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Polls Open ~ Favorite Anime Character: 2007
Posted on Saturday, October 13th 2007 by xenocrisis0153

Ossu~ minna-san,

Have you been thinking hard who your all time favourite character is? Excited for the survey to start? Haha, well the voting starts today and it will be going for about month ending on Sunday the 11th of November. And these are the rules for this survey! Please read on...

* - the technical glitch should be fixed now. Sorry for the trouble.

Haruka Amami (iDolM@aster Xenoglossa) is looking forward to
a new round of favorite characters.

We’ve decided to do something new this time, and we figured that Anime-Source members should have some perks, right? We’ve increased the number of votes for registered-members to 7 votes and non-registered guests ("anonymous") will still get the usual 5. But remember, only one vote per character and there is a limit of maximum of 2 characters per anime series so we can get some variety. And for each vote, members get one point, so if you want some quick points, register before you vote ^.~ And also when you leave a comment for why you vote that character, if we pick your awesome comment when we put the results up, you'll get the credit. Just be sure you are logged-in when you vote.

Tsukasa Niishino (Ichigo 100%) says "read the rules carefully"
... and "vote for me!!"

How to vote:

1). If you are not a member already, you can register for a new account --> HERE

We can’t emphasize enough to remember to log-in if you are a registered member. We want everyone to get the credit they deserve for their comments.

Revy (Black Lagoon) wants to know if you got all that.

2). Go to the Anime Reviews section of the site.

A vote for Tweedledee (Kiddy Grade) is a vote for her cute little avatar.

3). Find the certain anime series that your character is from.

The Lucky Star girls (Miyuki, Konata, Kagami and Tsukasa) are counting on
your vote!

4). Click on the STUDD information section of your anime's info page

Kotonoha Katsura (School Days) hopes she is worthy of your vote.

5). Click on that yellow link next to your characters name.

Yuki Nagato (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya) isn't very boisterous, but
she knows you voted for her last year into a decent ranking.

6). Write a comment on why you're voting for that particular character and then confirm your vote ~ easy right?

Saito Hiraga (Zero no Tsukaima) thinks there are too many girls in this
announcement. Don't forget about the studly (and not-so-studly) men of anime!

*). If the character you want to vote for isn’t in the Anime Reviews Database, you can easily submit them via the links on the page and the Anime Reviews staff will get onto it as quickly as they can. Be sure to check back a little later and vote as explained above.

Hold it right there!! Suiseiseki (Rozen Maiden) has some rules to go
over with you all first.


- Registered members get 7 (seven) votes total, non-members get 5 (five).

- You can vote for up to 2 characters from the same series. We want people to spread their anime love around... there's gotta be at least four series you've all seen.

- Only vote for each character once. People who vote over their 7/5 limit or more than once for one character will have ALL of their votes disqualified and all it does in the end is slows down the results announcement.

Any questions? Ask in the forum thread we'll set up in the Anime General Section. ^___^

Spike (Cowboy Bebop) says "see ya lata, space cowboy"... and good luck with getting your top choices high in the ranks!! Don't get discouraged if your favorites don't do well... they are still YOUR favorites. Fight for them!! Vote!!!

- Kimmie-chan, xenocrisis0153, bigdave, and the rest of the Survey Staff.

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Heavenguard on Saturday, October 13 @
First! :D

Konata must win!!!!!!


CS2 on Saturday, October 13 @
Go Keiichi =^_^=

I hope to see some characters that I wasn't expecting. Who knows?


kawun12321 on Saturday, October 13 @
When are the links going to be up?


PestilenceX on Saturday, October 13 @
hmm I know one I'll vote for but seven? That'll be tough but lets give it a try ;)


PestilenceX on Saturday, October 13 @
PS: where is the studd info? It sound familiar so must have seen it but the review I was browsing I couldn't find it :( Code Geass btw


Dessembrae on Saturday, October 13 @ the top it says you can vote for 3 characters in the same series but at the bottom it says that you can only vote for 2!
which is right?


Nainodel on Saturday, October 13 @ says i've already voted 2 times for a series but i didn't even once :( (at last not in this edition of envoy :D)


kawun12321 on Saturday, October 13 @
I just voted for my first character and it says:You have already voted twice for this anime, please choose another character.???


kawun12321 on Saturday, October 13 @
But it says i have 6 votes remaining even though it said before i have already voted.


PestilenceX on Saturday, October 13 @
"You have already vote twice for characters in this anime, please select character from another show."

hmm finally found it. :P And same here I'm afraid :(


xenocrisis0153 on Saturday, October 13 @
@3 - as soon as Frundock is ready

@5 - STUDD info is the box at the bottom (but above the fan-reviews) of each anime's info page. It should have characters names and faces in it.

@6 - 2 characters per series. Sorry, Kimmie wrote the top half before we voted and I forgot to adjust.

everyone else... I'll let Frundock know about the errors you're all having. Remember, if you try to vote for more than 2 characters from the same series, the system won't let you.


manganime_lover on Saturday, October 13 @
1) The Lucky Star Girls!!
2) The masochist Saito who loves to be whiped by Louise
3) Spike Spieguel
3) Levi


manganime_lover on Saturday, October 13 @
big shittt!!! i forgot my bride Tsukasa ^-^ she's number one for me =D


westcrazy on Saturday, October 13 @
It says "You have already vote twice for characters in this anime, please select character from another show.
" Even though its the first time I vote.


Shroomman on Saturday, October 13 @
I'm sure I've already voted seven times, but it says I still have one vote left.

The Count of Monte Cristo, Akagi Shigeru, Dio Eraclea...


Evangelion_unit3 on Saturday, October 13 @
Hurray, another survey.

Like some others, I have also gotten the "You can only vote for 2 characters from the same show" message when I haven't actually done so. This has happened twice to me and it seems to happen when you take too long to write your comment. Any vote that you see this message for will not count towards your 5/7 votes.

Now what I'm wondering is if all I have to do is go and vote for that character again. I'm a bit wary of this though, as it's possible the system might see it as two votes for one character and thus void out all my votes. I don't want that so I'll keep two votes free until this issue is cleared up.


Rsnait7 on Saturday, October 13 @
It will be very interesting with all the new good characters.

Light, L and Kamina FTW!


Suzuka-Chan on Saturday, October 13 @
I don't know if my vote will be in the top rank, but i done it all. It's a good thing that we can have 7 vote now. I can't wait to see who will win ^^.


pavyisku on Saturday, October 13 @
hmmm didn't get to do it last year so i guess i'll put in a few votes this time.


XCMeijin on Sunday, October 14 @
# Noda Megume (Nodame Cantabile)
# Revy/Levi (Black Lagoon)
# Light Yagami (Death Note)
# L Lawliet (Death Note)
# Fujiwara no Sai (Hikaru no Go)
# Potato (AIR)
# Lelouch Lamperouge (Code Geass)


EndlessWaltz24 on Sunday, October 14 @
Woot woot, time to start voting... I hope at least one of my picks rank up fairly high T.T


Faraz on Sunday, October 14 @
Maybe this was addressed before but I missed it; but when will this survey end? How much time do we have to come up with our selection basically?


denise22 on Sunday, October 14 @
vote lulu!!!!! lelouch baby!!!!!!


denise22 on Sunday, October 14 @
vote lulu!!!!! lelouch baby!!!!!!


Dazeed1 on Sunday, October 14 @
GOGO Yagami Light!!! Go Kira :D


Evangelion_unit3 on Sunday, October 14 @
I voted for Fate (Nanoha StrikerS), Hayate (same), Noriko (Gunbuster), Hinagiku (Hayate no Gotoku), Kagami (Lucky Star), Kazuma (Kaze no Stigma) and Lelouch (Code Geass). When I voted for Kagami and Lelouch, I got the "You cannot vote for 2 people from the same series" message. I imagine this is so because I got distracted while writing my comments for those two, and I assume it 'timed out' or something. When I finished my other votes I still had 2 remaining. So I went ahead and voted for them again. As I said above I had some concerns, but I figured I didn't have much to loose anyways. I was quick to write my comments and they submitted successfully, reducing my votes to 0.

So to anyone else experiencing the same problem don't worry. Just vote again, but be quicker about it this time.


Keonoid on Sunday, October 14 @
I voted for:

Light (death note)
L (death note)
Haruma Kenji (school rumble)
Edward Elric (Full metal alchemist)
ichigo (Bleach)


bloodydice45 on Sunday, October 14 @
My votes would go to Guts(Berserk), Light(Death Note), Haruma Kenji(School Rumble), Gin(Bleach) and Revy(Black Lagoon)


tsukihanyou on Sunday, October 14 @
I voted for a couple of longshots, but I still think that most of the others I voted for should get pretty high up there.
And, of course, I HAD to vote for everyone's favorite Space Cowboy! XD


Naota10 on Sunday, October 14 @
I'm hoping for Kino from Kino no Tabi


technomo12 on Sunday, October 14 @

vote for KONATA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Molenir on Sunday, October 14 @
Lovely Complex Risa
Lovely Complex Seiko
Speed Grapher Hibari
Otome wa Boku Mizuho
Wallflower Sunako
Lucky Star Kagami
Lucky Star Konata


risingstar3110 on Monday, October 15 @
There is no Amber? xD

She is not that famous, but she is in my list


risingstar3110 on Monday, October 15 @
Edit: i will add her then. Didn't notice the last line ^^


xenocrisis0153 on Monday, October 15 @
@22 - voting polls end Sunday, November 11th

@33/34 - looks like you figured it out, but yeah, to anyone else, if your favorite character is missing, submit STUDD data for them. A name at the bare minimum, but if they're your fave, you might as well fill in as much info as you can... you get more points for the more info you give us.


Shroomman on Monday, October 15 @
Heh, damn, forgot to vote for Kagura (from Gintama, of course). Oh well.


Zellron on Monday, October 15 @
Lelouch, Kallen (both from Code Geass), Sena (Eyeshield 21, I'm a sucker for football), at least.


ddreadx on Monday, October 15 @
hmm can i vote the villian too i guest its ok heheheheeh most of my favorite character are villian heheheh . i predict the high rank anime character will come from naruto , bleach , samurai x ,
death note and code geass that what i think. now time to vote


Cavalier on Monday, October 15 @
God dammit I forgot to vote for a character from Strongest Disciple Keiichi.... aw well... there were so many characters I love xD I hope mine do well, ok I know a few that will definitely be top 5. haha


Evangelion_unit3 on Monday, October 15 @
I really hope the results this years won't just be a carbon copy of last year's, but I am concerned that will be the case. I mean for all those people who voted for Kenshin that last, what reason would they have for not voting for him again?


WolfWood37 on Monday, October 15 @
no Bebop, no trigun, no one piece as Char Aznable? Oh this has to change...


dan271089 on Monday, October 15 @
Damn...wanted to vote for chibi-shana in Shanatan...but can't...


sssl0202 on Monday, October 15 @
We all know who will be on the top.

Asahina Mikuru.

Mikuru Beam~


Shroomman on Monday, October 15 @
Ack, I too forgot to name someone from Kenichi. Niijima, Apachai, Shigure and Siegfried would've been the prime candidates.


capture on Monday, October 15 @
My Saber!!! will be my highest priority

then for the girls...

Sakura Kinomoto

and for the boys...

Edward Elric
Tamaki Suou


bloodydice45 on Monday, October 15 @
Lucky i didn't vote before think it through i'll deviate from my character i was initially gonna vote for. But I like for people to vote for some more older classic anime characters to be in the list like Char(Gundam Mobile Suit), Kenshiro(Fist of the North Star), Y? Hinomura(Crying Freeman), Akira Fudo(Devil Man) and Noriko Takaya(Gunbuster). Give it more thought than what anime you recently seen in past couple years. Also it'll make for a more interesting TOP 100 Thanks


demonkiller24 on Monday, October 15 @
Erm hem nv forget our BANCHO~ HARUHI


Zetaknight on Monday, October 15 @
If I were to guess on comments here alone, I'd say Konata and Lelouch look like they're gonna place fairly high.

Personally, I don't think it will be a carbon copy of last years. If anything, with so many new popular characters since last time, I'm more concerned about certain old classics not placing as well as they should. But who really knows. Anything could happen.

And I've yet to vote too. I'm having a really hard time picking my 7 :/.


Shur1ken on Monday, October 15 @


Molenir on Monday, October 15 @
I'm betting that Haruhi will be number one, though in my opinion, its Konata deserves everyones vote.


Kimmie-chan on Tuesday, October 16 @
Remember guys don't just vote for a character just because you think they 'would' get into the top 5, vote for your true favourites ^^


07cbdj on Tuesday, October 16 @
I voted for Rufus (FF AC), Archer (FSN), Seshoumaru (InuYasha), Suigintou (Rozen Maiden), Mariko (Elfen Lied), Minagi (Air) and I don't remember the last one. ^_^'


Auron23 on Tuesday, October 16 @
I bet that Light, L, Onizuka and Ichigo will be in the first places
I voted for Light and L (DN), Onizuka(GTO), Ichigo(bleach) and Kamina (TTGL)


bloodydice45 on Tuesday, October 16 @
Grimmjow Jeagerjaques(Bleach) needs to be in this List


macnubnub on Tuesday, October 16 @
Lulu for the win


Shroomman on Tuesday, October 16 @
I don't see why everyone's so fascinated with Ichigo. I mean he's cool sometimes (at least more so than your average shounen-hero), but most of the time he just annoys the hell out of me (precisely like your average shounen-hero).

My votes turned out exactly as last year, plus Akagi and Killua, Akagi being the only one to make it into my list who wasn't up for consideration for last year's votes. Although the "new" characters since then (meaning characters from newly watched anime, not necessarily new anime) weren't necessarily any worse, I simple like some consistency. Otherwise, what kind of "all time favourites" would they be?

That said, picking only seven is naturally really hard. I can name two characters that I like above all others - Osaka-san and Dio (from Last Exile, not the one from JoJo... though the latter's quite awesome too). Maybe the Strawhat Pirates collectively would take third place. As for the rest, there are dozens to choose from. In addition to those I mentioned in earlier comments, some honourable mentions among the relatively new characters might be Ginko (Mushishi), Gin-san, Okita, Hasegawa and Baka-ouji (Gintama), Günther (Kyou kara maou), Tama-chan (Bamboo Blade), Sakura (Naruto Shippuuden - as opposed to in the first Naruto series, where she was abominable), Konata, and... ack, so many characters! And add all the old ones to those. A lot of loved characters will necessarily end up outside the list, and I'd be highly surprised if it's not the same for everyone...

Ugh, long comment, sorry'boutthat. Anyway, here's hoping that 1) lame main characters don't hog all the good spots and 2), that it doesn't simply turn out as a list of popular characters from recent series...


mhanlandi on Tuesday, October 16 @
nice website guyzzzz!!!!!!!!!
keep up the good works!
good luck


BLECHNOCTURNE on Wednesday, October 17 @
My vote goes to: Gintoki (Gintama), Light And L (Death Note), Kamina And Simon (Gurren Lagann), Sai And Shikamaru (Naruto)


noradseven on Wednesday, October 17 @
i have so many votes but i still can't choose, ahhh so far i have
The best of the new charaters is kanima from tengen toppa if he does not get in the top five its obviously rigged.


2303am on Wednesday, October 17 @
My votes goes to an athletic type person but turn out to be almost god level otaku...Konata-chan!!!from Lucky Star


Tezumi on Thursday, October 18 @
Tsukasa Niishino


Haruhi-chan on Thursday, October 18 @
I vote for :

Light (death note)
L (death note)
Konota (Lucky star)


Dricka on Thursday, October 18 @
Konata (Lucky Star)
Kagami (Lucky Star)
Suzumiya Haruhi (Suzumiya Haruhi ni yuutsu)
Tenma (School Rumble)
Sosuke Sagara (Fumoffu)
Claire (Red Garden)


garii on Thursday, October 18 @
wow... konata's fans are really in to this...


ev3ry on Thursday, October 18 @
Orochimaru - Naruto
Boota - Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagamn
Mello - Death note

Waiting for boota!


jajajajaja07 on Thursday, October 18 @
My favorites out of the seven I've voted for are Saber, Osaka, and Konata; hope they place (I'm pretty sure Konata will xD)


l2andy on Thursday, October 18 @
Cloud (FFVII AC), Ippo (Hajime no Ippo), Sena (Eyeshield 21), Lacus Clyne (Gundam Seed), "Anyone" (History Strongest Disciple Kenichi) dont know who to choose for this, Koyuki (Beck), and last of all Hisoka (HxH). Hopefully atleast one of these people will make it to the top 100.


Valor on Thursday, October 18 @
Luffy(One piece), Priscilla(Claymore), Kenji(School rumble), Lucy/Nyu(Elfen lied), Ayu(Kanon), Misuzu(air) or Light(Death note)..

Some of these must win!:D


Blissbee on Thursday, October 18 @
Balsa (Seirei no Moribito) has to be on my list!! But it's gonna be difficult to choose only 6 O_O!
And there are those characters from older anime's who'll probally won't win since most of the voters will vote for characters from anime's more recent.


Kumo on Thursday, October 18 @
I'm not quite sure is this the right place to ask, but if one of the admins/modes doesn't mind, I would like to know which animes are those characters from in the banner to this site(in the main page).

Thanks before hand!


Kumo on Thursday, October 18 @
I'm not quite sure is this the right place to ask, but if one of the admins/modes doesn't mind, I would like to know which animes are those characters from in the banner to this site(in the main page).

Thanks before hand!


senix on Thursday, October 18 @
My votes goes to Kazuma, Lelouch, Gon( don't forget bout hunter x hunter =( ), hayate


archknight on Thursday, October 18 @
Bump for Kotonoha!!! FTW
the skill of an assassin XD
if u havn't seen school day watch it now!!


yumiche on Friday, October 19 @
Konata (Lucky Star)
Haruhi (Suzumiya Haruhi ni yuutsu)
Clair (Claymore)
Luffy (one piece)
Shana (Shakugan no shana)
Mai (Ghost hunt)
Lina (Slayers)


Himitsu on Friday, October 19 @
In the main page banner from left to right:
Shia & Misha (Pita-ten)
Kaoru (Rurouni Kenshin)
Rinrin (Sister Princess)
Sara (Angel Sanctuary)

But in the image of THIS page, the characters are:
Naota & Eri (FLCL)
Haruhi x2 (Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi)
Lelouche (Code Geass)


Kumo on Friday, October 19 @
Thanks for allways friendly staff!


mirobo on Friday, October 19 @
Without a doubt! The coolest r as follow:
1) Hisoko, Hunter X Hunter
2) Yojiro, Grappler Baki
3) Takamura, Hajime No Ippo
If u see anyone similar to these guys.. gief me a msg.. sayonara!


Rikimaru_shadow on Friday, October 19 @
my vote for spike^^


austinsanity on Friday, October 19 @
i'm surprised ryoko from the tenchi ovas/universe didn't make it onto last year's list. in fact, she wasn't even a runner-up. she's got my vote.


KingBloodofHell on Friday, October 19 @
I am voting for Tsukasa Niishino all the way!!!! she's a HOTTIE hehe


KingBloodofHell on Friday, October 19 @
i say Kotonoha Katsura is my second vote she looks so innocent in that picture hehe i love her hair color


o0James0o on Saturday, October 20 @
simon from tengen toppa gurren lagann
san from seto no hanayome
satsuki from ichigo 100%
c.c. from code geass
amber from darker than black
momoko from sumomomo momomo
and mutsu yakumo from shura no toki


LeTensai on Saturday, October 20 @
Alucard - Hellsing
HaruHara Haruko - FLCL
Onizuka Eikichi - GTO
Zoldeyak Killua - Hunter X Hunter
Spiegel Spike - Comboy Bebop
Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivruski IV - Cowboy Bebop
Izumi Konata - Lucky Star

Sorry for those who didnt make the list

Seiing Kenshin as number 1 again would be pretty nice even if hes not one of my favorite character it just fun to see that people dont forget all of the classics ( I do realise that every character in my list are pretty recent ^^)


o0James0o on Saturday, October 20 @
btw whats the studd info section?... cant find it ..... would b better if u add screen shots...


austinsanity on Saturday, October 20 @
hey james, just look under the anime tab, go to database, find your anime, and on the page you'll see a section with characters. click on the link in that box and make your pick.


sukebesama on Saturday, October 20 @
I vote for Lelouch. He's such a gentle, kind, and caring soul.


Durante on Saturday, October 20 @
What would happen if a vote for sousoke and gauron from FMP, and for chidori and Tessa in Fumoffu? Nahh, I just like Gauron. Looks like Konata is coming from behind to annhilate the always popular characters. Go Konata !!!! (Although I won't vote for you)
Just kidding, you know I love you.


Minyunyi on Tuesday, October 23 @
I Love "Love Hina,Zoids Genesis,Pokemon And Galaxy Angel heheheheheheheheheh


risingstar3110 on Tuesday, October 23 @
A question: i believed that i voted for several characters already ( last time i remember i only have 3 votes). But after vote for Hinagiku-san, the notice tell me that is still have another 6 votes 0_o

Should i vote for every1 over again?


iroppoi on Wednesday, October 24 @
yay!!! another anime character vote!!! dont wana see haruhi win again -_-


iroppoi on Wednesday, October 24 @
yay!!! another anime character vote!!! dont wana see haruhi win again -_-


Happy_Dojo on Thursday, October 25 @
I'm going to put my cross next to spike, GO THE UNDERDOG!!!!


knight114 on Thursday, October 25 @
first time here. I hope Tsukasa Niishino win. she my favorite anime character:)


knight114 on Thursday, October 25 @
P.S. oh does anyone know the character Herro Yuu?


phoenix_x on Thursday, October 25 @
Sailor Neptune because she quite yet strong. Second she refine sophicated the true definition of a lady.
Finaly she has all the basics an anime character has the pure heart est.


phoenix_x on Thursday, October 25 @
Deedlit an oldy but a classic, a perfect girl hot funny strong loyal faithfull


sinclair13 on Friday, October 26 @
it would be hibiki tokai(vandread),haru glory(rave),kaede rukawa(slamdunk),terry bogard(fatal fury),son goku(gensomaden saiyuki),train heartnet(black cat),archer(fate stay night) and toramizu ginta(MAR)


punisher40k on Saturday, October 27 @


austinsanity on Sunday, October 28 @
konata's great, but i can convince just about any girl to play video games. it just takes the right method of friendly persuasion...
i still think ryoko [from the tenchi series] should get some votes. sure, tenchi muyo is harem anime and there may be some animosity towards it because of stuff like OVA 3 and GXP, but you can't blame an individual character for the anime's age or the reckless attempts at trying to continue it. ryoko is one of the coolest anime girls of all time.


Hinanee on Sunday, October 28 @
I hope L wins :)


demoneyes09 on Sunday, October 28 @
Theres a lot of cool new characters. i hope Light, Kenichi, Luffy or Ichigo wins


chaosteen on Monday, October 29 @
im voting for light in death note LIGHT FOR THE WIN i just like the way he handles everything


demonkiller24 on Monday, October 29 @
Konata just rocks our world~ The sole gal hu really understand the mind going arnd in man haha =3
But even if konata cant make it to the top, those fans out there will still be having the hots for her =D


demonkiller24 on Monday, October 29 @
For those ppl hu actually voted 7/5 times and recif a msg saying u still haf 6/4 votes left, i think is just the problem wif the backend. So be honest, if u voted 7/5 times, just leave it. Well the admins might just get u off the voting system if u spam ur votes haha =x


Xess on Monday, October 29 @
Go Saber!!


risingstar3110 on Tuesday, October 30 @
Atm, it's still kind of hard to predict the result.

But if this is a "most hateful character poll" then i know who will likely get first place ^_^


Elitje on Wednesday, October 31 @
L or Tamaki For The Win


Objectivist on Thursday, November 01 @
When do the polls close and the results get posted? And My Picks were...:

1.Harruhara Haruko (FLCL)
2.Nandaba Naota (FLCL)
3.Justy Urik Tylor (Irresponsible Captain Tylor)
4.Myu/Lucy (Efen Lied)
5.Menchi (Excel Saga)
6.Mikirun (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)
7.Jubei (Ninja Scroll)


smfqlc0102 on Thursday, November 01 @
1. Konata Izumi
2. Suzumiya Haruhi
3. Nagato Yuki
4. Tsukasa Hiiragi
5. Shana (Shakugan no Shana)
6. Amane Misa
7. Yagami Light
8. L (Ryuzaki) (Death Note)
9. Hayate (Hayate no Gotoku)
10. Maria (Hayate no Gotoku)


Rsnait7 on Thursday, November 01 @
My votes were:

1. Yagami Light (Death Note)
2. L (Death Note)
3. Eri Sawachika (School Rumble)
4. Simon (Tengen Toppa Gurren-Laggan)
5. Nia (Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann)
6. Lelouch Lamperouge (Code Geass)
7. C.C (Code Geass)


AnimeFun4321 on Friday, November 02 @
1. Nagato Yuki
2. Saber
3. Lelouch lamperouge
4. Shana
5. Sephiroth
6. Cloud
7. Aono Morimiya (sola)


suujung on Monday, November 05 @
1. Ayu (Kanon)
2. Makoto (Kanon)
3. Misuzu (Air)
4. Louise (Zero no Tsukaima)
5. Guts (Berserk)
6. Shana (Shakugan no Shana)
7. Eureka (Eureka 7)


rebeto on Monday, November 05 @
1. San-chan (Seto no Hanayome)
2. Shana (Shakugan no Shana I & II)
3. Age (Heroic Age)
8. Kannagi Kazuma (Kaze no Stigma)
5. Haruhi Suzumiya (Haruhi Suzumiya)
6. Hayate (Hayate no Gotoku)
7. Takaki (Protagonist of the movie 5 centimeters per second)

And that's it.


rebeto on Tuesday, November 06 @
Eh... i forgot the reasons... here they are:

1. San-chan (Seto no Hanayome)
Because she's the best character in the comedy series... she's so hilarous, so in chibi mode and in chivalry mode hahaha.

2. Shana (Shakugan no Shana I & II)
Her personallity: Shy. I like girls who are shy, they are so lovely.

3. Age (Heroic Age)
Finally a guy light hearted with a straight forward goal. He's so cool.

4. Kannagi Kazuma (Kaze no Stigma)
Cold as ice, but powerful somehow. The contractor of the wind, the masterpiece of the series.

5. Haruhi Suzumiya (Haruhi Suzumiya)
This is from 2006.. but, she's so weird that needs a mention again.

6. Hayate (Hayate no Gotoku)
Loyal to her majesty, he's very kind. I guess he has a vote for his sincerity.

7. Takaki (Protagonist of the movie 5 centimeters per second)
I love this movie. The 1st person narration and the plot... they are so in touch, Takaki is somehow the main event from this and he gains lots of points through it.

That's it, sorry for the double post ;P


kimsen on Tuesday, November 06 @
1. I would say Mitsuki from Full Moon wa Sagashite.
Becouse see got right in to my harth both her saidness and happieness:) The most touching anime ever^^

2. Revy from Black Lagoon
Beacouse og the attitude:P

3. Lee from Naruto
Becouse how he behave in every singel way:)

4. Shana from Shakugan no Shana
I think its how she "grows up" during the serie from being some one that dont know any thing about feelings and so on to actially fall in love:)

5. Sakai Yuji from Shakugan no Shana
Of his kindness

6. Renji from Ef a tale of memories
I havent seen the hole serie yet but he impress how he is able to handal all the things with Chihiro^^

7. Age from Heroic Age
His personality its amasing how boy that are so stupid can be so wise at the same time^^


qudus on Tuesday, November 06 @
no she's mine


Maleus on Tuesday, November 06 @
If this poll have to find the most favorite anime character, I think that 1 voice per person would be enough :> Trigun- Vash The Stampede :D


Alone1sAgain on Tuesday, November 06 @
I believe at this rate Shana and Konata are getting the most votes, but that's my opinion.

*Shana (Shakugan no Shana)
*Konata (Lucky Star)
*Rin (Kodomo no Jikan)...
*Trunks (Dragonball Z)...
*Tsuruya (Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)
*Soi Fon (Bleach)

And my favorite anime character from my favorite series, though the ending pretty much demolished it for all fans...

*Mahoro Ando (Mahoro-Matic: Automatic Maiden)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


azairru on Wednesday, November 07 @
i'll vote for..

nyuu/lucy of elfen lied she's so kawaii i like her two personalities
nishino of ichigo 100% kawaii too
claire of claymore..she's so cool..
saber of fate stay night..beautiful yet cool
saya otonashi of blood+ cute too and cool..


Aseeker on Thursday, November 08 @
Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece

Kamina from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Kenshin Himura from Rurouni Kenshin/SamuraiX

Yuko Ichihara from Xxxholic TV

Lelouch Lamperouge from Code Geass

Yoichi Hiruma from Eyeshield 21

Teresa of the Faint Smile from Claymore


cheekychristy on Friday, November 09 @
I vote for Kotonoha Katsura from school days. Even though the ending was a little gross but I really feel sorry for her, she forgive the boy everytime he cheated on her. When finally the boy achually start being nice to her, that bitch killed him! I think shes the victim all along!


AnimeGirl101 on Friday, November 09 @
I must say this is a very hard choice.............
well i cant choose so just look at this order pllz...............
1.Kotonoha katsura(school days)
2.Spike(cow boy bebop)
3.Revy(black lagoon)
4.The lucky star girls If u have a prob with these chioces i made well oh well so my
5.Tweedledee(kiddy grade) choice was kotonoha katsura from school dayz!!!!
6.Saito hiraga(zero no tsukaima)
7.Haruka Amami(IDolM@aster Xenoglossa)
8.Yuki nagato(The Melancholy of haruhi Suaumiya)


AnimeGirl101 on Friday, November 09 @


AnimeGirl101 on Saturday, November 10 @
This reply is 2 let u know that the reply above this one is a reply 2 comment #1!!!!!!!


dragonlorder on Saturday, November 10 @
1.Lucy(Elfen Lied)
2.Johan Liebert (Monster)
3.Ayu (Kanon 06)
4.Saber(Fate stay night)
5.Yuki Nagato (Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu)
6.Rena (Higurashi no naku koro ni)
7.Konata (Lucky Star)


Maurox on Saturday, November 10 @
Damn I wish i've watched Code Geass earlier... Cause i lost a possible vote on Lulu :/

From what i remember there was (i voted almost exactly after poll started):
(Come on, do i really need to say why? XD )
-Light from Death Note
-Kyoya from Ouran High School Host Club
(both mostly for brains and character - and here is where Lelouch' vote comes in... I wanna more votes T_T)
-Konata from Lucky Star
(Otaku, ke ke ke...)
-Haruhi from her "Melancholy"
-Sagara Sosuke from FMP

And for the love of me I can't remember the last character... It might've been Onizuka, but won't bet my life on it. Still i think in 99% of the animes there is one character that i think deserves a vote. And since today, with Nodame Cantabile, I closed a pretty 100 Circle of "watched and finished Animes"(with non-watched there is 117+), there is a bit much of them.

Anyway, Let the best win! :) can't wait for results, but i have a gut feeling Konata will be pretty high if not first XD


asdqwe on Sunday, November 11 @
Alucard from Hellsing doesn't get any love? C'mon people vote for this guy


Seigram on Monday, November 12 @
i finded my character but there is no yellow link


marian on Tuesday, November 13 @
hey where's the yellow link? I really want my character to win!


idlez on Wednesday, November 14 @
kurosaki ichigo or zaraki kenpachi from bleach must win!
i voted for them =D
they rox xD


ichigo14 on Wednesday, November 14 @
if BLEACHare DEATHNOTE whus on here thay would win


liberty2 on Thursday, August 06 @
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sonny101 on Wednesday, May 04 @
Nishino Tsukasa

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