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Winter 2006 Mid-Season Anime Update
Posted on Saturday, December 9th 2006 by xenocrisis0153

The staff here at has been busy behind-the-scenes watching plenty of this season's newest and freshest anime series. Now that we're just beyond the halfway mark, we're here to share our opinions on what is worthwhile and what belongs in the recycle bin. See what we had to say and be sure to share your own opinions.... hey, maybe some of you will convince US to revisit certain series. ^___^

Assate no Houkou

A-S Assate no Houko link

Episodes Watched: 1
I like slice-of-life shows. They focus on the beauty and significances in the small things in life, which is something I really relate to. Assate no Houkou’s first episode seems like a fairly run-of-the-mill slice-of-life show. Iokawa is praying at a wishing shrine when she bumps into Nogami, who happens to know her older brother Karada. The three along with two of their friend’s go on a trip to the beach. By the end of the episode we are thoroughly introduced to each character, and their backgrounds, and the surprise twist that will make the show a bit more interesting than the average slice-of-life anime.
Outlook: Positive

Second Opinion

Episode Watched: 2
Not a new approach in the story, but definitely refreshing. The sceneric backgrounds, the light music, and the expression of this anime gives a "tranquil"-like feel. I was definitely impressed by the first episode. They played things out nicely. I really like the character designs in this anime. Howver, the reactions of the characters seem a little wary. Asatte no Houko gives me the "now what's going to happen next?" factor. Watching this more out of curiosity than anything else.
Outlook: Mildly Positive


A-S Bartender link

Episodes Watched: 1
Bartender is a very weird show, I really don’t know how else to put it. It’s based around a mystical bar and its mysterious bartender. The first episode focuses on a contractor who is hired to build a hotel bar, problem is he hates bars and bartenders. Through the course of the first episode we find out why, and hear about the subtleties of how to make a good cocktail. The man finally ends up at the tiny bar Eden Hall, where he meets the mysterious bartender who helps him discover his problem. The animation in this show is very bad. There were a couple shots that were the same, crappy looking CG bar reused. The hand drawn animation isn’t any better, very stiff movement where there is any, and boring character design. The story, which I’m guessing will be episodic, is a weird subject, I don’t know how many people, other than people like my dad (stuffy businessmen) would appreciate anything at all about this show. I guess it’s good if you want to learn how to make high-end cocktails.
Outlook: Mildly Negative

Busou Renkin

A-S Busou Renkin link

Episodes Watched: 8
This is pretty much your stereotypical shounen anime. Nice guy/high school student Mutou Kazuki gets involved in what he shouldn't and ends up well on his way to becoming a powerful big weapon-wielding warrior. Although certainly not very original, Busou Renkin delivers lots of light-hearted comedy and moderately interesting (if somewhat rushed) battle scenes. Aside from the comedic approach and catchy OP, Busou Renkin unfortunately doesn't have too much going for it. If you're into shounen shows like Bleach, you're probably going to find this one funny and somewhat appealing, but not particularly innovative.
Outlook: Mildly Positive

Code Geass

A-S Code Geass link

Episodes Watched: 7
Lots of people might be turned off (or on) by the one of the most glaring tags of this series: Mecha. However, Code Geass is far from your stereotypical mecha show, and by a long shot. Code Geass relies more on a suspense/drama plot to draw in its audience. Its main character, Lelouch, is smart, calculating and ruthless, who is not only pitched in a confrontation against the powerful domination machine that is the Britannian empire, but also against his best friend, the earnest and straightforward Suzaku, who has similar objectives but diametrally opossed methods. Beautiful character designs (courtesy of CLAMP), smooth animation, excellent music, interesting characters and a plot with amazing potential that hooks you up from the beginning, Code Geass is definitely one of the highlights of this season.
Outlook: Very Positive

D.Gray Man

A-S D.Gray Man link

Episodes Watched: 4
It's about exorcism and they did really well with the mood of horror with a tinge of mystery. Typically shounen, but expectedly good. The OP song "Innocent Sorrow" and sequence is very appealing, same with the ED "Snow Kiss" (love listening to it). There are a lot of things I'm looking forward to in this anime, but it has not yet come. There are some comedic elements which give a quick, sometimes cheap laugh. The first episodes are somewhat dreary since they use a lot of time to bring up the story, but I'm sure it'll pick up.
Outlook: No strong positive or negative feelings

Death Note

A-S Death Note link

Episodes Watched:5
Who doesn't love the manga? Well, the anime followed the atmosphere to the dot. So far, the episodes have been directed and executed very well. Characters look just like they do in the manga. The OP and ED songs are superb and very fitting. They really have the right detail in Light's facial expressions too. I wonder if the anime will be pushed to a new direction though? Well, it doesn't matter to me because this anime is doing very well. This anime will capture every audience, it's very likeable.
Outlook: Very Positive

Second Opinion

Episodes Watched: 2
Death Note is undoubtedly the most anticipated show of the season. The manga is wildly popular in Japan, and has a huge following around the world. For those of you who don’t know, Death Note revolves around Light, who discovers a notebook that kills the person whose name you write in it. The notebook belongs to the death god Ryukuu, who dropped the notebook into the human world to have some fun. What surprised me the most is how complex the characters are. Light, a straight A students, seems bored with life, and upon discovering the Death Note takes it upon himself to rid the world of all bad people. His good intentions quickly give way to the unbelievable power the notebook possesses. The animation is what I expected it to be for such an anticipated show, very good. The soundtrack, with the exception of the ending, is very well done, and creates an eerie atmosphere. This is definitely my second favorite show of the season, and I can safely recommend it to everyone because it has a broad appeal.
Outlook: Very Positive


A-S FLAG link

Episodes Watched: 3
While a bit slowly paced, Flag is told in a very creative way. It is told competely through the view of different cameras which provides a startling critique of modern society and how we are constantly being watched. Flag is set in the near future where a civil war in the middle east is temporarily stopped with the help of an inspirational photograph of a silhoette of a woman praying behind the country's flag. The story chronicals the photographer as she accompanies a military squadron that specializes in piloting a new form of mecha. The show is surprisingly real and is very relevant. Character designs actually render different races properly, Asian people actually look asian, and black characters aren't drawn with offensively exaggerated proportions. Though a little slow and introspective, a good watch.
Outlook: Positive

Galaxy Angel Ru~ne

A-S Galaxy Angel Ru~ne

Episodes Watched: 1
This is how the original Galaxy Angel series was intended to be, but does it work? There is plenty of great action and incredible graphics with plenty of beautiful deep-space flight scenes and technological visuals. If you're interested in those aspects, this may be an intriguing anime, but the comedy and cast is nothing like the original. I found the characters to be overhyper and the jokes weren't to my taste. Only one episode is out so far, so I can't say where this series is going just yet.
Outlook: Neutral

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi

A-S Kenichi link

Episodes Watched: 2
A very interesting show, to say the least, HSDK is pitched as a non-stop laugh riot. The show doesn't seem to take itself seriously and puts the poor and weak Kenichi at the mercy of ridiculously powerful masters of the martial arts to fulfill his purpose of making him stronger. The show is entertaining and easy to follow, the characters are attractive and the jokes actually do make you laugh. What else can you ask for from a comedy?
Outlook: Positive


A-S Kanon 2006 link

Episodes Watched: 1
A shounen title with a very generic plot. Boy comes to new town and is surrounded by lots of pretty girls who are probably going to fall for him. The first episode was filled with lots of cute girls, as expected of a show like this. From what I've gathered, the original was highly anticipated by fans, but was a dissappointment. If the fans have no problem with the plot, which I do, the rest of the show is surprisingly good. The show seems to be stuck in a perpetual winter afternoon, with glistening snow and soft orange light. The combination makes for a very sweet atmosphere, one that I found very charming. There is some kind of weird amnesia plot point thrown into it somewhere too, just to add some sort of intrigue I suppose. Kanon is good for easy viewing.
Outlook: Positive

Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn!

A-S Hitman Reborn! link

Episodes Watched: 4
Extremely funny. If you're looking for irrational and out-of-mind comedy, Hitman Reborn will certainly give it to you. While the art and animation aren't impressive, it's the humour that will glue you in. The beginning is definitely not serious, it has a silly story. But judging from the OP, I'm sure it'll get more shounen-ish later on (whether or not this is a good thing, is up to you). I just love this serious becuase it makes me laugh out loud.
Outlook: Positive


A-S Kemonozume link

Episodes Watched: 8
Those of you who read my Spotlight Review know that I am completely in love with Kemonozume. Slick visuals, a surprisingly sexy atmostphere, and a captivating storyling. For anyone looking for a break from the average check out this show. The plot revolves around the battle between shapeshifting monsters and monster hunters. In my opinion the best of the season.
Outlook: Very Positive

La Corda d'Oro

A-S La Corda

Episodes Watched: 4
La Cora D'Oro satisfies my girly shoujo demands. It'll probably be a secret and at the same time shamed enjoyment. This anime features fairies, bishie's :/ , and sparkly goodness. I like the character design for the most part, and the fact that it is based on music is all around welcome. Love the vibrant colours. An anime about music that actually has some notable... good... music (it's not very modern though). The "drama" is a bit overplayed "oh nos! I can't play this note?". But, the major downfall would be that this is a reversed harem. One girl, THOUSANDS OF BOYS.
Outlook: Mildly Positive

Le Chevalier D'eon *

A-S Chevalier link

Episodes Watched: 5
Production I.G.'s latest show is set in pre-revolution France, and takes several historical figures and turns them into action stars. The supernatural take on history makes for a great show. The plot is complex and shrouded in mystery, with secret organizations, gargoyles, and a main character who is possessed by his sister when he is in danger. Not to mention some of the best animation in a TV series I have ever seen. This is a show for every kind of anime fan, casual and otaku.
Outlook: Very Positive

Lovedol ~Lovely Idol~

A-S Lovely Idol link

Episodes Watched: 1
How does Lovely Idol attract an audience? - they don't. The first 7, possibly 10 minutes is used to bombard you with craptacular singing and even more craptacular dancing. Also, within these first 7-10 minutes, you're also attacked with a barrage of girls that generally look the same. When it finally gets to the story, the pacing is predictable and pretty boring. That is, until the end when the protagonist meets a girl performing out on the street. Lamest phrase ever: "I sing... for REVENGE!" wtf?
Outlook: Extremely Negative

Negima!? *

A-S Negima?! link

Episodes Watched: 4
It's the same story as the original Mahou Sensei Negima, but it's told in a different way. Characters and setting are familiar to those who've seen the first anime and/or read the manga while a new art style has it's appeal for both seasoned-fans and newcomers. More action than comedy, more magic than school-life. The second-time around proves to be quite the improvement.
Outlook: Very Positive

Pumpkin Scissors

A-S Pumpkin Scissors link

Episodes Watched: 1
I'll admit I had my reservations about this show just from the title. I never understood why Japanese people have a fascination with mismatched English words. Pumpkin Scissors is the story of what happens after a war. The military squadron, Pumpkin Scissors, is led by the tomboyish Alice. On a routine patrol she meets Orland, a brutish looking gentle giant. The first episode deals with the squadron dealing with a small town infected by a biological weapon. I'm not exactly sure if this series is going to be episodic or have an arching plot. Alot about this show is iffy, the animation, the plot, music, and the name. If there is more to the show, the creators chose a bad way to make it known.
Outlook: Negative

Red Garden

A-S Red Garden link

Episodes Watched: 2
I really wanted to like Red Rose, I really did, but i just couldn't. The show revolves around 4 New York city prep school girls who are recruited by some sort of secret organization (or something) to fight mysterious zombie-like monsters. To the show's credit, the character designs are different, though everyone's noses are huge, maybe in an attempt to make them seem more American. The clothing, though, is beyond explanation. I know people who have gone to prep schools in New York, and none of them had to wear Victorian Era dresses. The show inexplicably breaks into song in both episodes, a bad song at that. I think some more time with the show would help me get a better feeling for it, but the 1st 2 put me off so much, I'm, not sure I'll give it that shot.
Outlook: Negative

Tenpou Ibun Ayakashi Ayashi

A-S Ayakashi Ayashi link

Episodes Watched: 2
Ayakashi Ayashi is a fun show. It has action, it has a nice lead character, and it has no frills, decent animation. I always have a place in my heart for shows like this (inu yasha). Lead character Yukiatsu is an Ayakashi, someone who can draw power from words. He fights gods, and is running from another world that chases him whereever he goes. The whole drawing power from words thing is very foreign to westerners because it is based heavily on Kanji, which I can't even begin to understand. But again, it's not the most promising show of the season, but it is one of those shows you know will keep your interest.
Outlook: Positive

Tokimeki Memorial ~Only Love~

A-S Tokimeki Memorial ~Only Love~ link

Episodes Watched: 4
I expected nothing from this series but was pleasantly surprised on how enjoyable this was. It has some eccentric quackiness in its humour and I had lots of fun with the first episode. I knew of the Tokimeki Memorial series, it being a dating-sim game. But I had the impression that it would a "slice-of-life" type of anime - WRONG. This series is funny, and I look forward to watching more. The characters are not very attractive and the music is "typically harem," but I'm watching it mostly for the kick ass angry baby chicklet! - possibly the only thing I look forward to
Outlook: Mildly Positive

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acq128 on Saturday, December 09 @
Bartender - the idea around this anime isn't the animation factor, and how good it looks when he mixes the cocktails, its the sentimental values that separate drinks and cocktails bring to each consumer, and how it relates to the drink itself and how it was invented. you're looking at the wrong thing if you fixate on the style of animation or the animation quality, because animation matters when theres action, but not so much when its mostly what they say.

and why is it encoded in such a high quality format anyways?


Sayger99 on Saturday, December 09 @
D.Gray-man, excellent anime, the plot is very good, it's executed a bit differently compared to the manga, but still interesting. About a boy who is a cursed exorcist, the aim of the plot is to collect things called 'innocence' before the 'millenium earl' gets his hands on it. It has some comical scenes mixed in it also, as if to brighten up the anime a bit so that it's not all gloom and doom.

Also, Le Chevalier D'Eon, the plot has been proceeding nicely now. It started off slow but it's getting better. It's very interesting, and the fact that it's based of French's famous transvestite also makes it even more intriguing.


bugmenot on Saturday, December 09 @
i have seen a couple of them like death note d grayman but havent goten the chance to chekc them out anyway i am new here nice to meet you guys/girls


bugmenot on Saturday, December 09 @
whoopps i meant i have heard of a couple of them not seen them my bad my english isint that good


blackmonkey on Saturday, December 09 @
like death note I read the manga I hope they don't screw it up in the anime


Firetears on Saturday, December 09 @
Thanks for all the info. I was planning on watching a couple of stuff that was marked negative, so that was helpful.


LifeLessDummy on Saturday, December 09 @
I found DeathNote anime to be way below the manga's pace for me to enjoy it decently. I've watched it up to 7, then stop. If it does become faster pace, do tell me, but otherwise, I'm gonna stop for now.
With Pumpkin Scissors you guys gotta give it more time, but the series is very funny. The explaination as to why the mismatched name of the series is revealed in episode 10 - the group's name is the a symbol of what they do; a very sharp scissor able to cut threw thick layers of skin in pumpkin.
Woot to Code Gauss and the new Negima!? series.
I had been discourage to watch World's Strongest Disciple Kenichi, but I'll give it a try since you guys recommened it.


quosimos on Saturday, December 09 @
i felt the opposite about Le Chevalier D'Eon. I thought it started off really well but now some of the thrill has worn off.


hpikkachu on Saturday, December 09 @
hrmmm.... thanks. thats gonna help heapies!!! =]


hpikkachu on Saturday, December 09 @
oh, i think kanon is fantastic... kinda. its very appealing and i wasnt a fan beforehand. =D


4n1m3frk on Saturday, December 09 @
There are a couple you missed, but thats fine =)
I agree with all of your ratings too


ZGMF-00X on Sunday, December 10 @
What can I say? Most of them are pretty accurate, and Pumkin Scissors isn't entirely that bad. It is, however, slightly unstable. With due respect, the review has only stated "one episode watched", so I don't think it's an entirely accurate review. It's up to episode 10 now at least, and perhaps from there you can state whether it's terrible or just plain boring.

I find PS very inconsistent and the excitement from the action they provide wears off pretty quickly. Of course, they can do a AMG and turn the whole series exciting only near the end, or with some arcs in between. Cheers.

D.Grayman has had a stuttery start, but has now picked up quite nicely indeed. No disagreements on Death Note or Code Geass-Probably two of the best anime so far from this fall alongside Kanon 2006.

P.S.:Oh yeah, Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru was missed out, as well as Night Head Genesis and Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto. It isn't entirely exciting on the whole, thanks to some of the atmosphere being influenced by Kabuki music and play, and the story from where I've left off (episode 5) isn't entirely moving yet, but it does have some historical significance, at least.

Sorry for nitpicking. Thanks for the analysis and opinions on the various Fall animes! =)


banzemanga on Sunday, December 10 @
Well, i think that it does really have to do with people tastes. Some of the anime that the reviewer didn't like much turned out to be fabulous for me while some of his/her favorites weren't much of my taste. But definitely, there are some anime that are not worth watching like RED GARDEN. I did try to like that thing but i just couldn't cause it was just bad.


Molenir on Sunday, December 10 @
So, what about Ghost Hunt, Otome wa Boku..., and Sumomo...?


Himitsu on Sunday, December 10 @
Well, it's not possible for all the admins to watch all the animes of this season :/
Okay... maybe it is.
But it's most likely that they've only watched the first episode of it, and thus don't want to have a silly 'first impression' review of it.

(speaking from experience)


strongbad87 on Sunday, December 10 @
You have to keep in mind that the whole point of this article is to only give you an idea of where we THINK these shows are headed, thats why we tried getting multiple opinions on each. I would have watched more of each show, but I just don't have the time.


strongbad87 on Sunday, December 10 @
And to acq128, the reason I focused on the animation quality so much, is because it's so bad, and it is an animated show so bad animation detracts greatly from the overall expereince, especially when the core story is so dry. I personally don't like it, and I don't see alot of people appreciating a show about cocktails.


ursula86 on Sunday, December 10 @
I've watched ghost hunt for 5 episodes and up until now, the story is still very interesting.
The anime is mainly about investigation and exorcism, well, as the name mentions... The story revolves around the main character, naru and his part-time assistant, which is only a high school girl solving the mysteries of ghost ... this anime somehow reminded me of kindaichi no jikenbo, which is also case-file based...
The animation is fairly good, character design still not bad, but the OD is definitely bad... or should i put it this way, there's no OD and ED in the first place!!
The story line though, is very interesting. It somehow send chills down my spine when the story developes into a mysterious atmosphere... im very antipated to watch the next episode.. currently watching File 2: Doll House...
Overall, this is still a fairly welldone piece of work... i strongly recommend to those who fond of mysteries and horror ... like me^^


acq128 on Sunday, December 10 @
okay, well i hope the people who read the article notices my take on bartender and hope they re think about avoiding it, because i see it as a show with some depth of meaning, and you can learn about different drinks. maybe cause i like drinking =

i'll respect your opinions


skydragon325 on Sunday, December 10 @
Thanks for the info, I might maybe watch bartender


insomniac1970 on Sunday, December 10 @
I really had not intended to give the remake of Negima the time of day because I loved mahou Sensei Negima so much. The tone of original was a lot like the manga. However, after this review, I will give it a shot. I have also been interested in Kanon 2006 and Code Geass. I'll have to check them out as well. Peace!


Arankaru_Ichigo on Monday, December 11 @
Kannon: (Watched up to episode 10)The original one seemed okay but i enoyed this longer remake better. The art is pretty good despite the fact that they completely changed the main character's Face as well as VA.
Rating: 9/10

D.gray-man: I had been looking forward to this anime ver since i first read the manga. They kinda of switched the story a bit but then it wasn't too far off. The main character's va is the same as Nyuu/Lucy from Elfen Lied which is very interesting IMO
Rating 9/10

Negima: I LOVE Mahou Sensei Negima but i was disappointed at how the first anime went. This new anime seems to have copied Sailor Moon with the whold Star Crystal Nonsense though, and changed the caharacter desgin a bit.
Rating 10/10

Code Geass: This recently has become my favorite anime of all time. It isn't your sterotypical mecha anime because it mixes in a bit of magic in there. It also makes USA(or they call it Britannia in the anime) the bad guy as the emporer (!!!!!!) denounces equality.
Rating 100000/10


blindseer on Saturday, December 16 @
it seems that i now have some new animes to watch for the winter thank you for the great reveus


waylander on Tuesday, December 19 @
ty for this as
1 was looking for new titles to follow but when i serced would come up with the old anme again again :(
2 means i know at least these might be worth watching

so ty very much :)


silverkitsune on Friday, December 29 @
Xeno, I think you should also pick up Sumomomo Momomo if you haven't done so already. I dropped many of the ones you wrote about, but I agree with most of your opinions.
One that I completely disagree with you on is the new Negima series. I might be biased because I've been following the manga, but I found myself falling asleep watching the episodes and soon it became nothing but a chore to watch it. I dropped it as is the only logical choice...
Anyhow, otsukare! Xeno.


Hektor on Wednesday, January 03 @
I agree with the reviews for busou renkin, code geass, kemonozume (although it is THAT good). FLAG is something that started to just annoy me becaus the story lacks cohesion. Pumpkin Scissors is hit or miss depending on the episode, they need to start hitting some decent plot soon or I will give up.

Missed out on Gintama, though maybe I am the only one who likes that one.

In reference to #22's description of Code Geass, I think Brittannia more likely refers to Britain / England / U.K. It probably isn't important to the storyline anyway.


Cavalier on Tuesday, January 16 @
Man i want to see Chevalier D' Eon... i gotta get it *runs away*


Yuun on Sunday, January 21 @
Huh... I didn't think lovely idol is that bad... at least... i think it is more interesting comparing with many other anime out there that share the similar story plot.


Bestkill on Tuesday, March 06 @
History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi is defintley good as the episodes contiune pass the second episode, on a second note i think lovely idoile is the most boring show ever, but thats just my opinon.


chile25 on Tuesday, April 24 @
thanks guys! now i know which animes to check out!


snowfrost27 on Friday, May 18 @
These all look so good! It's so hard to decide which to check out, maybe I try all of them!


mistical_wishes on Sunday, August 26 @
Tokimeki memorial ~only love~ is so cool i love the anime its so funny


puppy123 on Wednesday, August 29 @
I like Tokimeki memorial ~only love~ too...its funny entertaining and well cool.
but it gets a little boring near episode 9! but really cool!


Yamato on Tuesday, June 30 @
Death Note was really good and the story was fine although Light died
L is really cool


hannah92 on Saturday, July 11 @
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kyree945 on Monday, July 20 @
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coach008 on Monday, August 31 @

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