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Fansub News and Releases
Releases: Releases temporarily down
Posted by Crawen on Wednesday, May 3rd 2017
As some of you might already know, the fansub community has taken a resent blow which is limiting releases.

Nyaa Torrents, which was our main source of releases went down a few days ago and news has it that it is permanent.

One alternative is Tokyo Toshokan, but they seem to be under constant DDoS attack so they are also out of commission for the time being.

Some fansub groups are still managing their releases using magnet links and other solutions while figuring out what replacement tracker to use.

We will keep you informed about further developments as we find out more ourselves.

So what about until then?

In the meanwhile, we are going to experiment with magnet links instead of torrent links, although these will probably not cover all show or releases from different groups. If you have any suggestions, then let us know in the comments. Or even better, if you know of any releases then please submit them by going to the related anime and click the "Submit a new release" link on the right side, right under the screenshots (if there are any).

EDIT: We needed to make some changes in our system to support magnet links which took a bit longer than expected, but the releases are finally starting to roll in again.

We are going to focus on the newest releases first, working our way back to the ones we skipped as there's a good chance that most of you have already seen those episodes by now.

EDIT 2: a few anime torrent sites have risen. Some were already there, but suddenly got a renewed effort in development, others were created from scratch. Two of the better trackers so far seem to be and

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Fansub News and Releases
News: Releases are back online!
Posted by Crawen on Thursday, September 18th 2014
Releases are back
Mirai Nikki

I hope you don't have anything planned for the rest of the week because we've got all those releases you've been waiting for!

Head over to the release-section to find what you've missed!

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Fansub News and Releases
News: What's going on with the Releases?
Posted by Crawen on Wednesday, September 10th 2014

Computer hacking scene from Neon Genesis Evangelion

So you're all probably wondering what's going on with the releases. Why aren't there any updates?

To make a long story short: Someone out there is having fun hacking fansub community websites. If we can't access them, then we can't offer you any new releases.

We are every bit as annoyed as you are and as soon as things are up and running again, we will do our best to make sure we catch up to the most recent episodes.

Until then there are a few ways to still get your fix, although a bit more taxing. Some fansub groups offer direct downloads in their IRC channels, using XDCC. You'll have to look up the details on your prefered groups website or IRC channel.

Read the full article to find out what kind of attacks the hackers are using.

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Fansub News and Releases
Death Note
Posted by kaiser on Sunday, October 8th 2006
If they can keep the story and animation up like episode 1, this could be a great anime. OP/ED in extended. Everyone should give it a shot and watch the first episode to see if they like it or not =)

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Fansub News and Releases
New anime : NANA
Posted by Frundock on Monday, April 17th 2006

Last year, the staff worked to bring you a review of the new animes. This time, we'll present you with quick reviews of new animes. We hope you will enjoy them and that you may find some new show to watch.

Read more for the reviews.

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Fansub News and Releases
Gundam Seed Destiny 40
Posted by kaiser on Sunday, July 24th 2005
Cellphone^2 has disbanded after episode 39. Episode 40 by Cellphone^2 is a joke/parody sub, sorry for the confusion. Download it if you want laughs.

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Fansub News and Releases
Fansub Groups
Posted by kaiser on Friday, February 4th 2005

Hi Folks
Thanks to IdNoe's hard work, the fansub group list is completely up to date again. If you have anything you would like to add or change, please email

You can see the list under "Fansub Group Listing" in the menu.

We also have a new forum section for resubmitting torrents to our Daily New Releases section. Post in the forum with the relevant information and someone will update it asap. Everyone is welcome to post and you do not need registration to post in the forums. Thanks!

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Fansub News and Releases DOWN
Posted by kaiser on Thursday, June 10th 2004
If you're wondering why, probably the largest anime bt link provider, is down.

They've been asked by ADV to remove licensed anime materials from their website and so as a result many of the BT links you find on our website will not be working as well. has said it will be back online when they fix their BT so they can control who posts what so their total downtime is uncertain.

Edit: Does anyone know what happened to Anime Forever? Their website seems to be down, did they get shot down for releasing ADV licensed Chrno Crusade?

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Fansub News and Releases
Anime-Source Fansubbing
Posted by Kaiser on Friday, May 7th 2004

*a-hem* well due to some shift of web access, i can't change some stuff in the other newsposts. but anyway, on to the more "important" news.

As those of you on irc probably noticed already, I won't be around much anymore as life/school calls me so I don't have the time to manage the fansub team/work on fansubs as I used to. Though, I probably will come back in some form when the second season of Marimite airs... whenever the hell it airs.

So, Anime-Source Fansub will be on pause.

The Melody of Oblivion project isn't dead though, from what I know, the project basically moved to another group called Ayu and their channel is #ayu @ and the guys are over there working on it.

My email still works last i checked, so feel free to email me at if you got any questions or something.

Soo... see ya.

btw, moo.

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Fansub News and Releases
Melody of Oblivion Project moved to Ayu
Posted by Kaiser on Thursday, May 6th 2004
Due to differences with in the Anime-Source fansub group, I've moved the project completely over to Ayu. Most of the Anime-Source group is working on the project, so there isnt much of a change... just a new name =p if you wanna get releases or on Bit Torrent Melody of Oblivion - 01 was FINALLY released.

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