaints I ever heard. Fansubs are great and I think they actually make DVD sales better in the U.S. bacause they make fans of an anime before it comes to them. I really hate the people who complain when an anime gets licenced not only because they have to wait, but they think that the U.S. will mess it up. And yes they do sensor it some, but they are broadcasting to an audience beyond diehard fans, some who may not have an intamate knowledge of Japanese culture or what else. And the things they cut out can't be shown on tv anyway, so I'd much prefer to have to suffer through an edited anime on tv and wait for the DVD then not get it at all.


Sheepthink on Tuesday, September 13 @
Lol! Hilarous comments some people make nowadays. Well, people these days are crazy about fansubs and free anime, but I wouldn't think they would go so far to msg you and say your a sperm whale :O . These people need to get a life.


Demon_Reikou on Tuesday, September 13 @
I agree along with most people with kaiser.

To Antipede: Take a writing course. Your writing seems like you are in middle school or earlier. Take the time to use paragraphs, and check grammar and spelling. Don't add random childish insults or go way off topic if you're trying to get someone to see your point (How does helping in New Orleans have to do with anything).




drgnclwk on Tuesday, September 13 @
lol, i agree, this guy's letter cracks me up. i'm wondering now, does antipete NOT want us to support anime?? hate all japanese because of WWII even though we also nuked then?? by supporting the companies, they can put out new anime. if no one gave a dime the the anime companies, then we wouldn't even have any anime to watch. a reason they're not closing down is because there are people who support anime and like to see new stuff. and how come he said kaiser doesn't have the right to call ppl names, then goes and starts spouting of things like "fat-retarded"
btw: sperm whales are blubbery=D.


blaze845 on Tuesday, September 13 @
"Retard" is just being nice...there are probably alot more names that you can think of, that are worse than that..hah


hatran on Tuesday, September 13 @
WOW... I cant believe kids these days. Its a sign that our school system is failing because of kids like that.


OutlawSabinu on Tuesday, September 13 @
It's rather annoying to see someone try and use OFF-TOPIC things to help their discussion.

Hurricane Katrina


I for one, like to download anime, I don't do it as much as I used to, however, it is significally hurting the Anime dub business. That's what it is, a business. They aren't scowling demons in towers creeping over the fans, and buying them up and deficating on them. No, they are trying to make it easier for this medium to come to ALL of America while in there self, trying to make money.

Perfectly legal in Capitalism. However, some annoying people out there, decide that they don't want to follow this, and believe they have some God-given right to get things for free. Because we ALL KNOW in Japan they give out anime for free. Just on the streets, go and get a DVD with 40-odd episodes for $2.50. (That also brings up that those DVD box-sets of 3 disks with 40 episodes is not Japanese, but Chinese bootlegs... Japanese DVDs have same ammount [sometimes less] for up to $60-70.)

This person is a prime example of a retard. We shouldn't get things for free, especially if someone works to make it. The Japanese don't just fart out anime, and Americans don't just fart out dubs (Some may be as horrible, but that's not the case in hand).


3V1L_3R1C on Tuesday, September 13 @
Thank whatever deity you worship for guys like antipete! Without him, who would make condescending remarks to website admins likening them to sperm whales on a regular basis? (It would probably be a much better world...)

All silliness aside, this guy had this coming. If not now, then eventually. I'm glad Kaiser answered him, he's probably the most articulate for this kind of thing. Antipete gives anime fans that watch fansubs a bad name. Too bad he's banned (I'm guessing), his response to this would probably be priceless.


dargondarkfire on Tuesday, September 13 @
when i read his mail you put up, all i could say is this mornon needs to get his head out of his....... well you know.


Terru on Tuesday, September 13 @
i know this is pretty stupid but the guy who posted this msg to you kaiser is a big moron. Why the hell do you drag in WW2 if u are so piss about it, take my advice boycott it and just shut your eye dun even watch ANIME.

"and You want me to care about Japanese Companies?? Have you ever heard of what the Japs did to prisoners during WW2 my little sperm whale?"

this i want to ask are the people who participated in ww2 making the anime? is someone in ur ancestry a pow to the jap?

I hate people who are so freakin racist, they are the one who make this environment so hard to live in.

Also bragging bout
"Oh, and BTW. I just read this after coming back from New Orleans where I was volunteering to help some really good people get thier lifes that are in ruins in order, I came back because I live in New York and we had a part in the 9/11 ceremonies but we are all almost certainly going back next month, what have you done lately you fat-retarded sperm whale? "

It is pretty stupid if you are volunteering i do not think you would ask for a day off just to go back home to R&R people who do this are the sort who goes there and does nothing except whine saying i want my mummy.

btw half of his computer hardware parts are japanese patent products for heaven sakes. and if he think that not supporting japanese anime will cause some major economic upheaval take my advice go rob japanese bank it is more effective.

And by the way if he ever think like a 10 year old he would know how economics work, japanese anime create business in states too. dubbing. advertising, tv media, import tariff. he is bankrupting a industry of his.

ps. i seem overly piss off in this msg cause i hate racist people, people who stereotyped a group of people just over what their previous generation done.


Kaiser on Tuesday, September 13 @

We have not banned him, I won't ban someone just for expressing their opinion no matter how stupid it may be.

He is free to respond here or via PM if he so pleases. I look forward to a response actually.


Mr_Paper on Tuesday, September 13 @
I would be interesting to see what trite and possibly malicious 'insults' he unloads in poorly formed agruments should he choose to defend himself over the above. >.>


Nen_e on Tuesday, September 13 @
Man... I really would like to see what he answers... Although, I don't think he'll answer anything after all these comments.
Good work kaiser.
I'm not completely on any side of this dispute, but his arguments were just too stupid.


OsoMarron on Tuesday, September 13 @
download fansubs = good.
buy anime = good.
antipete = retard

kill source of anime = bad.

if (sourceOfAnime=="japanesse industry")

elseif (sourceOfAnime=="fansubs")

elseif (sourceOfAnime=="american licensing companies")
disagrees("i never cared about licensing companies to begin with","XD");


3V1L_3R1C on Tuesday, September 13 @

Great, he probably won't respond, but I'm glad you didn't ban him. You give a good point, it's his opinion, sadly, and his right as a human being. I respect that quality of you. I wish more people here in America would have this trait.

Now here's my honest and free opinion, these people should be forcibly removed from society itself since they have already done so in their opinions. This kind of ass backwards way of thinking is completly irrational and, quite frankly, disturbing. Why would you support downloading ILLEGAL licensed anime, which is largely Japanese, and yet condemn Japanese companies? He must be really conflicted in his mind.

One last thing, WW2 ended in the mid-1940's. America's general populace has chosen to forgive and forget, and even the elderly Japanese regret what happened. American foreignors are actually favored upon in most of the Nihon. So my point is, why harp on this old string? Just leave the past where it lay and keep your comments to yourself. Just because the Allies won the war doesn't give you the right to damn an entire nation for the sins of the ancestors.

Thank you Kaiser, again, for setting this poor dolt straight. I can only hope he has learned a lesson from all of this hazing. I look forward to his response as well.:P


123123 on Tuesday, September 13 @
we....that was an interesting post


Cybolt on Wednesday, September 14 @
Wow, great argument skills. (Kaiser) I could never do that. @_@


shatterflii on Wednesday, September 14 @
okay comment one on the sperm wale topic.. Funie.. comment two on the fact that people download anime.. I agree with comment three as well my own opinion, anime on the web got there somehow so its not the downloaders fault its the persons fault who put it there.. as well it cant be doing that much harm if there not bankrupt! Those downloads that ppl download could start someone in getting into Anime and then go out and buy a buncha shit so not much harm in that...


Riyuma on Wednesday, September 14 @
Go kaiser! Go kaiser!

It's only logical that if more people buy anime dvd's, it provides more money to the companies that make them and makes it possible for them to make more great anime


Himitsu on Wednesday, September 14 @
(Since my entry is long already, I won't repeat what others have said about your idiotic off-topic ramblings, fansubs, criminals, the industry, and our rights).

This guy needs to learn some grammar and spelling...and to organize his "argument" better.

I PM'd you so it didn't embarrass you on the boards. I may be wrong writing this, but I dont really think so. It gets me pretty pissed off when you guys come off like you're high and mighty about supporting anime, and I guess you NEVER downloaded any anime off the web huh?...anyway here's my letter...

So now that you blew a ton of smoke up our asses, I hope you feel better. You are working for who may I ask? And what gives you the right to call people names anyway? I think it's you that is totally out to lunch if you think any of us really give a damn anyway, and of course when I say that, I don't mean 100% of the people who read this will all feel as I do and some may support the anime companies, which is fine BUT it's also fine for people to take the anime for free every single day of every single week, and watch it without giving these creeps a dime. I can't for one minute agree that people watching movies, anime or even downloading software are killing the industry and I guess the numbers back me up because I don't see any of these industries folding up thier tents and going home. You can spout off all you want like some sort of sperm whale, which is probably what you look like anyway, and I say why don't you just go out and get a life already.

In fact if it makes you feel better why dont you become a PC-Cop and you can track down all the bad people out here downloadng anime while the real criminals that hurt people are having an easier time commiting crimes because morons like you support such things in the first place. You want me to care about Japanese Companies?? Have you ever heard of what the Japs did to prisoners during WW2 my little sperm whale?

Retarded huh? With all the real problems in the world this is what concerns you huh? Who's retarded now you disfigured sperm whale?

Oh, and BTW, I just read this after coming back from New Orleans where I was volunteering to help some really good people get thier lives that are in ruins in order, I came back because I live in New York and we had a part in the 9/11 ceremonies but we are all almost certainly going back next month, what have you done lately you fat-retarded sperm whale?

Leave the whale's alone!

If you're going to insult someone, don't make it humorous. Repeating it three times made it quite lame. So many rhetorical questions too, that DON'T help with the (lack of) "power" in your argument. And by the way, ellipses are THREE dots, NOT 10!



Tank252ca on Wednesday, September 14 @

"I agree with comment three as well my own opinion, anime on the web got there somehow so its not the downloaders fault its the persons fault who put it there.."

Sorry, but that is a rather convoluted argument. If a kid leaves his bike in front of a variety store, would you argue that he's to blame if it gets stolen, or do you blame the thief? The law is pretty clear on that. Not the best comparison, I admit.

It's hard to come up with examples that compare to fansubbing, since we are talking about copyright and not theft of physical property. Best example I can think of is, let's say that a young woman spends four years writing a novel. She puts her heart and soul into it and works her butt off to get it published. As soon as it hits the store shelves, someone buys a copy, scans it into his computer and makes it available over the Internet. Thousands of people d/l the free electronic copy and suddenly she gets a mere pittance of what she was entitled to. That is what fansubs can potentially do to a US distributor.

"as well it cant be doing that much harm if there not bankrupt! Those downloads that ppl download could start someone in getting into Anime and then go out and buy a buncha shit so not much harm in that..."

A common argument, and I have to admit that, being a long time anime fan when fansubs were traded on VHS tapes, I long held the belief that fansubs promoted anime more than they hurt the industry. That all changed with peer to peer software. Just talk to any US distributor. There has been more than one case where an anime was licensed after, say, 12 episodes. Initial US sales were slow, but then would jump all of a sudden with ep.13 and on. Look at the *thousands* of peers for the more popular shows. With those numbers there is no way that it could not have a financial impact.

If you're talking about Japanese companies going bankrupt, they do have their domestic markets to support them, but any one involved with the industry can tell you that very few people get rich. Maybe just the series creators and the top producers. The rest of the staff receive only moderate pay and are there because they love the work (much like game developers). Foreign licensing can be an important boost in a very competitive industry. To imply that non-bankruptcy means that there is little harm would be misleading. Retail stores do not go bankrupt over shoplifting. They simply pass the cost on to the honest consumers. Distributors would argue that if fansub downloaders purchased more DVDs, then they would be a lot cheaper for all. Not hard to believe when you compare anime DVD prices to movies.

Now, I'm not going to imply that all fansub viewers are potential customers. A good chunk of those people are teenagers and students who simply don't have the money to purchase DVDs even if they wanted to. I think that those are also the vocal majority that scream when a titled gets licensed and pulled from a fansub list, along with people in other countries that get denied fansubs because a title is licensed in the US.

It's a complex issue, so I am just trying to point out some of the factors on the other side. I try to walk the tight rope, in that I do d/l fanubs, but also purchase as many DVDs as my budget permits.


Tank252ca on Wednesday, September 14 @
LOL... damn, had to let one typo slip in the last sentence! (@_@)


ddogt432 on Wednesday, September 14 @
#54, i expected nothing less from the head of ASRT =D


Jsy3k on Wednesday, September 14 @
These people just do not learn, didn't they? I wonder where they got their common sense from -_-;

Kaiser is a sperm whale?? Wow, I bet he needs some big aquarium to stay ^^;


kyu2000 on Wednesday, September 14 @
Sorry by my poor english: Im a brazilian man.

Im sorry about antipede. I think he escaped from some institution - mental caring institution.

Kaiser: you will have total suport from any people caring about anime/manga. In Brazil we have few titles so fansubing/translation is fundamental to do a basis for future fans.

I hope you (not only you, Kaiser, but all the people and community of Anime Source) continue the great work of divulgation and support to anime and mangas... and, Antipede, in Brazil we talk: "At closed mouth dont enter mosquitoes"...


atikiN on Wednesday, September 14 @
Antipede, in Brazil we talk: "At closed mouth dont enter mosquitoes"

How about sperm whales?


steev-sama on Wednesday, September 14 @
I think 90% of the worlds population is either retarded or stupid.. It's sad because it is true... :(

From suicide bombers to "Love and Peace" hippies, earth's population is pretty pathetic..


AtomicButterfly on Wednesday, September 14 @
I know it's been said over and over, but I still can't help but repeat it... I agree with Kaiser on the downloading of fansubs and buying anime. They're both good. Thanks for all the work you guys do at A-S.
It's too bad you get crap like what that antipete guy wrote... (sperm whale...LOL)


kivol on Wednesday, September 14 @
lol i learned a lot of stuff from this article. wow are some ppl screwed up. lol fun stuff. i wonder if its possible for the anime industry to start like a website where you download the episodes. or watch them with a program. and like charge per episode. i don't know lol just ideas that ran through my head while reading this article. hehe


onizukapwns on Wednesday, September 14 @
PUAHAHAH... this is so hilarious. That person's letter to you wasn't even written in a formal manner. "cuz"-lol

I can't believe people can lack so little respect for the artists and creators of the anime they love to watch so much.

They don't deserve such lables like "anime fans". A fan respects what they love... I think? Well, that's how I would interpret it at least.


naruto_jounin on Wednesday, September 14 @
o yea about anime...

dont they run commericals during the program and are part of like a television network? (like in other countries)

that means the (anime companies) make profit from allowing companies to run commercials during there show (or something along the lines of it)

so they do make money

as seeing how fukada just spent the biggest budget in anime history on Gundam Seed Destiny, and how all these shows have close ties with merchandise corporations (Bandai etc.) they are making money.

but not buying there stuff also hurts the corporations indirectly.

dunt get that guys irrelalvent argument...
but i think we should give him some sympathy for the fact that he resolved his anger in this form

lets hope he changes and becomes more decent, and care about Japan more

Its not right to hate japan, but that doesnt mean you neccessarily need to love it. I'm korean, and my great grandparents were affected during the Japanese occupation in WWII (lol, he mentioned it in his retarted thingie).. but that doesnt mean i should hate them

sure there actions are unjustifiable, but just look at all the unjustifiable happening every day. If we continue to point fingers and blame people for conflicts, we might as well just lie on our backs waiting to die.

so, what im saying is (wow what a long post) is that Japan is cool, i like anime and manga (manga slightly better cuz its more functional), fansubs are good, as long as it doesnt take profit away from the producers, that dude that tried to flame Animesource is in need of a therapist, and overall, we should learn to respect the creators, the corporations, the fansubbers, the distributors (like animesource and other fansub distributors), and buy the real one when it comes out (so the poor guy who made the manga doesnt starve!!)


naruto_jounin on Wednesday, September 14 @
sorry about my lack of proper grammar, i seem to be really bad at grammar when posting online. so uh dont flame me about my bad grammar : (


Heff on Wednesday, September 14 @
wat an idiot! this guy is queer...

all i can say is : omg wtf?


Jsy3k on Wednesday, September 14 @
naruto_jounin wrote:
sorry about my lack of proper grammar, i seem to be really bad at grammar when posting online. so uh dont flame me about my bad grammar :(

It is OK. No need to worry. At least, you use a lot of punctuations and paragraphs to help out in the easier reading =)

Anyways, just noticed this line after reading a few times....

With all the real problems in the world this is what concerns you huh............ whos retarded now you disfigured sperm whale?

I wonder whether he is too engrossed, too ambitious or too stupid. This is just an editorial and he has to comment just like that. And which part of writing this editorial makes it retarded?? This is a real problem and Kai is kind enough to address it and yet, this guy is damn ingrateful for that. I wonder who is the retarded one now.

Is it just me or this person feels that he is the one being talked in the editorial?? That means he admits indirectly that he is a retard, don't you people think? =P


RigChan on Thursday, September 15 @
I do understand that sometimes, peopel just don't buy the anime.
But I really like the fact that fan subs exist.
I really perfer it over the horribly dubbed anime on TV.
Sure, I can blow 800 bucks on dvds that I'll probably watch once, but it is easier to just watch them all, and such.

People can be so ignorant...

And all you people, please don't lump all americans into such a group.
Sure, some are very stupid, and stubborn...
But not all of us are. Thank you.


shoangore on Thursday, September 15 @
I am extremely baffled as to how this person (I am assuming that with their ability to go down to NO to volunteer with the relief effort and partake in the NY ceremonies that they are an adult, or at least a college student) could even come up with the insult 'sperm whale'.

It's just so terribly embarrassing and illogical that I can't bring myself to think that they really did mean it, or if they just made up the entire thing about NO/NY.


micklex on Thursday, September 15 @
So, what do you think? Is this person who supposedly is the personification of the Americal people really a representative of all right thinking peoples? I hope not... but I wouldn 't be surprised. In any political system that depends on the "will of the people", you will see that the majority will always favor that which costs them nothing, I.E. a welfare state. In other words, they really are not capable of understanding what generates all the products they need to survive. To revue: Food, how is it generated? What resources are needed to generate it? What environmental impacts occur and need to be compensated for? (to allow for more production of said product) Heat, how is it generated?
Well, I could go on, but those three questions actually do apply to almost every product that exists on the earth, whether it be a physical or an insubstantial product from the mind. In some cases, like pure art, those arguements almost don't apply. Artists do need a special environment to function in general, but sometimes they thrive in spite of all adversity, in fact that can also fuel them.
In the end, you purchase the finished product, in this case Japanese Anime, in some cases, other countries contributions, merely to get the best quality rendering of the story and artwork that make up your favorite series or standalone OVA, OAV, or movie.
Does this make you evil? A contributor to the Fascist state? A traitor to the countries that won a war in the past? A person without conscience?
I hope not. Any person that can dwell in the past, or in a disaster in the present, and revel in the fact that they made a "contribution" during said disaster, or their ancestors did, and use that to justify acts or thoughts that are morally not justifiable are, well, subhuman. In other words, for those that cannot conceptually follow this, unhuman. A living creature incapable of thought, or creative emotional expression in a context that will engage a human being.
Now, on a humorous level, anybody think that this person is posting as he or she is just to have fun? He or she can generate a long conversation or arguement that can be watched much like a soap opera, and get a kick out of it.
In the end, a long discussion like this can be fun for everyone involved, as it will expose some to new ideas or expressions, others to a form of debate, also fun, and still others to a whole new world of ethics, information, and entertainment. So, whether you agree or disagree to the original arguement presented, all of you had fun, and in some cases, learned something. In the worst case you have learned that a human being will post a message that makes that person look to be the worst a human can be, just for fun, to see what kind of responses he or she can get. I wouldn't be surprised to find out that it was all based on a bet, but equally, I wouldn't be surprised to find that it's a person's true opinion.

On another note, I support both fansubs of both Anime and Manga, but I also purchase both. Anime primarily. When I started in 1991, you could count the number of purchases possible in any store on one hand, now you would need an accountant. I have purchased, unwisely according to my budget, in excess of 600 anime DVD's or VHS tapes, mostly DVD's, over the last 14 years, and I value each purchase. I also value every downloaded anime title, in some cases, I value the fansub over the US or Malaysian release. Two titles that I enjoyed the most- thanks to fansubs- are Hand Maid May and Love Hina, both of which I now own on DVD. It was like receiving Manna from the Gods, it completely and irrevocably seized my attention and wouldn't let go.
So- I love anime, I love the Japanese culture that produces anime, and I love the fansub groups and organizational groups that make it possible for me to find fansubs that I can later purchase and treasure.
I own over 600 DVD's and VHS tapes thanks to my interest in Anime, and I owe some of the most pleasurable moments to fansub groups, namely those that r

Read the rest of this comment...


BlackHowling89 on Thursday, September 15 @
antipete should really find a better hobby rather than bothering other people with his unreasonable logic.


Ani_MaSTeR on Thursday, September 15 @
yeah, gotta agree with kaisar. anitpete, shut up. evidence makes all the difference, keep that in mind and stick to the topic.
bravo kaisar


mozela on Thursday, September 15 @
not bad i totally agree


markm on Thursday, September 15 @
POWS in world war II..... goodness..... that was worth a good laugh. ^_^


anchiang on Thursday, September 15 @


Estara on Thursday, September 15 @
I can completely understand your reaction in content, but the one thing which I find unfair from your side in this article is the fact that antipete had the courtesy to abuse you on private messaging and not dissing you in front of all of Anime-Source on the front page.

If you hadn't done that we wouldn't have been able to read this highly controversial and somewhat amusing diatribe. I feel that makes me an avid gloater, I guess most of us are.


Kashi on Thursday, September 15 @
My, my, some people really don't know when to shut up... And what has WW2 to do with this?! Did this guy even read his mail before sending it? I saw many illogical (and lame) mails in my life, but that mail just took the first place. That guy should get a life and stop pissing others. I'm sorry for Kaiser-sama; to go through such a bother because of this guy...


Colbey on Thursday, September 15 @
You are a nicer to him than i would have been. To have gone to orleans he must at least be 18 or so, and what was writtin made him sound like he was 10 year old having a temper tantrom.


eno_neddih1989 on Thursday, September 15 @
Hell yeah kaiser... haha that was a good read.

damn.. The crimes of the world are too much for Cop Kaiser, and it's his fault all this stuff is happening around the world.

Hey, this kid has all the moral greatness in the world.. he cleaned himself of racist guilt, as well as guilt of shitting on his beacon of entertainment, by contributing to New Orleans. You can't stand up to him. XD

Kaiser, you have to be the sexiest sperm whale I have ever seen. Keep it up man.

ps. Remember, real problems = WWII, and...he COUNTS. haha..


thepaper on Thursday, September 15 @
quite frankly.... i think kaiser is acting childish himself by posting someone else's private message in public (whether this PM is real or in fact something created to enforce his own ideas, however, is another story. so please, think outside the box instead of just listening and agreeing to several loud people.).

personally... i only buy manga.... never bought anime or watched it on tv because the dub is so gay it's not even funny... although cc is available on dvds


sandrock on Thursday, September 15 @
yea some poeple are obsessed and some people can't accept that the cant always get what they wan't


blurred on Friday, September 16 @
antipete = retard. Agreed. It's people like these who make me lose faith in man kind. *shakes head* I cringe at the spelling and grammar in that PM. Do you really look like a whale? A disfigured one at that? Blurred


goldwings on Friday, September 16 @
Sprerm whale? WTF that is so lame. antipete should at least cooled his head before taking on someone like kaiser.


bmc103 on Friday, September 16 @
there are some idiots in this world!


viet-boi-in-luv on Saturday, September 17 @
hahaha gotta give mad props to you kaiser, this is the funniest article i've read on A-S so far


err on Sunday, September 18 @
poor whales, getting abused like that :(


kajin on Sunday, September 18 @
i like this article


jaybird on Sunday, September 18 @
I cna't believe what I just read....judging from the quality of his arguement, I doubt antipete was much help down on the Gulf...dude probably got in the way more than anything else. anyway, like some others have pointed out, the entire fansub 'industry' falls outside of the law completely and it's only by the grace of the corporations (that are losing out, by the way) that we're not getting our asses sued off.

and on the issue of WWII and the whales.....hahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahha. ('nuff said)


JwpXenga on Sunday, September 18 @
Wow, like most people have said, calling this guy a retard is an understatement. A wonderfuly shitty post with horrible grammar. Anime companies deserve the money, they do put out the anime dipshit. And subs are great, but don't write a letter to an editorial about it, and then tell us some of your life story, history lessons, and name calling skills. Why don't you spend your time thinking about a clear argument and write it nicely. Even a retard could write out a good reply. Especially since your post is a year old. So you can see why calling antipete is an understatement.

And one last thing, just a question for refference. Why do you reply to an editorial a year old?


Darth on Monday, September 19 @
You are right, and I agree with you. This letter was unjustified, and written in an uncomprehensible english.

His arguments are completely void, I'm surprised he even considered himself righteous.

Nobody in his right mind would write a letter about a year-old post, completely embarass himself with an unreadable english and void arguments.

Therefore, I agree when you say that this guy is a retard.


Mokky on Tuesday, September 20 @
am just to lazy to read everything..... i hope am not bringing up the same old shit that everyone else has.....
dunno if this has anything to do with the orginal post, but it have something to do with not buying movies and music that antipete was talking about.

ppl will never stop creating art(movies, music, paintings, etc.). it has never really been about money, but to express a feeling or whatever the artist wanted ppl to think on when they see/listen to the creation....
The Copyright is sometihng that was invented by the big companys so they coulde make big bucks >:| .....if they dident invent it and it was something good in the beginning... then they changed it to what it is today... a money making tool for the big comps that is killing the creativity of ppl....

am not against ppl getting money from there creations just the thingy that ppl most pay to see it.... Art shoulde be free for everyone to enjoy not just the rich... the poor can send a flower or something if they like it and the rich can donate some money :P

And one last point ---> Copyright is a form of monopoly... when have monopoly ever been a good thing?



meganiac on Tuesday, September 20 @
While antipete was definately a bit crazed, and out there, I am all for free downloading of fansubs. I have bought countless series because I watched it first and liked it. I have not once watched a series all the way through if I disliked it, and every series I have finished I have purchased. Personally I think the companies get more money because of fansubs. Of course I have zero proof or numbers to go off of, just my personal experience.


HipPY_SnaiL on Thursday, September 22 @
Analysing Presuasive Techniques.
The tone of the letter was angry. The writer uses rhetorical questions, but basis most of his/hers argument through emotive language. Examples of these can be noted within the name-calling and the mentioning of doing good in the world. this then appeals to the audience's sympathy. The letter was not coherently structured, lacking basic spelling and grammar.

The tone of the editorial was annoyed and frustrated. The piece was a coherently written text. The writer has rebuttled every argument successfully by using rhetorical questions and saracasm. Although it is not recommended to do so. The piece was not however a well structured editorial, because an editorial should not be written as a first person, for example "I" and "me".

This is great for some practise for my english exams coming up. Thanks Kaiser and Antipete!


jaybird on Thursday, September 22 @
before I start let me just say that I'm working from the assumption that you were being serious in post #92. having read it I don't see how you could be serious but that's the assumption anyway.

I agree...copyright is a form of monopoly!!
and if I make something then I d**n well expect to get every penny for the work I put into it. monopoly isn't a good thing in business because it limits the number of choices available to the consumer and allows for over pricing and low quality of goods.

copyright protects the individual artist as much as it does the corporation. you obviously haven't thought this through. haven't you ever heard of plagrism? haven't you ever heard of someone's work being stolen and sold under someone else's name? one person does the work and another profits from it? well copyright protects those whose daily bread and butter come from creating things. so instead of being lazy, spewing crap, and I would add cheap, recognise that credit should be given where it's due. simple as.

but in this context it's as good as you saying you don't mind someone else getting paid for the time you spend at work. after all, who are you to demand that you alone get paid for the work you do? when said like this it becomes comical, but that's exactly what you're saying about the makers of manga.

and about the flower....please, please (ad infinitum) tell me you're time your landlord or the electricity board (or a taxi driver for that matter) accepts a flower as part payment, you need to let everyone know.

I think I should stop now.

one last thing...if you didn't even read the whole thing....why the 'h'-'e'-'double hockey sticks' are you commenting? you're jumping in most of the way through with a half assed comment...

I'm gonna be soooo peeved after I get some rest (too tired to really rant at you right now, most I can manage is to shake my head).


jeff112188 on Thursday, September 22 @
kaiser i disagree and agree with u on most parts


1) ya we shouldnt be 100% leeching off the anime companies.. thats why often from time to time i go out to bestbuy or other retailer to buy DVD sets and other stuff =D
2) ya that antepete is a retard
3)people shouldnt complain when the anime company requests the subbers to stop subbing

1)how u made all of us anime fans sound like greedy-stingy-selfish-assholes.. (or IMO only)

and what was up with Sperm Whale?


beaverb on Saturday, September 24 @
That guy is a bigot and a fool, who clearly does not know a damn thing about history.

I can understand why people love fansubs
The price of R1 anime is generally high, and buying a great deal of it can be expensive.
While the fansubs help a great deal with the exposure of the anime itself, being a benefit to the company, once they become licensed they are an immediate source of loss.
Free downloads of Licensed R1 fansubs will only increase the price.
Look at the Music CD market, shoplifting is huge factor in the bloated price of CDs.
So remember once an anime becomes lisenced, delete the fansubs that you have and buy the real thing.
Because if the companies make no money they cannot afford to create new properties.

Remember its not just faceless "japs" making anime like robots. These are people with families, who they need to support, so while its easy to think that you are taking the money out of the fat piggy bank of some faceless company, please remember that behind the name, are a wealth of people that has totally put thier faith and livelyhood into a genre that you yourself obviously love

Also if you don't like the quality of some R1 Fansubber, write a letter to the Company that produces the anime. I'm sure they will make a better choice when they next decide with whom to hire to create english translations.

Morals for the simple:
Buying anime=Good
Downloading licensed anime=Very BAD
Being a racist=BAD
Supporting Anime Industry=Very Good


darse on Saturday, September 24 @
thats telln that retard!


fullmetal888 on Sunday, September 25 @
hahahahah omg... lmao ppl these dayz....dis always happen when there misunderstanding, he should have read all of ur editorial first

um.. sperm whale... never heard of dis one before lol


stumpadoodle on Saturday, October 01 @
Generally, my only complaint with the anime industry is that alot of times they really will butcher an anime just to get it to appeal to larger audience cause they're gready hogs...but i gotta agree with Kaiser. Not everyone in the industry is like that, and they deserve our support.

antipeet...dude...take an english class man...


sayoku on Thursday, October 06 @
hows sperm whale and WWII got to do with it? i hope he sticks around (not banned is he?) coz the world needs laughter.

man this is a classic
(quote from kaiser): For antipete, I'll put it into words he can understand better.

download fansubs = good.
buy anime = good.
kill source of anime = bad.
antipete = retard.


hantui87 on Tuesday, October 18 @
ha ha sperm whale.hei what is sperm whale


happiedo on Saturday, October 29 @
ahhh yes, dumb people. makes you wonder how they where able to procreate and make more idiots like this one. I am all for fan subs, I am all for downloading, I am all for buying a series you like. If you don't like a series don't download it, and quit with the sorry ass reasons why you justify only downloading and not buying


the_waltz on Sunday, November 06 @
you just love ranting, don't you?


Zellron on Tuesday, November 08 @
My favourite part was the kids and the spermwhale thing. Tis something to laugh about.

You basically summed up what I would've said.


devilbats on Friday, November 18 @
how would i know.???


strongbad87 on Tuesday, November 29 @
I'm not sure if antipete was trying to prove kaiser wrong or right, he says it's okay to download anime, and then acts like a retard. Cmon kiddies, fansubbing is basically stealing, not that I don't do it, but it's essentially stealing. So stop bitching, be happy that it fansubs are readily available and safe to download.


spikeelduro on Sunday, December 18 @
It sucks when American anime licensers try to shut down fansubbing websites, but its true that they are investing big bucks on those shows. There's also the fact that many of these companies do terrible dubbing work, but anyway, it's a little wrong to say that they're tyranes because they try to shut down fansubbers.

If you want a reason to loath such companies, listen to the dubs, because companies like this (especially FUNimation) do terrible dubs, therefore screwing the will of the customer to want to buy the DVDs. Yet again, you can always listen to the japanese audio track, but it would certainly be good if they did decent dubs (Bandai and Geneon are a good example)

kaiser, calm down little man, there's no need to be rude


Kono on Saturday, December 24 @
That guy needs to calm down. Calling people names never gets you anywhere o.o...Sperm whale... R-r-r-riiiiiiight... Did he just randomly think that because it has a "foul" word in it its something bad? Jeez... Oh and um... Only thing I got againt kaiser is the use of "Retard" Hehe I'm a big person on bad use of words, oh well... I don't like it when people use stereotypical words like that ^^ I agree with you kaiser, on everything. If a company owns an anime and they don't want it being downloadable on the web, they have the right to take it off. Otherwise their "Right to the anime" is just a right to a piece of paper... if that... Hehe ^^ Anyways, You go kaiser! lol
As for the "Helping New Orleans" You can't do something good to uh... ok I lost myself... Do something good to be able to do something not good? I confused myself!!! AHHHH!!! ... I'm stopping now...


ascentiontohell on Monday, December 26 @
Antipete i am not calling u retard because that would offend many people but i will call u not very knowledgeable. I'll let all the other guys call u worse names but really. Japanese should be ridiculed for something their emperor did? I know my opinion might be changed if i was actually in WW2 But still...u r saying that people should make fun of Americans for being one of the last countries to keep slaves?hmmmm.....maybe u r a racist so u wouldn't care about that either now would u. Also u want to get free anime and u still r making fun of the people who give it to u hmmm....that ,for some reason, doesn't make sense to me. of course i understand that anime can be expensive but have u ever considered not buying it until u get more money? and also, Japs have to pay more for anime than u would ever like. U should actually be thankful that u even have anime. (not really counting u) about using the first admendment as a way to get free anime...have u people ever stopped to wonder that the company has rights too? Or maybe the Constitutional rights only count to some people? (counting Antipete) why do u think that u can blame the Japs when people in the United States put people in prison camps because they ,supposedly, were spies. I understand u would want to protect citizens but still. u still shouldn't justify people by the actions of others. Same thing as me saying that Christians (which i am) r evil because they held the crusades. Ummm i think i wouldn't like that. But then i also have to say that downloading anime wouldn't really do much damage to the company or would it. u don't know who to trust on that. But lets say it doesn't, would u like people to download anime and take some money from u...i don't think so unless if u r very generous person (which i really hope u r) because if u weren't then u would have no back up but even if u were a generous person u couldn't justify a bad action with a good action. But u still have to count everybodies opinions. So pls help me justify Antipete's actions...pls!
PS u r all disfigured sperm whales!!!


ascentiontohell on Monday, December 26 @
PS Kaiser has a really good point


Mina15 on Thursday, January 05 @
Wow. Some people really can't spell or use proper grammar. It's frustrating yes for a beloved anime series be liecensed and removed from torrent greedy hands but if anyone really thought about it, we are stupid for not realizing how kind some companies are for letting fansubs keep distributing. Kaiser really made a good point on this. :) I still forever thank Anime Source for listing fansubbed episodes. :) Even if they are liecensed.


velocius on Friday, January 06 @
wow, hard to read post

i really want to coment on the 6th point, of the POW. did ya know that the americans killed of 97.5% off the indians (dunno if indians is correct english, i ain't english speaking by nature). I believe if you look into history, every civilastion has it's um, dark piece's, christianity killed loads of people too during the dark ages so is the curch bad because of that?

live goes on.

ps. if you wanna try and sound like a real discusion partner, lay off the true insults (kaiser has some too but not as harsh and less directed) and use proper grammar


louie27 on Sunday, January 08 @
Not much in life is free. Anime companies and their investors have to lay out a lot of cash to produce a good product, so don't expect them to be happy giving it away for nothing. I think it's great that we can find some of it online, and but it's not realistic to assume that will (or should) always be the case.


wingmaster27 on Thursday, January 26 @
I agree to kaiser's point of view and to top it up most anime progams are supported by the production companies. this means if you don't buy DVD's, they woun't get enough to release good anime on TV (basicly slowing down anime releases) after the begining sound track the program usually say "this program is bought to you by...."
the WWII POWs is a thing in the PAST that we have to learn from and try not to repeat again. every person desire power but up to what extent?


hatefulguts on Monday, February 06 @
Ahhh....I'm suuuure that you would have been reeeeeaaaal embarassed it that had been posted. How fortunate are you, that antipete (??) decided to PM you! I'm sure, that being called a fat sperm whale (not only that, but {his} little sperm whale), in public, would have driven you to tears!
But honestly, where does he get off saying that? It's perfectly alright for people to download stuff every day of the week and not pay a dime? And that thing about the Japanese and POWs?
Seriously, that was ages ago, and other places have done worse. And if Japan is so awful, I guess he should absolutely shun anime instead of downloading it, right? Besides, does he think he's the only person helping out in the Gulf? Does that entitle him to free anime?
Oh well, I guess some people are so sensitive to their own mistakes that they can't let go. antipete's only redeeming quality is acknowledging that not everyone will agree with him.


Chaps on Friday, February 24 @
Thank you for your article. Okay really, I've known all that stuff you posted for a long time now, as I'm sure alotta people've known, but it's great that someone finally formally posted it somewhere.

And yes, antipete, you gave a severely weak argument. Kaiser is pointing out all the pathetic justifications and ways 11 year olds are trying to justify their...actions, when there's a pretty obvious motive behind it. Antipete, your argument is flawed in so many ways. You blatantly said it's okay to steal from companies and not care, just because the companies aren't going bankrupt. They may not be "folding up their tents and going home," but they're still LOSING PROFIT AND REVENUE. Companies can still LOSE PROFIT and NOT go bankrupt, they're just not making as much money as they should be.

Insulting what someone looks like across the internet is really stupid for so many reasons I could write a book on them, so I won't even bother. Even worse, you called him a sperm whale, which is possibly the MOST unwitty, unclever, self-deprecating insult I have ever heard. (I think I thought calling someone a whale because they were fat, which we haven't even proven kaiser is, was cool in I think, 2nd grade.)

And that WWII "Jap" POW had absolutely nothing to do with the subject, I have no idea why you even brought that up. I'm absolutely baffled where that came from. "World War II is the reason I steal anime." GREAT reason. I love how you call them Japs and then say how kind-hearted of a person you are volunteering and such. You believe that by reading this article you know everything about Kaiser and his personal life, but you've actually proven that you know very little about anything at all.


bannik on Monday, April 24 @
love this post...great read


123xyz on Tuesday, May 02 @
antipete has a good point BUT so does kaise


Yuun on Wednesday, May 03 @
Man... #120 I really miss this out...
Well Kaiser, your style haven't change abit and I must say I really love the way you screw up a person. Do you have any idea that you are being brought up as a topic once in a while among my friends here in Malaysia? Saying how great you are? Even in Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner you can be a topic in our conversation... Dude i support you 100% in this... thats for sure...

about the #26 ShinChan on Tuesday, September 13 comment; Well congrats, I live in Malaysia too and yea... the subs sucks big time, why?? Cause it is translated directly from Chinese Version instead of the original Jap version, which most of characters even change their name. I must say ADV films hardly get across the sea here, the only ADV product I've seen in the market here is Evangelion.

And antipede, is not Kaiser who need to get a life... it is you who should... come on, get your lazy ass up from your chair and start looking outside your window. In my opinion, you're lacking of necessary knowledge to make a proper statement or even start an argument.

Right... The Japs screw us back in the 1940's and yea many hate them and even I was force to register on a different name instead of my japanese thanks to plenty of retard racist here who hate japs. and my worry-some dad. When there's war there's no right or wrong... soldiers fight for their country and should be proud for themself, going as far as saying what the japs do to the prisoner of war, why not ask your country what your country did to their prisoner of war then? Is almost the same, we fight cause we hate, for hope, for a future, and many more reasons. So let me ask you this, WHAT DO YOU FIGHT FOR WHEN YOU PULL UP YOUR GUN AND SAY "KAISER YOU'RE MY SPERM WHALE"!!??

Jeez... is time you open up your eyes and see how the anime world is growing dude...


yen_kurono on Tuesday, May 16 @
ahahahaha japs eat sperm whale so sperm whale goes extinct.. that's really insulting.. yo yo n who the hell attack iraq n turn oil price sky high?fuckin american.. im nt being racist yea


Darksword on Thursday, July 13 @
Okay, I had nothing to do and I happend to stumble upon Kaiser's first article and after reading it all I could say was "WOW!" But after reading this all I can say is "Everyone hail Kaiser" GOOD JOB KAISER! Congratulations on telling him off. Honestly I read this guy's (was it Antipete or Antibrains?) letter and I couldn't get out a single word. This guy's really screwed right? That didn't make sense at all. WWII, sperm whales and anime have no relation at all. Also I read this an hour ago and I'm still crying, this is too damn funny. That guy really has no brains. Btw what the h*** was he trying to say by calling people who license anime creeps? News flash, its because those people license anime that we're able to support the original creator of the story and everyone else who worked so hard on that project.

To Kaiser: You know? I don't think people should call this guy retarded. Those poor people have done nothing wrong and they don't deserve being compared to him.


mangaddict on Wednesday, July 26 @
What's a sperm whale?


mangaddict on Wednesday, July 26 @
No seriously, I speak for everybody when I ask what's a sperm whale.


Fission2 on Monday, August 28 @
WTF was that letter. At first I was gonna go ahead and bad mouth Kaiser here but then I took a good look at that letter cause I was to damn lazy to read it. THAT GUY IS A RETARD. His comments were complety incoherant and rather ejaculated. I do so believe he wrote this hastely and certainly without the aid of spellchecking or grammatical autocorrection curtesy of microsoft corp. Yea I get the point about the industries not dying yet but even I go out of my way to buy the official mangas here in good ol Canada when I can afford. Numbers supporting? What numbers? You even have the data to back up your claims? Do you have any idea how many companies have died out and became assimulated because of software distrubition ? (thank good ol microsoft for the assimulation...) Anime/manga companies here in North America are still pretty small and without the backing of the population it will fail.

I'm not loaded enough to go buy offical copies of everything and the distrubution of free entertainment is really great. I get what that guy's letter was trying to say but Kaiser...really wasn't trying to say "obey your russian king and stop downloading japanese animations". Just a heads up to support manga/anime companies once in a while.

Yea what was with the joke with the sperm whale. You think a spermwhales retarded or the name's retarded? A spermwhale has the largest brain in the world and it doesn't look like sperm. And your referencing of the Japanese in ww2 is rather insulting. You know what the Americans did to the japanese living in their countries? well do you my "wannabe spermwhale"? The American treatment to the Japanese citizens is in your histroy textbook. Those detention camps robbed thousands of innocent japanese people form their wealth and positions. The Americans hardly set foot in Japanese soil and were treated considerably well in the detention centres. the Japanese were misguided in the war but not evil. You're not a liberal or a republican you KKK bastard. The Japanese concentration camps were cruel and inhumane to the chinese. did you know what the Japanese did to the Chinese in ww2?

"Wannabe spermwhale", you have hardly any right to comment on the japanese economy as you have clearly no understanding of how the global economy functions. Any sudden or chronic disturbance to a section of trade can have devestating effects on another part. If a failure in 1 part of the japanese economy is significant enough, compensation in export price would be accomadiated. A heavy part of Japanese exports are vechicles. Do you know how large the Japanese auto market is? Shouldnt' waste my time with stastics on your large but unwieldy mind. I'll tell you in short, bad japanese market = bad market for everyone trading with japanese. America is the world's largest trading country. Heavily dependant on trade. Idiot, the survival of an important country such as japan or the us deems the surivial of the world as everyone knows it.

Kaiser you did a wonderful job in humilating this guy. you got the support of 124 people to help you burn that guys retarded commentary.


sianon on Friday, November 17 @
WWII POW camps and sperm whales... right. That helped buddy's credibility.


Phazian on Thursday, December 21 @
Wow this just goes to show you what the effects of beer, inbreeding, narrowmindedness and a gross misunderstanding of the world around you can do. Poor antipete has his head soooo far up his own ass im amazed he could even read the original editorial. Kaiser i agree with your stance on Free fansubs and do support the anime and manga industries in my area. The only gripes i have with ADV and Funimation has to do with the hack jobs the perform to make Japaneese animes fit an american audience (has anyone noticed Cartoon Networks presentations of Naruto complete with loony toons sound effects). I feel that with the exceptionally good jobs the fansubbers do in most cases the importers should use them as the scripts lol.


Miroku2192 on Friday, June 29 @
man kaiser, i agree with ya 100% :D

Makes me wonder how old this kid is. Pretty much like you said, he's got nothing to back his retarded comments.


Blyzzard on Saturday, August 04 @
" kid 1: You're a sperm whale!!!!!!
kid 1: You're disfigured too!!!
kid 2: *cries*"

Haha, made me laugh.


Goodja on Sunday, February 03 @
Daaaaaamn, now that is amusing. "I PM'd you so that I wouldn't humiliate you too bad". This couldn't have back-fired on that guy more :P


Pokui on Monday, June 22 @


carmen46 on Tuesday, August 04 @
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Long_91 on Wednesday, June 08 @
lol now i know what to say to my children in the future.
Do never troll or you will get pwned like Kaiser pwned antipete. hihi :D


coach008 on Monday, August 31 @

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