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A-Source Member Survey: Favorite Anime Song
Posted on Saturday, May 12th 2007 by xenocrisis0153

Sorry for the delay, minna-san! I know you've all been waiting for this, so here's another survey for all anime-source users and visitors. And what will you be voting for?

Your favourite anime song!

Please read ALL the rules as we've made a couple adjustments. Hope everyone has fun with this one!!

You will be given five (5) votes just like last time. And for this survey, we ask that you vote for your favourite song, which includes opening theme, ending theme, and any in-episode OST songs. That is, consider the melody, beat, and vocals - everything to do with sound! You are not to vote for the video and animation. And remember to add some comments on why you're voting for that particular song. Your comment might even be seen when we post the final results!

Just remember to be LOGGED INTO YOUR ACCOUNT if you have one when you post your picks and comments, so we can be sure to give you your full credit.

Voting is easy. Just find the particular anime series you're looking for, and you will see the listing of Opening and Ending songs above the STUDD data. Click on the bright yellow link, and voila! Insert songs are also eligible. If the song you want to vote for isn't listed, submit the information using the submit info link on the page... and earn points for contributing to the STUDD in the process. Again, just make sure you're logged into your user account before you start voting and especially if you want to submit a comment.

You cannot vote for one specific song more than once. Also, you can only pick one song one each particular anime. That means you can't pick the opening AND the ending theme, so choose wisely.

If your favourite song is not listed in the database, please click on the "message an admin" link in the featured anime, and type out the song. You should see your submission up within a few hours.

Voting starts today and ends Sunday night on May 27th. Good luck to all the winners!

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yumiche on Saturday, May 12 @
Finally ^_^
I'm going to vote right now..
thanks for all the staf at A-S for the Surveys..


asqwzx on Saturday, May 12 @
Yeah, was waiting for this too :P
bleach and cowboy bebop are on it :P


yumiche on Saturday, May 12 @
Finish ^_^
now just waiting for the results :D


darktox on Saturday, May 12 @
Finally the best song contest.


Evangelion_unit3 on Saturday, May 12 @
So, how do you vote for insert songs? I don't see them listed...


hAriO on Saturday, May 12 @ many good insert songs...


killeraargh on Saturday, May 12 @

this is favourite song, period?



Molenir on Saturday, May 12 @
There are really too many great pieces of music out there. It makes it very tough to decide what gets in, and what is left out. My eventual picks...

Haibane Renmei - Intro (The most beautiful music in any anime I have ever heard)
Fruits Basket - ED Great music
Full Metal Panic Fumoffu - OP I love this music, listened to it over and over again.
Nana - God how can you pick one, best use of music used in transition bar none.
Hataraki Man - OP (Heh, I know unusual pick, but I loved this song.)

Just wish I could vote for another 5


yumiche on Saturday, May 12 @
don't forget God Knows by Aya Hirano in haruhi..
that was So cooool


mackdaddyflyi on Saturday, May 12 @
ima vote for the gantz and samurai champloo songs


folken1145 on Saturday, May 12 @
there are so many anime songs out there
but ive forgotten most of them, have to look
into my collection to try and remember some,
but i remember the songs from
Vision of Escaflowne


folken1145 on Saturday, May 12 @
ah.... i dont see the songs from old animes like rurouni kenshin?
hahaha pls update to tired to look into my collection for info....


capture on Saturday, May 12 @
where's the final ed song for Fate Stay/Night....T_T.... I really like that one...


soul_less on Saturday, May 12 @
whhhaaaAAAAAA??? why hasnt anyone said the winner yet?!

Beck! = winner :)
Darker than Black (both songs are insanely good)
Cowboy Bebop


xenocrisis0153 on Saturday, May 12 @
@5 - if the insert song you want to vote for isn't listed, you would need to submit the song name and artist to the STUDD by clicking the "message an admin" link underneath the screenshots on the anime's info page. The link should appear within 24-72 hours.


XCMeijin on Saturday, May 12 @
Cowboy Bebop - TANK
Cowboy Bebop Movie - Gotta knock a little harder
Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya - God Knows
Fate / Stay Night - Anata ga ita mori
School Rumble - Scramble!


brokensoul on Sunday, May 13 @
waaaaaah!!! only 1 song per anime!?


Renzoken on Sunday, May 13 @
This is so hard. Sometimes i just heard the song of a anime i watch and just love it. And after hearing it for awhile i get bored of it and pick a other anime song i like.

Gone be hard but il just go list my current favorites in my playlist than. Even though some really great songs won't get the credits it deserve.

But i'l be looking forward to the results.


tsujoi on Sunday, May 13 @
Haruhi=God Knows
Black Heaven=Cautionary Warning
Beck=My World Down
Basilisk= First Opening
FLCL= Ending Song


du5k on Sunday, May 13 @
Only five? I hoped that there should be more for the music... haiz...

Honey & Clover - Suneohair - Waltz
Karin - Fm. Theta - Mou Hitotsu ni Birthday
Canvas 2 - Sweet Tankentai - NA NA IRO
Paradise Kiss - Tommy Febuary 6 - Lonely in Gorgeous
Shakugan no Shana - KOTOKO - Being


EbiCurry on Sunday, May 13 @
how can i vote for a series that is not airing anymore. In the list I can only click on the animes released in the last 40 days or something...I would like to vote for samurai champloo but how can i do that?



EbiCurry on Sunday, May 13 @
I just figured out...nevermind my question



Quakis on Sunday, May 13 @
Used up my votes wisely, chose the songs that have stuck in my head the most. I wonder if any of the ones I chose will make it in any of the top areas =x


jwillzales on Sunday, May 13 @
BLEACH Alones- Aqua Timez!! now thats the best!!!

I only wish I could vote for the same anime again...(T_T)

Does anybody know where to download the fullversion of Alones by Aqua Timez??

I hope someone would reply....


jwillzales on Sunday, May 13 @

Do any of you anime addiks have a "FRIENDSTER" account??

if you have! please add me! ""


Naota10 on Sunday, May 13 @
Initial D 2nd - Kimi Ga Iru
FLCL - Ride on Shooting Star
Bartender - Hajimari no Hito
Full Metal Alchemist - Rewrite
Ouran High School Host Club - Shissou

bah, i would have chosen soo many more!


Senial on Sunday, May 13 @
Murder Princess - Hikari Sasuhou
Shakugan no Shana - Hishoku no Sora
Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou - 0:00 a.m.
D.N. Angel - Caged Bird
Tsubasa Chronicles - Loop

I have tons more songs...just didn't know which five to choose :x


LifeLessDummy on Sunday, May 13 @
Does this included this season's anime series. If it does, at least two will go to Lucky Star OP & Heroic Age OP. I can't decided on the rest TT___TT


MoMo27 on Sunday, May 13 @
Too many songs that I could choose from, but took the ones that stood out more to me. Only having 5 picks isn't enough!!! XD

Full Moon wo Sagashite - Eternal Snow
NANA - Winter Sleep
The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi - God Knows
Shakugan no Shana - Hisoku no Sora
D.Gray-Man - Brightdown


Ani_MaSTeR on Sunday, May 13 @
done my first one :D

hoshi no tobira no mukou is my first song!


xenocrisis0153 on Monday, May 14 @
@28... you can vote for ANY anime

and to others who asked, we wanted the 1-song-per-anime limit to keep people from voting for all the songs in a single series that are only voting because they like the show. We limit it to 5 choices so people will think long and hard over which are their faves.


risingstar3110 on Monday, May 14 @

Missed both the "favourite anime for 2006" and "favourite anime characters" before so have to do it right away this time :)

Hope my 1st candidate get 1st spot so i know that my music taste is not abnormal XD


rAnDOm_rOguE on Monday, May 14 @
Ooh! The choices... the agonising choices! XD

Still have to decide my other three spots, but two were instant picks for me:
Ghost in the Shell: SAC - Inner Universe
Wolf's Rain - Gravity

Now to try and cut down the rest of the list to just three...


EndlessWaltz24 on Monday, May 14 @
Hmmm... some hard choices here cuz I liked a great amount of songs :)


Gystara on Monday, May 14 @
i feel sad i dont see the mostest awesome-est ED listed in any of the comments above.
looks like it wont make it to the top. *cringe*
Chrno Crusade - Sayonara Solitia o/


Long_91 on Monday, May 14 @
SO many SONGSS!! can't choose!!
give me more VOTES :P
have already voted all my favorites songs ^^

Can't wait for the result !! ^^
Can't we Do this kind of vote more often? :D


yuko-anakauri on Monday, May 14 @

Honey and Clover - Waltz
Full Metal Alchemist - Rewrite
One Piece - We Are
Card captor Sakura - Fruit Candy (Ahahah..)
Suzumiya Haruhi - God Knows


3master on Monday, May 14 @
Finally ^_^
This is gonna be great.
I'm gonna vote right away.


erickcool15 on Tuesday, May 15 @
just look it up in limewire or in bereshare


Nevets on Tuesday, May 15 @
Bleach - Sakura Biyori
Fruit Basket OP
One Piece movie - Compass ( Is it possible? )
Hajime no Ippo - Yuuzora no Kamihikouki
Initial D - Around the World


geneva on Tuesday, May 15 @
So many songs and only five is gonna be chosen.
It's going to be hard to decide our top 5.


Melancoholic on Tuesday, May 15 @
Ghost in the Shell: SAC - Inner Universe
RahXephon - Hemisphere
Ghost in the Shell: SAC 2nd Gig - Living Inside the Shell
Starship Operators - On the Earth
Elfen Lied - Lilium

So many other great ones I could have voted for...


theflame on Tuesday, May 15 @
SWEEEEET!! a contest that i can relate to! I am going to have so much fun.


Zierlyn on Tuesday, May 15 @
So many songs people have listed as their faves were on my list before I had to force myself to cut them off. It was like a reality TV show, systematically removing some of my favorite songs from my list just because I had to. Eventually I settled on:

Undine - ARIA The Animation OP
Kusari - Makai Senki Disgaea ED
a little pain - NANA ED1
Hemisphere - RahXephon OP
Hikari no Rasenritsu - Rozen Maiden Traumend ED

But there were just SO many great songs that just absoultely killed me to knock out. The FMP OPs and EDs. the FMA ones too for that matter. GITS:SAC OP, Elfen Lied OP/ED, Uninhabited Planet SURVIVE OP, SSO OP, Karin ED, Wolf's Rain ED, H&C I&II OP/ED, Chrno Crusade OP/ED, Uta~Kata OP/ED, FMwS ED's, FLAG ED, Angelic Layer ED, Higurashi OP, Kannazuki no Miko OP/ED, Kino no Tabi OP, Last EXILE OP/ED, Petit Cossette OP/ED, Lodoss War OP, Red Garden OP, Utawarerumono OP, Chobits OP, Rozen Maiden ED, SnAquarion OP, Code Geass OPs, Black Cat OP, Black Lagoon OP... and a bunch more I'm sure I'm totally forgetting. And these are all just a fraction of the anime songs I have on my playlist to listen to... Such a hard decision!


Khyzath on Tuesday, May 15 @
so hard...... :p


yumiche on Tuesday, May 15 @
This is what i'v picked

God Knows, by: Aya Hirano, From:The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Aozora no Namida, by:Hitomi Takahashi, From: Blood+
Tomorrow, by: Mikuni Shimokawa, From: Full Metal Panic!
Hishoku no Sora, by:Mami Kawada, From: Shakugan no shana
brilliant road, by:Angela, From: Uchuu no Stellvia


manganime_lover on Tuesday, May 15 @
where do I find the songs???... or I just write them down here??


TerrorofDeath on Tuesday, May 15 @
Inuyasha: Itzura no kiss
Blood+: Aozora no Namida
Paniponi Dash: Moonlight Love
Ghost in the Shell: SAC 2nd gig- Living inside the Shell
Naruto: Fighting Dreamers


DogzRain on Tuesday, May 15 @
Naruto: Fighting Dreamers
Inuyasha: Itzura no Kiss
Elfen Lied- Lilium

I have more but can't remember......


kazejin on Tuesday, May 15 @
Rurouni Kenshin - 1/3 no jounjo na kanjou === I like it the voice and the intrumentals
Deathnote - The World === Very lively...
D-Grayman - Innocent Sorrow === I always add this to my playlist.. want to hear it always
Bleach - D-TechnoLife ==== Reminds me of something.. there is a meaningful lines
Elfen Lied - Lilium === Don't know why but It always give me a creep filling when i hear it

This is not my final.. maybe I'll edit it if I finalized my favorites ^_^


Mvr_S on Tuesday, May 15 @
My top 3 Songs I like

Full Moon wo Sagashite - enternal snow is my nr 1
Fruits basket - For fruits basket my nr 2
Nana- rose my nr 3

Love al this songs and a lot more


shiya387 on Tuesday, May 15 @
finallly!! I know what i'm voting for!^^


Zierlyn on Tuesday, May 15 @

The procedure is described at the top of this page. Right below the main banner at the very top you roll over "Anime" then select "Reviews", From this page, you pick the letter the title of the anime starts with, then you select the anime from the list. Clicking on the name of the anime will bring you to the anime description page that looks like the one posted above. That's where you'll find the STUDD data and the yellow links beside the songs to place your votes. Click on the yellow link and leave a short comment in the box that comes up as to why you think that song is one of the best, and that's it!


shiya387 on Tuesday, May 15 @
Wait!! DN Angel's opening "White Night True Light" is not here!! in fact, DN Angel itself is not listed anywhere on Anime-Source! could anyone include it on the survey so that I could vote for it?


onizukapwns on Tuesday, May 15 @
Real Folks Blues ftW!!!
Opening from Air
Haruka Kanata from Naruto
Waltz from Honey and Clover
and.. the ending to Midori no Hibi o__o? I shoulda changed that vote now that I think about it.


shiya387 on Tuesday, May 15 @
Hey!! never mind my DN Angel thing. *laughs half heartedly* I forgot to add periods. dumb mistake


Shadow_Wolf_17 on Tuesday, May 15 @
Shweet, another voting... I'm all in.


wystand on Tuesday, May 15 @


Cavalier on Tuesday, May 15 @
Kiseki no Umi - Record of Lodoss Wars TV

Give a Reason - Slayers!

Tank! - Cowboy Bebop

Inner Universe - GITS SAC

Yakusoku wa Iranai - Escaflowne TV

God Knows - Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu

Lilium - Elfen Lied

Rise - GITS SAC 2nd Gig

Breeze - Slayers Try


blndng on Tuesday, May 15 @
OoOo...a survey that I want to participate in. =p

Saiunkoku Monogatari: Hajimari no Kaze by Hirahara Ayaka
Naruto: Wind by Akeboshi
Beck: Slip out
Kara Kano: Yume no Naka e
Bleach: Life is like a Boat


parnassus on Wednesday, May 16 @
Ah! My Goddess OVA: Congratulations
Full Moon wo Sagashite: Eternal Snow
Kimi ga Nozomu Eien: Theme (sung by Megumi)
Saiunkoku Monogatari: Hajimari no Kaze
Shingetsutan Tsukihime: Sacred Moon


MJ23 on Wednesday, May 16 @
My Top 5 songs:

Air Gear: Back-on - Chain
Rurouni Kenshin : Bonnie Pink - It's Gonna Rain
Hunter X Hunter : Keno - Ohayou
Hajime No Ippo: Shocking Lemons - Inner Light
Legend of Black Heaven : Johny Stykes - Cautionary Warning

Hope u vote!


Phazian on Wednesday, May 16 @


komodo89 on Wednesday, May 16 @
ready to vote


darksimperson01 on Wednesday, May 16 @
So, I didn't see how to vote for insert songs. I want to vote for "Number One" from the Bleach OST, but I can't figure out how.


simpleandclean on Wednesday, May 16 @
Yoko Kanno
Joe Hisaishi

Two of the greatest composers of anime music, I challenge everybody to think of better ones.


bladeofgod on Wednesday, May 16 @
Tsuneo Imahori - Gungrave - say, it ain't so
Nightmare - Death Note - The World
UVERworld - Bleach - D- Technolife
- Naruto - Harukakanata
- Cowboy Bebop - Tank!


naruto200 on Wednesday, May 16 @
i was wandering where do you find the video on Detective Conan shows in the internet and the manga
don't give me


LP on Wednesday, May 16 @
Only if i can vote for more then five. Oh, well.


kasul on Wednesday, May 16 @
try listening to last exile op and ed xD


ihaftapbad on Wednesday, May 16 @
I'd have voted for 4 one piece opening songs because .. well they are godly xD... but one per anime :(

Oh well there are many others out there


l2andy on Wednesday, May 16 @
Oh man, I forgot what I voted for -.-


monaliza on Thursday, May 17 @
there's so many songs to choose from but the songs that i really like most is the opening song of vision of escaflowne, one piece, fancy lala and ayashino ceres.


monaliza on Thursday, May 17 @
hello to all of you. nice to meet you all!


Destiny81 on Thursday, May 17 @
i wondering how can i vote fro those old anime theme song?

i wanted to vote for slam dunk and gundam seed series but i just can't login to their intro page?


Himitsu on Thursday, May 17 @
#66 Yuki Kajiura


chaosteen on Thursday, May 17 @
hmm i vote for death note 2nd season opening


kairi27 on Friday, May 18 @
Haruhi-God Knows
Bleach-Rolling star
Ouran-Sakura Kiss
Saiunkoku Monogatari: Hajimari no Kaze


Zierlyn on Friday, May 18 @

Yuki Kajuira's good, and her music is catchy indeed, I've also got quite a few anime OST's done by her that I listen to often... but her style doesn't vary much. Her songs are very easy to recognize as hers, because they tend to share the same qualities or sound similar. Because of that, I'd have to say she shouldn't qualifiy for a "Greatest Composer" title, because she's gotten stale over the past few years.

I will throw out the name Ootani Kou though. He was behind the Haibane Renmei OST, and more recently the Pumpkin Scissors OST (as well as other stuff of course).


MaxieG on Friday, May 18 @
Seatbelts - Tank! (COWBOY BEBOP)

Yoko Takahashi - Tamashii no Refrain (NEON GENESIS EVANGELION: DEATH AND REBIRTH)

Yasushi Ishii - Logos Naki World (HELLSING)


Geinoh Yamashiro-gumi - Kaneda (AKIRA)


reaperxtreme on Friday, May 18 @
beware of my...awesome voting prowess! Everyone remember Shiki no uta vote for it


Emmanesama on Friday, May 18 @
It was a hard decision...


lois on Saturday, May 19 @


kaon on Saturday, May 19 @
everyone pls. vote the kyoshiro to towa no sora


kaon on Saturday, May 19 @
everyone pls. vote the kyoshiro to towa no sora


Last_Resort on Saturday, May 19 @
Who are the two characters in the picture at the top of the page? The hot chick with the guitar I mean not the banner, or did someone draw that because it is awsome.


geldem82 on Saturday, May 19 @
I like many anime songs, it is a shame only choose someones:
Fairy Dreaming - Genocyber OVA ED( my favorite song)
Ai oboete imasuka - Macross Movie Main Theme
Love me tonight - A.D Police OVA 2 ED
Get Along - Slayers OP
Yuragu Koto Nai Ai - Get Backers OP 1
etc. jejeje


herekaina on Saturday, May 19 @
You got all of the best song =) ^^


lilxshorti3 on Sunday, May 20 @
In my opinion the best song is Uta Kata ending theme, Itsuka Tokeru Namida by Savage Genius, listen to it if u dont believe me:)


ken3173 on Sunday, May 20 @
win or lose still a vote that make everthing diffrent


Lill on Sunday, May 20 @
.Hack//sign ED - Yasashii yoake by See-Saw.


deviln3 on Sunday, May 20 @
Inuyasha ED - Come By Namie Amuro


absoluteZ on Sunday, May 20 @
well.. voted for 5 song hope they'll be picked by some people other than me lol


Melancoholic on Sunday, May 20 @
@86, the only person I can think of that it might be is Tohsaka Rin, but that's probably not right. I'm going on the cross she's wearing, mainly. It seems like a very odd way to play the guitar, though...


biankita on Sunday, May 20 @
the best would be the OP Theme from the movie SOSDan did in Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu, Koi no Mikuru Densetsu!!!


jikap on Sunday, May 20 @
i ran out of votes long before i ran out of favorites >.>


JackGrover on Monday, May 21 @
At times it was hard to seperate the music from the opening images, or even the whole anime, in order to try and vote fairly. There are animes that I like a lot, but the music isn't all that good. Or the reverse, the music is good but the anime sucks. So for me, my two favorites, by a slim margin since soooo many are great, are the opening scores from "Chobits" and "Ah! My Goddess" (Season #1). But no matter who wins, it's ALL good! OK! Now bring on the results!


jikap on Monday, May 21 @
eeh, anyway to un-do a vote? ... I guess not. damn


Louieman on Monday, May 21 @
I forgot what I voted for already.....5 out of 31 favorites is hard. :/


kauldron26 on Tuesday, May 22 @
Real folk Blues (greatest ED ever) - Cowboy Bebop ED
Puzzle - NHK OP
Flow - Eureka Seven OP
Tsukihime OP
SHELL - Witch Hunter Robin OP

aaaah and as a bonus, Rahxephon's OP


Shepherd on Tuesday, May 22 @
I like this survey, looking forward to the results. So many to choose from, though there are a couple that I like more than most.


b7r83 on Tuesday, May 22 @
it's a very cool idea ;)
thanx for making it comes to light
I've already voted & I'll be waiting for the results
good luck to all of you ;)


Straforel on Tuesday, May 22 @
1. Junjou na kanjou
2. Haruka kanata
3. Ohayou
4. Miracle Power
5. Catch you Catch me


znag008 on Tuesday, May 22 @
Does anyone know if the girl in that picture appear in any anime series?


crazypokkai on Tuesday, May 22 @
GiTS: SAC - Rise
Eureka Seven - Shounen Heart
Bleach - Rolling Star
Fate-Stay Night - Disillusion
Record of Lodoss War - Kiseki no Umi ( haven't added this yet :( )

so many good songs, not sure if these are my all time favourites, but there definitely up there


Starchs on Wednesday, May 23 @
ACK! Its was hard to choose, but I barely narrow it down to these five:

Lucky Star ( Aya Hirano, Emiri Katou, Kaori Fukuhara, Aya Endo - Motteke! Sailor Fuku)
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni ( Eiko Shimamiya - Higurashi no Naku Koro ni )
This Ugly Yet! Beautiful World ( Yoko Takahashi - Metamorphose ) Dislike the anime but love the song
The 12 Kingdoms ( Kunihiko Ryo - Juuni Genmukyoku )


ZeKe666 on Wednesday, May 23 @
Original Naruto - opening #3 - Nami Kaze Satellite is THE BEST OF THE BEST ANIME SONG!!!


TetsuoNoBaka on Wednesday, May 23 @
I'm new to the forum, but couldn't resist signing up for this one!

1.Rush-Yoko Kanno
I would have to say for sure, anything Yoko Kanno did for Cowboy BeeBop was excellent. Although I love Tank as the opening, I think Rush was the better of the jazz band sounds on the OST.

How can anyone resist that beat?! Please if anyone knows, it sometimes stays with me for days! At work, in the car, before bed... Bleach ending #8.

3.Ally Kerr-The Sore Feet Song
I'm not sure everyone else enjoyed Mushishi as much as I did, but this opener has a pleasant sound to it that reflected the personality of the anime well.

4.The Delgados-The Light Before We Land
I'm not sure what I enjoy about this cut the most. It's something strong, but tragic...seems to set the mood as a good opener for Gunslinger Girl.

5.The Pillows-Ride on Shooting Star
FLCL is one of my all time favorites. A perfectly simple, but awesome guitar riff for this one! I love this ending theme, I can hear it every time I see a Vespa!

There are so many more and it's hard to feel justice is done in choosing just five, so I picked the first five that popped in my head. Hope you enjoy these insights!


One_Bleach on Thursday, May 24 @
1. Naruto -> Haruka Kanata

2. One Piece -> Kokoro No Chizu

3. Bleach -> D-Technolife

4. Full Metal Alchemist -> Ready Steady Go!

5. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya -> God Knows


awoken on Thursday, May 24 @
1) Gundam Seed - Wheel of Destiny (there was no chance 4 voting this one , LOL) probably the best anime song ever ;p
2) Cowboy Bebop - Intro
3) Death Note - 1st Intro
4) Gundam Seed - 1st Ending Theme
5) Samurai Champloo - Shiki no Uta


Mun-jai on Thursday, May 24 @
#100 - I thought I was the only one who remembered SHELL...getting worried there - at least I know there's two votes for it!


kauldron26 on Thursday, May 24 @
lmao... i know right?? i cant believe people forgot about shell, i guess its just me and u then... if the real folk blues from cowboy bebop isnt on the top 10, i will be pissed off, cowboy bebop prolly is the greatest sound track ever on any medium...


risingstar3110 on Thursday, May 24 @
@112: have to base on poeple's taste or mood through ^^

It seem the best song will only take somewhere between 5-20% of total votes, with so many options were given out


Zierlyn on Friday, May 25 @
I tried my best to do that as well. So many songs are my favourites because the intros to the anime were great. Songs like Red Fraction from Black Lagoon. By itself the song is actually pretty bad musically, but it fits the anime so perfectly I still listen to it all the time. Or how about the intro to Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan? Another one of my favourite intros, but the song by itself is certainly not a "best" of any type.

I tried my hardest to single out the most musically worthy songs I know, that taken completely apart from the anime itself is still a great song. According to my personal tastes of course. I have a pet peeve about repetitive percussion tracks in music. >;p


kirayamato10 on Friday, May 25 @
man this is awsome there doing something like this now these my faverite songs! : )

Kishin Taisen Gigantic Formula- United Force

Bleach- Rolling Star

Gundam Seed- River

Death note- Aluminia

Utawarerumono- Kimi ga Tame


Last_Resort on Friday, May 25 @
Ok so the guy in the pic up top is Ichigo. I found a wallpaper exactly the same, except for the colors.
I can't find the female in the pic though. I looked on the site that I found Ichigo, under Fate Stay Night and Music category,and I couldn't find it. Anyone know if it is a wallpaper and where i can get it?
Site for the Ichigo wallpaper


xxscrimagexx on Friday, May 25 @
Man, I wish we could vote for more, and not for the points either. I saw so amny animes that I can hardly choose. The Bleach and Naruto combined puts me into a hard position and so many other series too!



SinDizzy on Saturday, May 26 @
High and Mighty Color - Pride (Gundam Seed Destiny)
UVERworld - DTechno Life (Bleach)
Savage Genius - Forever (Erementar Gerade)
Aqua Timez - Alonez (Bleach)
YUI - Rolling Star (Bleach)


Lyca on Saturday, May 26 @
Is anyone having problems adding favourite songs to the database? I've sent a message on the "message an admin" link in the featured anime but nothing seems to have happened for over a few hours now. Or are the admins just having a really busy time with this new poll?


rAnDOm_rOguE on Saturday, May 26 @
One day to go, I finally made up my mind on my last vote...

Ended up with:
Wolf's Rain -> Gravity
GitS SAC -> Inner Universe
Martian Successor Nadesico -> You Get To Burning
Angelic Layer -> The Starry Sky
Lucky Star -> Motteke! Sailor Fuku

Picking the last one was the hardest... in the end I rolled a dice to decide between the Naruto Shippuuden OP, Lucky Star OP and the Zoids Genesis OP. After choosing those three from about 10 others...


xpeed on Saturday, May 26 @
1.) Naruto Shippuden OP - Hero's Come Back!
2.) Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya - Gods Know by Hirano Aya
3.) Bleach - Alones by Aqua Timez
4.) Futakoi Alternative ED - Bokura no Jikan
5.) Love Hina - Yakusoku


spot on Saturday, May 26 @
God know


forgetwillnot on Saturday, May 26 @
1)Bleach - Rolling Star
2)Death Note - The World
3)Cowboy Bebop - The Real Folks Blues
4)Full Metal Alchemist - Rewrite
5)Beck - Hit in the USA


risingstar3110 on Saturday, May 26 @
When the result is published btw? Aný know? =]


animeseeker on Saturday, May 26 @
1)Tsubasa Chronicles -- It's
2)Fullmetal Alchemist -- Undo
3)Mahou Sensei Negima -- Happy Material


JemWeiHarn on Sunday, May 27 @


blackdx_knight on Sunday, May 27 @
1 ) God knows - The melancholy Of Suzumiya Haruhi

Wasnt really an OP or an ED, but i really like the guitar

2 ) SNOW KISS - D Grey Man

Like this song even before I watch the anime

3 ) Colours of The heart - UVERworld ( blood? )

NEVER watched the anime, but always love that song

4 ) Lucky Star - Motteke! Sailor Fuku

It's hillarious, doesn`t make any sense in the lyric, more than enough reason to love the song

5 ) Anna ni issho datta noni - Gundam Seed

And old time favourite


marksky on Sunday, May 27 @
Yakusoku no basho e - Kaleido star

this song rocks..

Rolling star - Bleach

It also rocks


moonie05 on Sunday, May 27 @
Hajimari no Kaze - Saiunkoku Monogatari
Asterisk - Bleach
Fantasy - Hikaru No Go
For Fruit Basket - Fruit Basket

Now I'm debating between Shounen Heart and Sakura in Eureka 7


Maurox on Sunday, May 27 @
GTO - Driver's High
Death Note - The World
DNA^2 - Blury Eyes
Berserk - Tell me Why
Elfen Lied - Lilium


eedolph on Sunday, May 27 @
Kekkaishi : Sha La La - Ayakashi Night

Who doesn't wanna be a hero??? ^^


hahakay on Sunday, May 27 @
Intial D- Night of Fire
Kyou Go No Ni- Baby Love
Love Hina- Yakusoku
Shuffle!- Innocence
FF7 Advent Children- Calling


pnoy1212 on Sunday, May 27 @
WoW i seen so many songs i havnt seen and i have seen lots that i have... I need to watch more anime ... heres mine...
3.Samurai Champloo ending
4.Bleach 2nd Opening
5. Tokyo Underground Ending


Melancoholic on Sunday, May 27 @
Completely forgot about Duvet from Serial Experiments Lain. Oh well...


frdrgn359 on Sunday, May 27 @
GTO - Driver's High
Full Metal Alchemist - Rewrite
Naruto - Haruka Kanata
Love Hina - Yakusoku
Fate-Stay Night - Disillusion


darkturf on Sunday, May 27 @
Bleach - Rolling Star

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