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Why some anime fans are RETARDS
Posted on Tuesday, July 20th 2004 by kaiser

Well I like to do a bit of surfing and read stuff posted in forums and I am appalled at the amount of people who think is it in their god given right to watch anime. Newsflash to those of you living in lala land, no one cares if you can or can not watch anime!

Now before everyone denounces me for being a corporate pig, let me remind you guys I am a big supporter of fansubs and we used to even do a bit of fansubbing here. I also cannot stand people who denounce fansubs and try to suppress fansubbing. I rather see companies and fansubbers worker closer together instead of prosecuting each other.

But some of you anime fans make it VERY hard for anime companies to justify working closer to fansubbers. I’ve seen numerous posts by various individuals who really need to give their head a shake. Individuals who believe they have the right to download anime as they please. Individuals who believe large companies like ADV are out to get them. Individuals who post bullshit like this:
Or this:
Or even this:

(Rest of article in Read More)

Now, I have to admit that I enjoyed while it was up. Boxtorrents had lots of licensed anime on there and it was only natural that companies like ADV would ask them to remove all the offending licensed anime. I accept that, I watched a few series that I wouldn’t have otherwise and now have more anime that I feel is worthy purchase. What I did not do was whine or bitch at ADV unlike so many other anime ‘fans’. ADV and other companies who hold licensed anime are WELL within their rights to request removal of licensed material. No amount of excuses can deny this fact or their rights; it is the law plain and simple. Setting up stunts like trying to boycott a company just makes you look immature, stupid and ignorant.

Some major excuses used by people to validate their actions:

1) They get to watch anime free in Japan, we should too!

WRONG. Anime is not free in Japan, every month a guy comes to collect on all that anime you watched on TV for ‘free’. No different from people in North America subscribing to The Anime Network.

2) Anime is cheaper in Japan, I want cheap anime too.

Again this is some kind of urban legend. Anime is actually much more expensive than in North America. Speck (our staff member who lives in Japan) gave some examples: One Last Exile DVD in North American costs 30 USD, Last Exile DVD in Japan cost ¥6,090 (roughly 55.33 USD ). There are rumours of a new customs tax in Japan to prevent JAPANESE anime fans from importing cheaper North American DVDs.

3) But they only put 3 or 4 episodes per DVD, they can put more!

The amount of episodes per DVD is often linked with licensing agreements (because they don’t want Japanese fans to start importing cheaper North American DVDs) Examples (again from Specky in Japan):
Last Exile set in North America is 7 DVDs @ $30 per DVD = $210 USD
Last Exile set in Japan is 13 DVDs @ $55 per DVD = $715 USD
For Azumanga Daioh!
North American anticipated ADV price: $180 USD approx
Japanese release price: $318 USD

Not only are our DVDs cheaper, but we getting 3 or 4 episodes per DVD compared to 2 episodes for Japan.

4) But the anime industry is a monopoly! I can only buy DVDs from “fill in the blank”.

False in that all companies can bid to license a particular series, if you have a couple million to spend you could own the license to an anime series (and give it away as fansubs if you so pleased).

When someone creates an anime series, they already have full rights to it (if you consider that to be a monopoly). It only makes sense that whoever created it, also owns it. This is like complaining that “I can only watch and buy Spiderman from Sony!” when Sony produced the movie under license from Marvel Comics/Stan Lee or whoever owns the Spiderman franchise.

5) I’m poor; I can’t afford to buy anime.

Good for you, many people in this world are poor too. Anime is a hobby and a pretty expensive hobby at the moment. But with hobbies, you support it with your cash and time. If you don't have cash it doesn't mean you should go out and steal stuff for your hobby and no where does it ever say you are entitled the 'right' to a hobby such as anime.

6) We have the right under first amendment, blah blah blah…

No you don’t. Fansubs are illegal but allowed by most companies because they understand it generates interest for anime. Companies ask that distribution stops after licensing. A fair trade off don’t you think considering they *could* prosecute all fansubbers if they wished.

7) Downloading stuff doesn't hurt the industry, it supports it, go read that report!

Again everyone likes to take the first thing they see that supports their side as the full truth. We all know that there's always two sides to an argument. Many of you people might have been referring to the Harvard Study that claims downloading music has no effect on music sales. Of course there's also the Unversity of Texas Study that just shows the opposite. The issue depends on who you hear it from.
ADV producer David Williams had this to say when we interviewed him. "I think it [fansubbing] can both hurt and help the industry. It can help the industry in some ways because it can help build awareness of the titles. It can also hurt the industry. I have a classic example that I’ve used quite often. We had a show that was fansubbed very heavily for the first part of the show but the last part wasn’t. When that show was released in stores, the sales on the first part of that show were really low and the sales on the part that was not fansubbed, were really high. That’s backwards from the way a normal sale works out. It normally starts out really high and then gets lower on the later volumes. So there’s an example of where we can see that a lot of people that have seen the fansubs didn’t buy the first part of it but they went out and bought the last part of it because it hasn’t been fansubbed."

Those are some of the more commonly used excuses for downloading anime. Now I download anime as well, but one thing I’m not going to do is raise a big stink when a company licenses anime and asks fansubbers or websites to stop distribution.

Regarding the article ( from boycott RIAA, boxtorrents was contacted by ADV to remove the torrents. It was the decision of the hosting company to terminate boxtorrents probably due to breaking their AUP and TOS. This I might add is well within the right of the hosting company to do so. It is also well within the rights of ADV to ask for removal of their materials, if ADV really wanted to be an ass, they would bring boxtorrents to court and cause major problems for the people who run that site. Sheesh, ADV does a good will gesture and gets all this flaming, you anime ‘fans’ make me sick.

Now all of you go and enjoy this privilege that the anime industry has given us and go download anime! What other industry has a neutral stance on online distribution and does not actively prosecute people for it? Just don't whine or bitch about it when shows get licensed, it is a privilege after all. is currently back online now, feel free to leave comments (you don't need to have an account to post).

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macerboy on Tuesday, July 20 @
That inspired me to go out and buy meself some anime!.. well actually I was planning on doing that before I read this but bleh. Good job on speaking up kaiser I know there are lots of fans out there who complain unrightfully(including myself) Hopefully this will help a few see the light ;) or maybe we can see you get flamed! And that's always fun


Anonymous on Tuesday, July 20 @
Holy shit, the people in these links are such jackholes. I download fansubs of new series as much as anybody, but I tend to actually buy shit. All that bitching about how expensive anime is a sign that people just don't care or aren't paying attention - is selling Escaflowne DVDs for EIGHTS BUCK APIECE.

The amount of the greed rationalization goin' on there is pretty staggering.


Anonymous on Tuesday, July 20 @
i so agree to this article, the only anime i download is new ones or ones that hasn't been licensed yet by any company....and yes i buy anime and for those ppl who complain about buying anime...get a job!!! So you can stop your complaining and get the anime you want!


tiagocc0 on Wednesday, July 21 @
I download anime for free, I know that I should buy it properly, but I don't, as long as I have the opportunity to watch anime, I will do so because I like it very much, I know I'm just making excuses, but I'm not going to complain about it, I dont have the right, and I am fully agree with you on that, Kaiser.


eiXo on Wednesday, July 21 @
LoL, i disagree to most of it. Although its wrong to basically steal this shitz. The second link is hillrious. but i totally agree with the first link. I now hate ADV. The anime subbed in english are mostly shit. It doesnt even translate properly and the voice actors totally suck. Everything is better when its left in jpnese and having subtitles. ex. Yugioh (i dont watch it. its gay.) i downloaded 1 ep in raw and its like 9999999x better in jpn. I had some more to post but im not exactly brilliant so i forgot =(


Anonymous on Wednesday, July 21 @
I think Kai hit the spot with that..i myself have never complained about licensed animes.. but i have also never seen anyone flame bout licensed animes.. whenever i came across it.. i just didnt care... lol anime is not my whole world and it shouldnt be anyone else's... get a life.. this is just something to keep you entertained and as Kai said.. kept as a hobby.. go Kai! =]


Fryguy on Wednesday, July 21 @
think that what they do is correct and fully agreable. the thing is as I understand it in the boxtorrents affair they did'nt message the owners but the company that had them hosted and that is abit wrong from my point.


Kaiser on Wednesday, July 21 @
Point 7 has been added to the article since I just saw this argument running around forums now.


Terru on Wednesday, July 21 @
i wish i could do the same but an imported dvd for me cost bout 80 bucks sgd for a cd. burns a huge hole in my monthly allowance.. for now i am only able to get 80 bucks worth of anime per mth as the shop i go rips me off totally and is the only place with proper commercial sub products.

how i wish adv film would have a branch in singapore along with the other brands it would make my life more easier


kanako on Wednesday, July 21 @
I know what you mean. Some people can be really annoying about these things. I admit I myself I download anime but I don't mess with those that are licensed. I'm amazed at why people are complaining about the cost of anime. There are plenty online you can buy at very cheap prices. And since there is such a huge fan base for anime, I'm sure these companies will eventually lower thier prices so that more people can afford them. Why would they not if they want a lot of people to buy their stuff.


Kaiser on Wednesday, July 21 @
Just for clarification, the point of this article isn't to tell people to buy anime DVDs. Its just aimed at those people who download anime and make up excuses justifying their right to download.

I have no qualms about download anime, I support fansubs like I said in the article. But please don't bitch at companies for licensing anime or making up stupid excuses on why you have the right to download anime because you don't. Its a fact, plain and simple in this country or others, and international law.


Bedlam66 on Thursday, July 22 @
Well most people are idiots. It's sad I know but that's just the way it is. I always buy the stuff I like when it comes out anyway so this doesn't really bother me Sure it sucks when a series gets picked up in the middle and you can't finsh but tough shit.


Uzumaki_naruto on Thursday, July 22 @
Well, I totally agree to this post and I have no concern for the price of original DVD as well. Why don't you guys buy the NTSC version of the DVD? I'm not sure if I can find it here in NY, but my friends sometimes send me DVD from Australia, the NTSC or all region version, it got japanesse voice with english subtitle and it only cost me $ 14 AUD per cd which means about $9 here and usually 1-26 episodes anime bundled in 3 DVD's.
3x9=$27 bucks, which means it is cheaper than the price Kaiser listed here. I agree too that english voice acting are crap.


Anonymous on Thursday, July 22 @ question, is there proof that the people who complain, actually effect prices of anime or have some other degrading effect on the anime community?
If not, then theres no real basis for making this argument that "people shouldn't complain for shit they get free."

Also, lets get real, you can't stop people from sayng what they're going to say. They're merely expressing their opinions...and this article is ridiculously judgemental for calling them 'RETARDS' and ironically presenting only a one sided argument about why people shouldn't compain about free anime. I mean lets get our hands wet and talk about 'why people should complain about free anime' - Now THAT would be an interesting article.


Anonymous on Thursday, July 22 @
Let me get this straight: it's all cool and peachy to make fansubs, and you support that totally, but if you download it, then wham, you are lower than scum?

Downloading anime is not a criminal offense. The wording is blurry, but that is how it stands, at the moment. IF the corporations want to take up on it, then they go through the court system, blow their money on an expensive lawsuit, and make it a civil offense to download, meaning that people who do get fined (think RIAA).

They chose not to do that. It is very difficult - and not very cost effective - to sue a large group of anonymous users.

They COULD. Try, I mean. But they chose not to. And so long as there is no case law prohibiting the download of fansubs, then it is completely legal to download them.

I find no guilt in performing a legal act. And I shall continue to do so, and continue to encourage others to do so.

Yes, it's all just to spite you.

Or, in simpler terms: take your self-righteous fury and shove it where the sun don't shine.


Anonymous on Thursday, July 22 @
The freedom to perform an act not deemed illegal? You're damn right I consider that my god-given right.


Anonymous on Thursday, July 22 @
THANK YOU! Someone agrees with me! Here's something I posted on the narutotalk forums from the point of view as a Suncoast employee

"Hopefully the server isn't anywhere in the US! heh Still A LOT of liscensed dubbed anime all over the place. You can't blame ADV, unliscensed anime is still illegal, and liscensed is really drawing the line. (I mean in terms of actual ADV dubs and subs are on the site) Anime DVDs are expensive because they're a minority in the marketplace.

At Suncoast where I work you can buy the first season of Family Guy for $40, but can only buy an anime DVD with 4 episodes for $30 (new releases 19.99), there's a reason for it. The Family Guy season boxsets are so cheap because there's a huge market for them, and thousands are sold. Every day I work at Suncoast, I normally work 5 hour shifts a few days a week, usually 8 hours on Saturdays and Sundays, our most active hours. This past Saturday I sold about 1-2 tv boxsets an hour, and roughly 15-30 regular movie DVDs every other hour. It's not unusual at all to see people buy an armload of regular movies at $9.99-19.99 a pop. In my 8 hours on Saturday, we sold the Wolf's Rain first volume boxset. That's it. 1 DVD. We probably only sold it because I highly recommended it to a couple that liked it on Adult Swim. On a regular workday we sell about 0-2 anime DVDs from the time we open to the time we close.

Anime DVDs wouldn't be so expensive if more people would buy them. I myself downloaded a lot of anime my freshman year at college because the dorms didn't allow cars, thus no job. But now that I have a job I intend on buying anime as much as possible. ADV did not crack down on boxtorrents to be mean, they did it because it has been proven that anime that's easily available online significantly cuts down their sales. They're not greedy rich people, they're realistic.

Downloading anime isn't like downloading MP3's. There's a huge market for music. Anime as a whole is still largely ignored. The less people that buy anime, the more expensive it becomes. The less people that buy anime the smaller the anime industry becomes, less titles are brought over here, the less people get into anime, thus less fansubbing groups because the possible fansubbers never got to get into anime into anime in the first place.

ADV cracked down on boxtorrents because they had LISCENSED series and to add insult to injury, these series were copies of official ADV products. Believe me I know, that's how I got all of Rahxephon, it's the official dubbed release, I downloaded it from boxtorrents. (so no I'm not all innocent, I believe in downloading only if you have no way of getting a job or any money, when I was in the dorms I was in the middle of downtown with no car, the closest place I could work was a mile away, I'm a girl I'm not going to walk a mile in the dark in downtown Columbus)

So yeah I think I've went on and on enough, in the long run, people need to try to pay for anime whenever possible or the anime industry as a whole will be nonexistant. If at all possible work at Suncoast like me and you too can get 35% off anime DVDs and 40% off manga. ADV aren't the bad guys, they've actually employed a number of fansubbers. The money they make goes towards purchasing future liscenses and getting the anime network to your house."


Anonymous on Thursday, July 22 @
How's about you check yo'self before you rigetty, riggety, wreck yo'self my brotha?

He never said that he's against people downloading anime. What he's opposed to is that people feel as though they have a legal or moral obligation to be able to get anime for free and that they somehow feel violated when a company licenses said material and then requests removal of it in what is now an illegal format. Hell, A-S has done fansubbing before... we like it. What we don't like are people bitching about how "unfair" and "immoral" the licensing companies are being.

Coincidentally, legal precedence is not needed to make an act illegal if it is already outlined with legislation. Foreign products, when licensed within the US, become products of the licensing company... thus, they have all rights to that property, under the contract of the license, within the US.


Anonymous on Thursday, July 22 @
I quote from the article:

[...]No you don’t. Fansubs are illegal but allowed by most companies because they understand it generates interest for anime.

[...]Those are some of the more commonly used excuses for downloading anime.

[...]Anime is a hobby and a pretty expensive hobby at the moment. But with hobbies, you support it with your cash and time. If you don't have cash it doesn't mean you should go out and steal stuff for your hobby and no where does it ever say you are entitled the 'right' to a hobby such as anime.

The author, intentionally or no, spent a large part of the article discussing why it is wrong to download anime and watch it for free. This riles me greatly. Particularly the third quote.


Anonymous on Thursday, July 22 @
Of course, what angers me the most is the title. It suggests the kind of genetic flaws that should have been weeded out by evolution back when we were bashing things with large sticks.


Anonymous on Thursday, July 22 @
On that aspect I do agree with you... the article is definitely more violent than it needs to be. If there's one lesson to be learned from the above article, it's:

"Don't write angry kids."

Some of the writing does lack a certain context that I'm sure was unintenional, or at least I'm interpreting it as such. He's definitely leaving out some very important words, like "commercially licensed" etc, etc...


Anonymous on Thursday, July 22 @
Granted - the ability to download anime is not a right. But nor is it a privilege granted by the benevolent hands of ADV. It is downloadable when unlicenced because it is legally grey territory. ADV has no say in it, except for what they own by licencing. Understand this: there is certainly no need to feel pathetically grateful.


Anonymous on Thursday, July 22 @
I agree with, but what I don't like is that most of the company don't export to Europe so it's a little hard for me to get the series I want. Or you need a credit card to buy them. I'm to young for that. It should be possible to do it by paycheck up front or so. For example ADV doesn't distribute in Europe. And they have enough series I would like to have............

That is why I have some Licensed Anime.


Anonymous on Thursday, July 22 @
Make no excuses. I have anime on my hard drive. Both licenced and unlicenced.

I plan to get more in the future.

The only practical difference is that licenced anime is harder to find.

A slightly philosophical question: If a law is passed but never followed and never enforced, does anyone care?


Kaiser on Thursday, July 22 @

"Let me get this straight: it's all cool and peachy to make fansubs, and you support that totally, but if you download it, then wham, you are lower than scum?

Downloading anime is not a criminal offense. The wording is blurry, but that is how it stands, at the moment. IF the corporations want to take up on it, then they go through the court system, blow their money on an expensive lawsuit, and make it a civil offense to download, meaning that people who do get fined (think RIAA)."

I never said that, read the article again. I said I download anime as well, but I don't throw a fit and start organizing a boycott of anime companies when they start licensing anime I was watching.

Hell I watch licensed anime still (think FMA), the point is people trying find excuses to justify their right to download anime. You don't have the right, its held by the Japanese studio that created that anime and last I heard no fansubber ever got permission to copy and distribute the studio's intellectual property. Be glad the studios tolerate this is what I'm saying.

Downloading anime is not under criminal law, correct. Its under tort law, but its still illegal and so whats your point? I don't think I ever said it was a criminal offense to download anime.

Downloading anime is illegal if you live in a country that signed the Berne Convention, I'm sure many people have heard of this. Most of the western industrialized countries have signed the convention making copyrighted works protected in all member nations.

It is only considered grey because Japanese anime studios seem to be neutral to fansubs. I stand by my point, be glad we can download anime for free.

And sorry if the tone of the editorial offends you. I was pretty pissed when I wrote it seeing people trying to organize boycotts just because they can't download licensed anime.


Kaiser on Thursday, July 22 @
Make no excuses. I have anime on my hard drive. Both licenced and unlicenced.

I plan to get more in the future.

The only practical difference is that licenced anime is harder to find.

A slightly philosophical question: If a law is passed but never followed and never enforced, does anyone care?


Great for you, I have licensed anime too.

Do you bitch about anime companies when they licensed stuff or start organizing boycotts?


Then this article doesn't have anything to do with you.

The points I made in the article are in response to the arguments I see other people use online. I am merely countering their arguments. I am not telling people to go out and buy anime.


Anonymous on Thursday, July 22 @
The reason there is a boycott, far as I know, is a matter of due process. ADV believed Boxtorrent had illegal material, so they contacted Boxtorrent's ISP, and the ISP took down Boxtorrent's account. This happened without a trial, without a court order, without due process. A clear violation of the constitution. Whether or not Boxtorrent had licenced material at that point is unimportant: the fifth amendment much more so.

Downloading of anime comes under tort law, Meaning that to have the offender punished, the company cannot have the state foot the bill, as in the case of criminal law. They have to go through the very expensive legal process themselves. Japanese studios loathe doing this, in another country, no less - and this is why they do not. It is simply not cost effective. As I said: not a matter of benevolence.

The Berne Convention does not automatically become law on signature. It needs to be interpreted and adapted into the legal system. The short story: it is messy. By which I mean expensive. And that is why we have a grey area.

Licencing places an anime onto firmer ground legally. There are still great technical difficulties in going for the individual offender: anonymity, costs, bad PR. RIAA is copping it bad right now. This is why ADV goes for the 'valuable targets': websites like Boxtorrent.

They have no legal ground against Box, though. Boxtorrent hosts the torrents, the pointers-to-files, not the files themselves. They are protected under DCMA as an ISP. (Theoretically: the wording is, again, vague.)

So of course, when there is a chance to side-step the legal system, ADV is happy to do so. And they did. And Box went down.

I shall withhold my gratefulness.

Incidentally: I do not personally use Boxtorrent. 1v1 up/down ratio is a little tight, I feel. But it's the principle of the thing.


Innotech on Thursday, July 22 @
There is this wonderful little thing called a job that Im sure people are familiar with. Yes I know some of you are too young to get a real job, but what about mowing lawns or babysitting? take $$$ however you can! Earn your anime!

Now, Im in college still, but I managed to get a part time job that allows me the freedom to purchase 6-8 anime dvds a month. I still like to price compare however, and oftentimes I end up paying 1/2 to 2/3 the msrp on a disc, just from smart shopping.

Im not going to lie, I do have a few anime series on fansub, and I will replace the subs with discs ASAP, but I buy a great majority of what I have seen. The simple fact is, anime is NOT a right, it is a privelege, and you are being VERY lucky to be able to see one of Japans wonderful artistic cultural creations as often as you guys do, because thanks to globalization, companies can spread the shit everywhere so you can hungrily grab up as much as possible.

In fact, thats the problem. One dvd itself isnt too expensive. 20-25$. a kid with an allowance could afford that easily. its just that the inherent GREED of people (and I wont count myself totally out, as I am human too) leads them to want more and more of something. You cant just stop at one dvd. you must have another...and another...and another. This is what people consider the expensive part. Its not individual pricing, its bulk pricing.

Another major problem lies in the fact that, in todays hyper expensive world, where everyone wants your money, spending so much on anime seems superfluous. after all, you can get an entire season of Family guy for 35$ here in the Us. Anime is not governed by hte same companies and rules that distribute american product. Its an import and will obviously cost more to translate and bring to you from so far away.

To sum it up, anime is not free, it is very expensive relative to other things and I understand that, but to demand to have it for free and complain that it costs way too much when it costs 3 times as much in Japan, well thats your own problem, and getting a decent job and some responsible spending will both help solve those problems and allow you to enjoy more anime.

Dont think I am completely content, as I still plan to buy more anime, bu I make do with what I can afford. Id say Ive spend in excess of $2000 on anime in 1 years time. In fact, the only reason I have only been in this collecting since last year, is because I could not afford anime with my previous little job and thus made do without. For most of you, being patient and working hard will allow you plenty of catch-up time later on in life to buy anything and everything you wish to see. Just be a little patient, work hard, and you shouldnt have any problem seeing what you wish to see eventually. Also, keep in mind that your friends are hte best resources you can get. why not buy a series between a few of you and share it?


Anonymous on Friday, July 23 @
Just out of curiosity, how could fansubbers and companies work closer together?


Kaiser on Friday, July 23 @
Regarding 'due process' about getting shut down guys. Everyone who gets hosting agrees to TOS (Terms of Service) and AUP (Acceptable Usage Policy).

I don't know what really happened, but this was posted on the boxtorrents website for a couple weeks:

"And a Little note to the boycott-riaa guy ( your an idiot. ADV did contact the site owner, they did not demand that the host take us down. no subpoena's were waved"

and this

"And a Little note to the boycott-riaa guy ( your wrong (i appologise for earlier comment). ADV did contact the site owner, they did not demand that the host take us down. I do dislike this company now after a certain member decided to name me publically after i'd spoken to him via email and agreed to their conditions. and apparently THAT was illegal too
anyways please ignore what was wrote in that article as its not true and im sick of answering these rumours that have came from the article.

So going by what Box says (if its true or not) it seems ADV informed both the owner and host. The host probably made a decision to drop boxtorrents for breaking TOS/AUP.

And it doesn't have to be a company to report you to your host. Hosting companies usually look at all complaints received no matter who they are from. If the website is breaking their TOS/AUP, it goes down.


Anonymous on Friday, July 23 @
A wonderful article. I do, however, have one slight suggestion for the wording if you decide to post it elsewhere. You note that fansubbing is "allowed" by most companies because they understand that it generates interest. It would probably be better to use the word "tolerated" rather than allowed, as this word has connotations that the companies don't necessarily like it, but put up with it because of the potentially beneficial side effects. This is, of course, true for most companies; they'll put up with it for a little while, but the ball remains theirs and they can (and should) take it and go home whenever they deem it appropriate to do so.

It's a minor nitpick, I know, but it may help to promote understanding. Asking -or even demanding- for fansubs to be taken down violates the First Amendment in no way, shape, or form whatsoever. The companies have every right to do this, and this needs to be understood by more of the community.


Anonymous on Saturday, July 24 @
Good article. Some people seem to think anime just falls out of the sky. If all anime was free, then the companies wouldn't have any money to make it with, therefore, no anime. Gosh, what a great idea some fans have for the industry.


Anonymous on Sunday, July 25 @
I am so glad there are sane people still left on this planet. Thanks for writing this.


MysticTiger on Tuesday, July 27 @
I can see your argument, and I agree with it to a point, but I can see the other side too. Yes, my weird mind allows me to see both side.. I'm probibly gonna get flamed for this. ¬_¬ *AHEM* Anyway.. I believe if we DIDN'T have fansubs, the anime company would loose a TON of money. I think it shouldn't be illegal at all. But, they shouldn't encourage it. For example- I, being in the middle of nowhere and having little access to anime on TV, watch Fansubs constantly.. I now own the whole CardCaptor Sakura Series, the whole Trigun Series, Kalido Star 1 & 2, Dragon Drive 1.. Well, it totals to over 20 DVDs.. Not to mention I also own 8 Video Tapes, and theyre the original subtitled japanese too. I would have NEVER bought any anime if I hadn't I see the fansubs, and that goes for several of my friends too... Well, my point is, that i'm not gonna go running around an throwing a temper tantrum because a site shut down, but I dont think that people should go and complain and tell everyone to get a job, because, really.. You'll be lucky to find a job to pay for all that anime. As my father says: "The technology was always there for them to pubish music on the internet.. If they put it out before napster came out, and charged a dollar they would be millionares.. But, no. They let some joe-blow get a hold of the technology- and now theyre complaining? They just want something to blame for theyre sales being down." I totally agree with this statement, if they sold anime for a cheeper price- like 10$ over the internet, people would buy it.. I know this is a little weird- since the demand isn't as big as music or movies.. But, it still would work. So, they really cant complain. It's done, it promotes theyre product. Some good, some bad. It's not as bad as the RIAA puts it.


Anonymous on Friday, July 30 @
it's interesting that this is the second post i've seen on this topic now betwen two different sites... the other being lunar's website. One of their greatest subbers is quitting after being there from the begging. he's tired of people's crap too. I think we're all taking ourselves a little too seriously here and need to realize that supporting the licensing companies supports anime. If you love it, then don't be a dick about it.

From what i understand, the orginal purpose for fansubbing was to get anime licensed. That's the real, concrete, way to distribute anything. To be licensed means hitting the "big time" for the respective country.


Anonymous on Tuesday, August 03 @
Hey Kaiser, great article!

I have been watching anime for some time now and quite frankly I am very disgusted with some of the attitudes of the retards that you refer to. I believe it would be safe to say that most of these complainers are likely noobs who just don't realize how great they have it today. I have watched anime fandom and ease of access virtually explode over the past 7 years and I remember a time when choices like DVD-R, CD-R, broadband, bittorrent, The AnimeNetwork, thousands upon thousands of DVDs and a big fucking selection of anime DVDs at the local BestBuy just did not exist. We used to have to wait weeks and sometimes even months to get a 1st or 2nd gen fansub on VHS, now fansubbed episodes of recent series like DearS and Samurai 7 are available for download within a few days of their initial broadcast on Japanese TV. Some people complain about prices of the licensed stuff, $25 to $30 for a 2 hour long DVD, but if you account for inflation this stuff has actually gotten A LOT cheaper! Try $50 for a 1 hour long Laserdisc, that is what we were paying back in the 90's! ...And we had to go through mail order to get our anime, there was none of this "Drive down to your local BestBuy, Target, fye or SamGoody and pick up the latest release!" goodness, hell, wait times were much longer before. So if any of you whiny little noobs come along and read this, be very thankful that there are companies like ADV and Bandai licensing and promoting this shit so more of you can know about it and watch it, because there used to be a time when the only two ways to get anime outside of Japan was through imports and fansubs.

I buy a lot of licensed goods these days, but here lately, I have started to get back into fansubs through bittorrent and I am glad to see that there are still some fansub groups out there with the old-school ethics, keep up the great work!


PlasticPutnam on Thursday, August 05 @
I may be mistaken, but I believe the service charge for tv is about $60-120 a year so under 10 bucks a month. More importantly it is for all local tv not just anime. So divide that charge by several channels and yes anime is virtually free in Japan.

Second not paying this insignifcant fee per actual anime watched can be argued is equilivant to watching american tv without the comercials, which are the major source of revenue for "free" american tv.

So if you, your friends, or family download american tv, or video tape it (then fast foward commercials), or use TIVO you steal, just as much as anime downloads. If you have never done these or other activities you probably don't lie either or cheat or have a personality.

Finally, as far as anime being an expensive hobby, please post a solution, ie a list of acceptable fun affordable hobbies for poor people.

PS I could go on forever, but the crucial reason I don't anyone that will lose sleep over distributors losing money.

***The only person who ever said "that Robin Hood's no good" was the sheriff.***


DarkGod on Saturday, August 07 @
The only reason I don't buy many R1 anime DVDs is because they are normally worse quality than the R2s sold in Japan. However, the anime DVDs in Japan ARE damned expensive, thus their price differences are justified. ADV in particular normally has pretty bad anime DVD quality and this is one reason I'm learning the japanese language: so that I can fully support the anime companies by buying their R2 DVDs and so that I can expect the watch the anime at the quality they intended.

Also, slightly off topic, but what about HK DVDs? With their constant increase in quality (for some groups) and their extremely low prices, surely they can be considered as a contendor against legal anime?


Anonymous on Tuesday, August 17 @
good points, a sound argument.

the really, "popular" titles are very quickly licensed and put out for sale. the not-so popular titles are usually not licensed and available on fansubs for a really long time. so either way, the consumer or "anime fans" still win.

really, i would suggest learning Japanese if you're really so into Anime. its a easy language to pick up, compared to other asian languages such as chinese. it will mean that you can pick up raws, usually available earlier than the subbed episodes. ohh, what a joy, even if its only a couple of days.


Loveless on Sunday, September 05 @
I'd like to be selfish, if being selfish means being retarded. I'm a retard. I don't hate anybody, but I like entertainment and if entertaining myself is a sin and illegal. Then I am a sinner and criminal. However, the point was to show that don't whine and bitch to something for a free service. If you have a problem with something free, you're just another one of them. One of what? You tell me.


jongu on Friday, October 15 @
......... oh yeah fansub is great I take it for grant hahahaha pwnt you suck kaiser go buy ADV's lol I'm not bashing you. you can have ur lil ADV and I'll have my fansub: stuff thatz not much different than ur ADV's quality except some america "s.e.i.y.u.u." dub. hhahahahah pwnt. gonna get some animu to eat now latz and you know what?!?!!?!?!?!?! If I really wanna support the anime, I go buy the "expensive" DVD that cost x3 times more that the ADVs which u'r talking about XP


Anonymous on Saturday, October 16 @
People should not be classfied as "retards" just because your personal aversion toward them. It is an offensive way of addressing to people. If you want to persuade them, show some RESPECT first.


Anonymous on Sunday, November 07 @
OK, but here are my problems: 1st of all, when they're aired on TV, i cannot stand the horrible dubs and the americanization (don't know if that's a word, but whatever)
2) It takes forever for the DVD's to come out after an anime is licensed; If you have only a few episodes left in a series and it is licensed and you have to wait years to watch the last few episodes, it is quite aggravating, especially if it left off on a cliffhanger and waiting 1 week was hard enough. Is it wrong to download licensed anime if you later, when DVD's are released, purchase them?


Anonymous on Wednesday, December 01 @
i agree with you. those ppl who complain are gay. it is a privilege to have fansubs. the companies can prosecute all they want for the distribution of licensed material since it is copyright infringement. so ppl should not complain just for the fact that these companies are goodwilled enough not to prosecute.


Anonymous on Sunday, December 12 @
what a dumb ass......


Anonymous on Sunday, December 12 @
I think this poses some very good arguments, and people shouldn't whine about anime being liscensed. It's just that i wish that in the near future anime is more available (such as Pokemon, Yugioh, etc. which is shown on public WB20 channel in the bay area) and liscensed anime arrives in America a lot faster... speaking of which is full metal panic out yet i really liked it!


Anonymous on Thursday, December 23 @
This is just my two cents.

When i see that an anime i've been watching has been licenced i don't go "awww crap, now i can't get this anime for free!" instead, i think to myself "aww crap, now i'll have to wait a full 2 years before it actually comes out here!".

I live in australia and the majority of titles don't come out here until the entire series is completed in the US. Even then it comes out at 1 dvd a month/2months - as i don't earn very much i only like to buy in full box sets and i'm STILL waiting on the FLCL box set to come out.

A good example of this would be escaflowne - the full series has been out in the US for quite awhile now, infact i wanted the series last christmas as i found a nice deal for $160 for the entire series! Then i realised that was for the US only...hobbling down to the city i find out that the FIRST dvd was set to release 3 months (feburary) and i'd have to wait till then.


DonQuixote on Tuesday, March 15 @
All these points are good ones but you forget the most imporant one. The people making this anime are not making it only for your personal enjoyment. It's their job! Now I bet they love their job and enjoy doing it but they still have to make money to feed them and their familes. So by not supporting these artists and viewing their artwork for free you might be dooming the anime industry alltogether. Hence possibly depriving other people or even you current or future children of the joy of anime. So next time you view anime for free consider because you didn't pay for and still saw this episode you might not see the sequel at all!


Anonymous on Monday, March 28 @
I'm too poor too buy anime, and i don't see that it would damage someone that I download it instead of buying it. (I wouldn't have bought it so.)
Maybe it's not my right to do so, but i will do it as long as I can.

I can't see that downloading would be stealing.
At least not when they compare it to go into someones home and take the computer or something. I'm just copying it! They still have their computer.

Just like the music and movie industry, the anime industry must try to use the internet as a way of distributing their material. I dont't want the DVD or lame CD: s! I want to download! If they can make anime accesseble LEGALLY on the internet, I would buy my favorite anime series. But the price must be right. They can't take the same price for a DVD and a digital copy on the internet.

Maybe i missed something because I didn't read the whole article, but anyway.

I'm from sweden, so my english may not be perfect but I hope you can understand.

Ha det gött! // backpacker


Anonymous on Saturday, April 02 @
maybe we should just do whatever we want and not worry about others methods of finding entertainment. Just a suggestion


ying_fa on Tuesday, April 12 @
i must confess that those are, at times, some of the excuses i used to download anime and mangas rather than buy them

but i don't think the fact that people don't buy the animes after they have watched them as fansubbeds is true as i have read a few mangas and watched a few animes in the past and had really like them enough to burned them, but i still support/buy them when i see them in stores but this may only be my way of seeing it and taking it rather than what others would see and take it as

any ways, i have another excuse for you: there are no anime stores what so ever in my area other than the ones that sells copied animes

i live in canada and the prices of real mangas are ranging from $12 - $25 USD (from what i have seen so far) depending on the quality and number of pages in the book and animes range from $30 - $40 USD and i would gladly, as a fan of the animes and/or manga, buy them when i have the money, but there are no authentic anime/manga stores or even partially anime/manga stores (that i am aware of) anywhere within a radius of something like atleast 3 cities from where i live so how is it that i can support it
sure there are creditcards and all that that i can use, but in case no one had considered, i many not have been elegible for them because of my age or my earnings *sigh* i only ask for another way to pay for the things you can order form the net or that they make the stores more visible or noticable like put it in the phone book or something so i can find it, or even list the addresses of stores on licenced anime companies' wetsites
maybe that would help a little


erman_8 on Thursday, April 14 @
good point you made!!!


Anonymous on Tuesday, May 03 @
ur retarded


Blended on Thursday, May 12 @
myself in the last year have probably spent around $1200 or more (i think more) on anime because like you said its a hobby, and an expensive one. therefore i have no problem buying the dvds, seeing as how it's my hobby. even if im only going to watch it once i feel i still have to own it. so therefore i buy it. yes i do download fansubs as well but even so, most of the fansubs ive seen are going to be purchased by me as soon as they are licensed.


Vilincica on Wednesday, May 18 @
I agree with Kaiser and all fo you, that agree with him. My story is a little different though (not really making excuses just explaining a situation) In my country anime just started to get attention a few years back. It is mostly still considered something children up to 10 years watch (for example the ONLY anime that can be seen on any of the channels, national, private, local or cable is Pokemon and Dragonballs oh and Yu Gi Oh. There may have been one or two more but that`s it. The only DVD`s that exist with subtitles in my language and so the only U can buy are movies like Spirited Away, Mononoke Hime, Pokemon movies, Ghost in the Shell, Grave of the Fireflies and that`s more or less it. If I wanted to buy, for example Hellsing or GANTZ I/couldn`t because they don`t exist. If I buy anime on the internet, let`s take or the postage costs almost as much as the DVD I`m buying :) So mostly I download................ and when I find a series or a movie that I really like, then I go and get myself a DVD :) because afterall it is only fair to support the industry :)


Anonymous on Monday, May 23 @
hey u stupid


Anonymous on Monday, May 23 @
u r stupid


glennsm on Tuesday, June 14 @
left me speechless there for a second. well said


himu_omega on Friday, June 17 @
amen dude amen


Tezumi on Tuesday, June 28 @
and now boxtorrents is back :)


DeathNearDarkness on Wednesday, June 29 @
I find this topic very funny for some reason. XD


Ani_MaSTeR on Friday, July 01 @
Wow, i never realised their were ppl that thot that seriously about anime, i cant honestly say im the same as all u guys, i live in Australia, anime isnt all that easy to get, and i gotta wait months and sometimes years to get something thats been out for a while in the states, but the point is, i support anime, all the way through, when something is licensed i buy it, i dont boycott it, its stupid, i respect everyone that watches anime because it means more ppl will have something to talk about, however, "fans" cant simply expect anime to be a free service, the animators and studios have to get paid too, i myself watch fansubbed anime, only because alot of people rely on me to reccommend them things. The point is, anime is fun, and as long as it lasts is all that matters, if u reli love a series, buy it, support the industry so then in future, they can continue to make more and more for everybody.


Animarum on Friday, July 08 @
This aritcle was very informative, but i ususally just buy my anime anyways so this doesn't apply to me; however i can see what you mean that people who download "free" anime shouldn't complain.

too bad i dont have the time to download anime.


Kakashi72 on Tuesday, August 02 @
im glad i actually buy my anime and actually support the culture. i accidentally scrolled from the title to a random comment when i first opened this page and saw that someone wrote: ' u r retarded.' does anyone else see the irony? i love it.


strongbad87 on Wednesday, August 10 @
This editorial sounded like something I would've said, except it was done well. My only problem is that whether anime is more expensive in Japan or not, it is still outrageously priced. If i wanted to buy a boxset of any 22-26 episode anime it would cost about $120, while a boxset of an american cartoon or tv show only costs about $30-$50, and the dvd's are usually better, content and special features-wise. Where does all this extra cost for anime come from? I'm not complaining, I'm just offering another side of the argument.

And the bill collector you're talking about, doesnt collect money for a subscription to certain channels, it's for everyone who owns a color TV, and for the State run TV station. And most Japanese people ignore the tax and don't pay it.


yourshortness on Monday, August 15 @
it may cost more to buy anime, but im sure u can rent anime in japan, and since its japan, im sure u can rent tons of different series as opposed to chosing from the limited selection at blockbuster. rentings like $3 a dvd right? so thats $3 a dvd instead of like $30 or w/e, so actually anime is cheaper in japan....


fresh_no_concept on Wednesday, August 24 @
I hope you're not really serious about the renting DVD's from Japan thing. Unless you actually live in Japan, the renting concept is not going to do you much good...

As for Hong Kong fansubs, the quality still sucks. You get what you pay for...

I laughed while reading this article. I cannot believe people actually threw a fit because their anime got liscenced and they find it harder to d/l it. For all you people that believe d/l anime is not illegal (some appearantly are going so far as to calling it their right), get over yourselves...

For those of you that have jobs, just buy the DVD's. They really aren't that expensive. Best Buy usually sells them pretty cheap now (sometimes 10-15 under retail). Heck even Wal-Mart has a decent anime section now and you know cheap their prices are... For those that don't have jobs, find one. For those who are too busy for a job, appearantly you have enough time to watch some anime. You should have spent that time looking for a job.

Rant over... Go Kaiser! You make me smile. =)


subzero on Tuesday, September 13 @
I agree with kaiser. people that think they have the right to dl anime is retards. because they complain on things that they dont own. I actually love to buy dvd, actually they are not that exspensive (in Malaysia price for set of dvd is $100> ) unless you are not working and still studying that is another story...


Jsy3k on Tuesday, September 13 @
Good article, Kai. A good eye opener for those people who think they are right when it comes to their rights ^_^


JSephiroth on Tuesday, September 13 @
I agree with this fully. I have a good example of this that I'd like to bring up, although it isn't anime but manga.

I started reading Fullmetal Alchemist here on this site, and I enjoyed it fully, but when it was Licensed by whoever and you dropped Fullmetal from the manga list, I wasn't upset or tried to find a different source for this manga on the web, I did what everyone should have done.

I waited for it to come out in book form and purchase it from beginning till it finishes up and even though it is just stuff I already read, I like reading it in a real time form compared to reading it on the web. I also got a good feeling that I was contributing to the company that made this great manga.

I will love it when it catches up with what was on this site, but I am a patient person and I will enjoy it even more when it exceeds where anime-source ended off.

I pretty much go through the same procedure with anime except that is actually on my computer. I delete it and wait for it to come out on dvd.

I think the thing most of these people need to learn is they need patience, and they need to learn how to contribute to a company instead of complaining about this stuff.


Frundock on Tuesday, September 13 @


Crosse on Wednesday, September 14 @
LOL wow...kaiser I respect u big time for this article. This is the first time i've ever posted something and im just really "wowed" at these. Im an anime purist but not a whiner like other m-rons around the world. I respect what said about everything and u r right bout ADV, ppl should really think twice cuz ADV is actually being nice to ppl.


hadou on Wednesday, September 14 @
like a lot of people, i download anime. shit, is free, and i don't like to buy stuff that when time passes, i'm just gonna leave it around, because i'll have other responsabilities to take care of. and i also don' have the money to buy anime, i better spend the little money i have on other useful stuff


kivol on Wednesday, September 14 @
totally agree

omg was my post deleted?


i think i said something about.. US companies starting a website and like making it so you can download the anime. like either english or japanesee and charging for it lol


Phantom14 on Wednesday, October 19 @
Wow, this is probly the best artical I have read on such a contreversial subject within the anime comunity.
I say that as long as we download the anime, we should should suport it when it comes to our shores like the anime industry hopes we do, and fansubbers tell us to every time we download their anime.


pikkpi on Sunday, November 06 @
Great article...I'm french but we have many problems with fansubs there, a while ago, dvd boxes were very cheap but the companies have now grow big enough to control the fansubs team : they buy the copyrights when a season has not been yet entirely released, and then wait years to release the dvd's (as an example we had "Karekano" released four years after the announce of the company)...


the_waltz on Sunday, November 06 @
hey, as long as we're happy and anime producers/distributors/directors/writers/animators are happy with the results from the massive fan service we give them, it all works out


cynical_life on Tuesday, November 08 @
that's just FUNNY.


*steals episodes off internet*

lol kidding. But this is a strange site to post this kind of thing since there are so many manga titles we can read here without paying :s


Jsy3k on Tuesday, November 22 @
All the manga here are not licensed by any licensing company so we continue to host them. We have past series like I"s and Death Note that we have taken down because it is licensed.


knoit911 on Monday, December 05 @
i have downloaded some licenced anime before, and know that it is infact illegal. it goes against the constitution! whoever thinks that they can just download all the anime they whant from whoever should be shot. if you really want to watch a series that is licensed, go out, get a job, and buy it. its not that hard. bestbuy sells then for $20, $10 less than suncoast, so stop bitchen about the prices retard downloaders. ADV can legally sue whoever infringes on their rights, but they dont, feel greatful.


Electromaz on Monday, December 05 @
Do you know what I think? I think you're absolutely right!!!!

Especially when you say that fansubs can help to raise interest towards determinate titles!! I, too, have downloaded some fansubbed anime and I got able to judge something I completely ignored, before; needless to say that I also purchased some title after having seen it fansubbed! And you're right even when you talk about that there are positive and negative sides of fansubs as well!!

You got the point! Great work! Keep it up!


velocius on Friday, January 06 @
Fansubs should be used just to get a feel of the anime, then decide if its worth your money


kuey on Saturday, January 07 @
Let me get this right... those articles are about people complaining they can't partake in illegal activities?


MithCalen on Saturday, January 07 @
You know weather they are anime fans or star wars fans or star trek fans. You will have the RETARDS. No matter what comes up, you will have the stupidest people do stupid things. I myself is a fan of lots of things but I am a "fanboy" or a "trekkie". I don't believe that the creator of whatever I happen to be a fan of is GOD. That is what you get everything is not for everybody. All the complaints are from "fanboys" I can guarentee that. They take fandom to Retardation. There are some out there that are not "fanboys".


cloud03 on Saturday, January 07 @


nerr on Friday, January 13 @

I love reading manga from fansub sites. And once it is license i try not to complain. like some Anime Fan tards. I mean, isn't selfish to keep something towards yourslef? and if the manga or comes out in america i sometimes buy it as a novelty for nastalgic use.

this editorial is sooo good. :D


Hunsy on Tuesday, January 17 @
I agree with this. I downloaded the entire Chobits anime at one time, and I watched it all. But, in turn, I thought it was so good I went and bought the 2 box sets for it even though I still had it on my pc. Now granted, if I download an anime and I think it is total crap, of course I am not going to buy it...but most anime I see I like and will end up buying it at some point. I am glad that anime companies don't take people to court over downloading anime, and I am a firm believer in buying something you downloaded, especially if you downloaded ALL of it. I understand sometime if you download a song or something that may be the only song you like on the CD and there would be no point in you wasting the money for the other this would be no different if your friend had the CD and ripped the song for you. Whoa this has gotten lon, but yes I do agree that people should stop complaining.


chopopsekia on Thursday, January 26 @
yeah... at first i downloaded so many anime. But after seeing some GODLY animes, i wanted the manga, and went to some store and bought... too many...


wingmaster27 on Thursday, January 26 @
very very good point :)
I just hope they release more anime dvd in here (I'm in UK)


phonex on Monday, February 06 @
wow finally some one who get's the goddamn point......
IT IS an expensive hobby
WE DO get bargains and to all you who say your poor and can't afford anime GET A F"ING JOB


hatefulguts on Monday, February 06 @
I'm very glad that you don't bash companies for that~I get really annoyed at the people who bitch and bitch about how they have to actually PAY for stuff! I mean, it makes them seem kind of spoiled, doesn't it? Especially since in the US we have it really easy compared to some other countries.
Another pet peeve I have is people who bitch at licensing companies for making a dub, and complain about how AWFUL the dub is, when it shouldn't matter in the first place. If the dub is all they can afford to see, then they should deal with it because they don't have the right to complain. Plus, if they're complaining about the dub, wouldn't that mean that they've gotten the subtitled version somewhere (illegally or legally)? So why would they bother watching the dub in the first place?
I admit, I download stuff as much as the next person, but when I can afford it I try to actually pay for it, not only to support the creator, but to have a hard copy for myself.


butch_okoy on Tuesday, February 21 @
hmm.. this topic seems to have spiked a lot of comments.
and mine is: hehehe..
I do download a lot of anime, "free" for that matter and we share it among friends...
and we know of course, we are not to "bitch" around if its something that we actually need to
pay, i mean, if you really dont have cash to shell for the other anime, then try to look for something
that would suit you, like all the other "free downloads" we can get. but in one point, i do agree that we dont have to bitch around for it, if its going to be paid. but one thing i dont like about this topic ,
or at least the header is, i seem to think that you gave an impression that anime is only for rich people,
which i hope would never turn for that way, because poor poor us, who are still in college, but have the
passion to watch and read anime... peace!


PixyMagic on Thursday, February 23 @
Ok I got about halfway down and decided to post. I also download licenced anime however I do so for three reasons. One: I like to try before I buy... I either rent or download to see if it will be something I enjoy. Two: I hate waiting.. If I am really into a series and have to wait one two or three months for the next installment they will lose me and I will not buy anymore.... So if I like something I download the torrents and then buy the dvds as they come out that way I get to see my anime when I want and then get all the possible "extras" on the dvd later... So I get the best of both worlds and support the industry.... Ah I havent mentioned my third reason.... I like to make my own amv's... well I suppose there are ways to use the dvd's to make amv's.... but I am sure you'd need a special program so it is just easier to use my dowloads.... There is always a happy medium... and there will always be people who like to complain about everything.... I see allot of complaints going both ways. I just sit back and grin cuase no matter what happens.. when I buy,rent,or use torrents I am being entertained. Everyone has their own way of looking at situations.... So those who boycott will always be evened out by those that don't, everything evens out in their own way. In the end all that matters is that people are entertained.


Red-Ninja on Friday, March 03 @
I'm all the way with yoe...very nice article...(claps hands)


-Vic on Saturday, April 08 @
I agree with most of what you said mostly because it's factual and you're a reporter and all but I think you're mostly wrong about Japanese Anime being more expensive than the U.S edition stuff. For example most import stuff sells in smaller amounts of DVD's per anime series than U.S anime where you get giant amounts of volumes so thus making it cheaper to buy import stuff.
But I'm saying this based on if you'd want to buy an entire series, it'd be cheaper going import than U.S edition DVDs and also import stuff on the most part from Japan most likely doesn't have english dubs incase you definitely want that. It's really a toss up on what's really cheaper, but I would say Japanese import is definitely cheaper and your Friend found it more expensive because the newer the stuff the more costly.


-Vic on Saturday, April 08 @
One more thing... the studios that get the license don't have to do any importing so they save on that but they deal with translation and getting voice actors and they manufacture it themselves mostly here in NORTH AMERICA! So thus making it cheaper somewhat because most of the costs come when it's with the Animation Studios producing, and marketing off the anime.


DanZero on Wednesday, April 19 @
I read all this and i just think to myself if i live in this land of alleged freedom i will try and be free and do what i want which happens to be download anime watch it and not pay for it. I dont care if i do not have the right to do what i do i will continue to do it anyways, i dont intend to boycott anything and i dont intend to be to involved. People are allowed to do what they wish and they will continue doing that and pursuing own goals even if those goals may happen to infringe another persons goals. The title of why some anime fans are retards is a bit idiotic though with the fact that "some people are retards" seems to cover that even in a group chances are someone is a moron. So you could go on and say "some ___ are retards" about anything basicly and be right.. that is off topic but true


katsushiro on Thursday, April 20 @
Anime is a good hobby even though sometimes heavy in the pocket. I can buy cheap but superb quality anime here in the Philippines. I have anime DVD's which are Japanese Copies so it it subtitled not dubbed. BTW, dubbing makes anime less appealing to those who like it original. So better look for subbed copies rather than the dubbed ones.


postindustrialist on Thursday, April 20 @
although by now this is probably beating a dead horse, i still disagree with companies whom go to great lengths to prevent distribution of such materials be it either music or film even if they do have such rights (which i also concede as a point)

a few points and quetions:
in many cases of both viewing anime and downloading music, i have been inclined to buy legitimate copies of these materials (and sometimes at very steep costs, which is especially true of music)for the very fact that, yes i like this product, and i wantr the extra bells and whistle of getting the offical version.

secondly, it does support the artists and titles i enjoy, although thir reasoning is rather circular in that i download first usually and essentially "steal" the work, however if something's good i'll buy it.

by doing this, it encourages me to buy, in that i have a greater sense of buying what i like and only what i like and can discard the rest.

i concede i may not be the typical case, however, it makes it very difficult to say that i like a series or that i want an album after only seeing or hearing a small portion of it.

example: recently ergo proxy i heard was licensed and yet only five fansubbed episodes are out. there is no concievable way i can judge the series from start to finish being worth buying based on how little i've seen. how can i buy something and feel it has worth if i know so little about my purchase?especially when most anime titles i liked haven't even fully blossomed or developed util sometime after the halfway point.

second, if i do purchase a movie or album, part of my rights as a consumer are that i should bve allowed to make as many copies of it and use it in any way i wish, provided that i do not use the copies for making quick cash.

so is it right for some CDs which i own to be copy protected so i can't mix my own CDs? and would it be right for anime companies to take similar measures?

on top of that, in cases with certain companies that allow for the legalized download of such materials some only allow a limited number of disks that can be made, or devices that can play them, in addition to which, if you discontinue such services, you lose all the files you acessed.

is it all right to say that i can only play my anime on one approved DVD player? is it all rigfht to say that i am not actually buying the product but paying for the service of being able to use it a limited number of times?

third, another similarity with itunes. an album costs $10 on their site, and you can burn it to as many CDs as you want. (blank disk is about $0.50, if that)

a new album in stores costs between 18 and 28 dollars.

downloading a pirated song is free, but you don't always know if it's available, if the bastard you download from won't be on that night and you have no sources, and the quality is anyone's guess whereas itunes and buying an album are pretty damned good.

is it any surprise really that in a free and competitive market itunes became an almost overnight success?

wouldn't lowering prices (and in mass media, be it books, music, or movies, the manufacturers/license holders are often the ones to set the retail prices) and easing availabilty help curb bootlegging and garner customer support?

i guess in the end, to me, it's not just about someone holding the rights, it's also about both sides being fair about it rather than a bunch of greedy pricks, and it's alot easier for cooperation to begin when the person who has gives a little who those who have not. anime fans should have the ability to watch fansubs (which, despite the fantastic job they do, they still aren't professional, often require notes, as in the case of ergo proxy it even comes with PDF files, are hard to follow, and often contain mistakes

Read the rest of this comment...


Yuun on Wednesday, May 03 @
I've been purchasing anime all my life even now despite I've gain the privilege to download them. I start watching anime as early as 8 years old... Doraemon being my first anime and so on... When I hit about 15 years old and my weekly allowance increase (Thanks Mummy) I finally purchase my very first anime... Sabre Marionette! Ever since then I've been purchasing anime especially during 15-18 years old time, totalling up to 75 titles by then... after hitting 19 I've update myself with broadband and yea... ANIME ONLINE!!! DOWNLOAD AND DOWNLOAD!!!

I admit that I does cut down buying anime every month since using the money to pay for broadband can give me more anime in .avi .mkv .ogm files... Not to mention the extra stuffs Fansubbers usually have to offer. However I come to realise a thing... I'm an anime fan and nothing please me more to meet someone who share the same interest and we could actually talk about something. Later on, I've realise another thing... If I want to play my role to support the industry, how can I do so? By buying anime of course... so I've been buying all anime all this while... this year 2006 May, I've already purchase 5 titles: E's Otherwise, Tokyo Underground, World of Narue, Amaenaidaiyo, and Nadesico The Movie.

Well I support Kaiser point of view, I play my role as an anime lover and no I don't take the privilege for granted. I'm proud to show my collections to anyone out there... now I got a total of over 120 titles in VCDs and DVDs (I bought) and about 80+ anime that I burned from Fansubbers. Yup my mother does threaten to burn my DVDs and VCDs and no she never got the chance to do it thank god.

Looking at how anime have grown these years, I'm sure most of anime producer company are making lots of profit, especially from those "Collectors" like me who simply can't help but purchase a worthwhile anime despite having watched them through Fansubber's.

Thank You anime...


Ps2mark1189 on Friday, October 06 @
I respect fansubbers alot but if a company wants to buy the rights and show it in the U.S then by all means do it. Fansubbers hold a important part to anime because there are some of us who want to see a show they heard was cool which might or never will come to the U.S. And companies help suporrt Anime in the country making it easier for others to get into it.


sianon on Friday, November 17 @
One thing you didn't mention was the comparison between tv DVD sales and anime sales--- people have easy access to watch tv shows and presumably have watched them already when they buy, and that hasn't hurt sales, presumably. That could be another argument in favour of companies working with subbers.


technomo12 on Thursday, February 08 @
yeah respect is the game of the name here pls repect the owner respect the fansubbers and respect the fans


zelliko on Tuesday, March 06 @
I belive burning, downloading and pirating any kind of anime is wrong an dit should not be tolerated i agree with this guy and he should be heard LOUD AND CLEar to the idiots


Ashera121 on Wednesday, March 07 @
yeah, we can't directly say that Japan has better access to anime prices and other stuff because our anime is shipped from there and its more expencive.


powerlord13 on Monday, March 12 @
Your article hits some key points right on the nose and sadly, with watching anime/reading manga as expensive as it is (legally) you will always have those people who don't appreciate the ability they have to do it for free (illegally).


wrunner2003 on Sunday, June 24 @
solution... allow fansubs to be streamed only... not downloaded. Then its just like listening to the radio for the most part. You hear a band you like (or in this case see anime you like) then go buy it. On a more personal note I know that there is absolutely no way I would own as much anime as I do if it weren't for fansubs. Your point 7 isn't a very good point. I don't really think it holds true for the vast majority of anime fans. Also you come across as a dick... you should probably work on that.


flawless on Friday, July 27 @
i don't thing that Kaiser comes off as a dick, they are very valid points and should be addressed because people really don't apreciate the privilege that have. kaiser is right it is a hobby that is is very costly, i myself have spent over a thousand dollars in.


Blyzzard on Saturday, August 04 @
Thanks kaiser, you've helped enlighten those who argue using those 7 points.


Mellowthrasher on Saturday, April 25 @
You know what i wanna do now? travel to my local mall and get some ANIME!!! its been awhile and reading this let me know just how long its been (1,432 hours and 39 seconds nut who's counting-.-)


athena33 on Thursday, July 23 @
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skip-beat-fangirl on Monday, November 15 @
i completely agree with you but i never download anime i only wach online in other words no need to download or buy but there is just something to the feeling of holding the real thig in your hands but sadly i live in norway where only 2 prosent of the people now about it and if they did sadly again they would just call it japanese comic series though it is i still look at it differently i respect and look upon it as the main character of the world only god knows and if you do not know about this anime go watch it its really funny and stuff so sadly for the third time even though i want to i cant buy anything related to anime but its okay i plan to save for months maybe a whole year and then 4 years later in the summer i shall fly to japan and go to comiket and get alot of stuff


skip-beat-fangirl on Monday, November 15 @
i completely agree with you but i never download anime i only wach online in other words no need to download or buy but there is just something to the feeling of holding the real thig in your hands but sadly i live in norway where only 2 prosent of the people now about it and if they did sadly again they would just call it japanese comic series though it is i still look at it differently i respect and look upon it as the main character of the world only god knows and if you do not know about this anime go watch it its really funny and stuff so sadly for the third time even though i want to i cant buy anything related to anime but its okay i plan to save for months maybe a whole year and then 4 years later in the summer i shall fly to japan and go to comiket and get alot of stuff


skip-beat-fangirl on Monday, November 15 @
i completely agree with you but i never download anime i only wach online in other words no need to download or buy but there is just something to the feeling of holding the real thig in your hands but sadly i live in norway where only 2 prosent of the people now about it and if they did sadly again they would just call it japanese comic series though it is i still look at it differently i respect and look upon it as the main character of the world only god knows and if you do not know about this anime go watch it its really funny and stuff so sadly for the third time even though i want to i cant buy anything related to anime but its okay i plan to save for months maybe a whole year and then 4 years later in the summer i shall fly to japan and go to comiket and get alot of stuff


skip-beat-fangirl on Monday, November 15 @
i completely agree with you but i never download anime i only wach online in other words no need to download or buy but there is just something to the feeling of holding the real thig in your hands but sadly i live in norway where only 2 prosent of the people now about it and if they did sadly again they would just call it japanese comic series though it is i still look at it differently i respect and look upon it as the main character of the world only god knows and if you do not know about this anime go watch it its really funny and stuff so sadly for the third time even though i want to i cant buy anything related to anime but its okay i plan to save for months maybe a whole year and then 4 years later in the summer i shall fly to japan and go to comiket and get alot of stuff


skip-beat-fangirl on Monday, November 15 @
i completely agree with you but i never download anime i only wach online in other words no need to download or buy but there is just something to the feeling of holding the real thig in your hands but sadly i live in norway where only 2 prosent of the people now about it and if they did sadly again they would just call it japanese comic series though it is i still look at it differently i respect and look upon it as the main character of the world only god knows and if you do not know about this anime go watch it its really funny and stuff so sadly for the third time even though i want to i cant buy anything related to anime but its okay i plan to save for months maybe a whole year and then 4 years later in the summer i shall fly to japan and go to comiket and get alot of stuff


skip-beat-fangirl on Monday, November 15 @
i completely agree with you but i never download anime i only wach online in other words no need to download or buy but there is just something to the feeling of holding the real thig in your hands but sadly i live in norway where only 2 prosent of the people now about it and if they did sadly again they would just call it japanese comic series though it is i still look at it differently i respect and look upon it as the main character of the world only god knows and if you do not know about this anime go watch it its really funny and stuff so sadly for the third time even though i want to i cant buy anything related to anime but its okay i plan to save for months maybe a whole year and then 4 years later in the summer i shall fly to japan and go to comiket and get alot of stuff


skip-beat-fangirl on Monday, November 15 @
orry for that my blog came out 6 times my computer has been a little corky lately


skip-beat-fangirl on Monday, November 15 @
i ment sorry i mispelled on purpose


coach008 on Monday, August 31 @

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