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Past Surveys
 Have You Attended Any Anime Conventions This Summer? (Results - 647 votes)
 Does Anyone Know You Watch Anime? (Results - 744 votes)
 How did you find us? (Results - 445 votes)
 Do You Wear Corrective Lenses? (Results - 338 votes)
 When is Your Birthday Month? (Results - 418 votes)
 Any plans for the New Year? (Results - 51 votes)
 Your Favorite Anime of the Fall 2011 Line-up? (Results - 354 votes)
 What's Your Relationship Status (Results - 601 votes)
 What are your summer plans? (Results - 234 votes)
 What do you think about the summer lineup? Check results if you don't know what's coming out (Results - 142 votes)
 How much Japanese do you know? (Results - 180 votes)
 2011 Haru no ichi-ban sukino anime: (Results - 131 votes)
 Do you watch Kamen Rider/Sentai shows? (Results - 74 votes)
 What color hair on anime characters drives you wild? (Results - 398 votes)
 What is your employment status? (Results - 749 votes)
 What's your preferred method of geekery? (Results - 250 votes)
 What % of your holiday season was anime-related? (gifts, decor, party-themes) (Results - 209 votes)
 What are your thoughts on SNOW! (Results - 281 votes)
 Which of these Fall 2010 anime series are you most interested in? (Results - 598 votes)
 While we wait for the survey results, tell us what's sexy (Results - 702 votes)
 For how long have you been an anime "fan"? (Results - 609 votes)
 How many anime movies have you seen in a theater? (Results - 380 votes)
 What new anime will you watch in Summer 2010? (Results - 470 votes)
 Decide our next fan survey! (Results - 203 votes)
 Which is your favorite Star Wars? (Results - 474 votes)
 How will all human life end? (Results - 332 votes)
 How many e-mail accounts do you have? (Results - 338 votes)
 How many anime series have you RE-WATCHED (comment on which series!) (Results - 505 votes)
 What is your relationship status? (Results - 512 votes)
 Do you know who Hard Gay is? (Results - 356 votes)
 How many anime series did you watch, start to finish, in 2009? (Results - 722 votes)
 Got snow? (Results - 226 votes)
 So it is christmas, will you be reciving or giving any anime/manga related gifts? (Results - 151 votes)
 Daily releases, do you? (Results - 172 votes)
 Which Fall '09 series are you most excited about? (Results - 565 votes)
 It's late, but I gotta know... did you dress up as an anime character for Halloween? (Results - 133 votes)
 How many episodes of an anime do you watch before you decide to dump it? (Results - 430 votes)
 When you travel, you prefer to go... (Results - 231 votes)
 Have you ever been to Japan? (Results - 474 votes)
 What musical instrument did you mainly play in elementary and/or highschool? (Results - 202 votes)
 Which Summer series are you most engaged with right now? (Results - 620 votes)
 MOHS2 "Endless Eight" was... (Results - 299 votes)
 Which deadly sin are you most guilty of? (Results - 456 votes)
 What's your typing speed? (Results - 301 votes)
 Generally, you enjoy movies that are... (Results - 274 votes)
 Do you have a blog? (Results - 219 votes)
 Are you still in school? (Results - 669 votes)
 The start of Haruhi Suzumiya Season 2... (Results - 326 votes)
 What is in our Water? (Results - 159 votes)
 What Spring 2009 series are you most likely to watch? (Results - 709 votes)
 Where in the world did Kaiser go? (Results - 101 votes)
 Dragonball Evolution (Results - 314 votes)
 What's your favorite Final Fantasy? (Results - 828 votes)
 What is your bloodtype? (Results - 465 votes)
 Which part of Anime-source do you frequent/fancy the most? (Results - 458 votes)
 Loli-In-A-Box - Would you? (Results - 328 votes)
 GTX Favorite Episode Survey: Pool 2 (see blog for rules) (Results - 31 votes)
 GTX Favorite Episode Survey: Pool 1 (see blog for rules) (Results - 62 votes)
 If I were a Pokémon I'd be... (Results - 647 votes)
 Did you know that xeno posts about teaching in Japan in our staff blog 5-6 times a week? (Results - 414 votes)
 Is Kagami (Lucky Star) a Tsundere? (Results - 285 votes)
 What Genre of Manga Do You Want Hosted on Anime-Source? (Results - 1873 votes)
 New Anime Season! Pumped? (Leave a comment about what you wanna watch!) (Results - 521 votes)
 Do u liek Mudkips? (Results - 347 votes)
 Perfect Anime Project - Week 4 (Results - 74 votes)
 Perfect Anime Project - Week 2 (Results - 92 votes)
 Perfect Anime Project - Week 1 (Results - 147 votes)
 How long before xeno goes insane teaching in a Japanese school? (Results - 402 votes)
 If your life became a manga, what genre would it be? (Results - 2929 votes)
 With which staffer's OP Picks do you most agree? (Results - 254 votes)
 Which Spring 2008 Anime are you looking forward to most? (Results - 2557 votes)
 Decide Our Next Fan-Survey!! (Results - 960 votes)
 When an anime season you enjoyed ends, what do you prefer happens next? (Results - 2222 votes)
 Which new series are you most excited about? (Results - 5587 votes)
 Which of the following would like to see more of? (Results - 1342 votes)
 When at a con's Dealer Room, what do you shop for most? (Results - 2020 votes)
 Will you be joining us for our Otakon party? (Results - 869 votes)
 How many official anime DVDs do you buy each year? (Results - 3752 votes)
 Convention Attendance in a Typical Year (Results - 2396 votes)
 How often do you stop by A-Source? (Results - 3171 votes)
 What part of A-S would you like to see improved ? (Results - 913 votes)
 Which cosplay would you want to see Himitsu in? (Results - 286 votes)
 Do you watch anime on TV? (Results - 6451 votes)
 Would you guys support an A-S hockey team? (Results - 1145 votes)
 New Manga Part 1 (what would you like to see hosted?) (Results - 4204 votes)
 What's Your Favorite Part of the Site (Exluding Manga)? (Results - 1318 votes)
 Where Do You Live? (Results - 4903 votes)
 How Old are You? (Results - 4402 votes)
 What is your Sex? (Results - 3639 votes)
 Do you like the new Layout? (Results - 4196 votes)
 What Type of Articles do you want to See More of on A-S? (Results - 1338 votes)
 What is Your Resolution? (Results - 4241 votes)
 How did you find this website? (Results - 2448 votes)
 Where Do You Live2? (Results - 6183 votes)
 What influences you the most before buying anime? (Results - 2627 votes)
 What Sex/Age are You? (Results - 6119 votes)
 Your Favourite Gundam Seed franchise Girl (Results - 2207 votes)
 Favourite A-S Hosted Manga Series? (Results - 3816 votes)
 Which R1 ANIME company do you like best? (Please leave comments for reasons) (Results - 1701 votes)
 FanArt of the Year Contest (please take a look at the art up top before voting) (Results - 2307 votes)
 How often do you visit Anime-Source? (Results - 1700 votes)
 zomg! no more ichigo chapters! do you... (Results - 2698 votes)
 Best Opening Song for Fall 2004 Season? (Results - 1510 votes)
 How Much Anime Do You Download/Upload Per Month? (Results - 3272 votes)
 How many Conventions have you been to? (Results - 1815 votes)
 What does your anime collection look like? (Results - 2573 votes)
 A-Source Demographics: Which group do you belong to? (Results - 2931 votes)
 What part of the website do you want to see most improved? (leave comments plz) (Results - 1574 votes)
 Which Anime Series are you most looking forward to in Spring 2004? (Results - 1972 votes)
 Do you use the Daily Fansub Releases Section? (Results - 1484 votes)

Surveys Attached to Articles
 Have you figured it out? (Results - 148 votes)
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 Finalists for the GTX Fan Contest... see story (April 3rd) (Results - 89 votes)
- Attached to article: GTX Fan Appreciation Contest - Finalists

 What do you think of the results? (Results - 374 votes)
- Attached to article: Favorite Anime of 2008 - Results Wave #4 (Now with points!)

 What do you think of the Favorite Anime Staff Picks? (Results - 381 votes)
- Attached to article: Favorite Anime of 2008 Survey: Staff Picks!

 Are You Cool? (Results - 619 votes)
- Attached to article: The Perfect Anime Project - Question 8 (Not week 8)

 Perfect Anime Project - What it Is (Results - 83 votes)
- Attached to article: The Perfect Anime Project - Question 8 (O rly?)

 Perfect Anime Project - Week 7 (Results - 76 votes)
- Attached to article: The Perfect Anime Project - Question #7

 Perfect Anime Project - Week 6 (Results - 66 votes)
- Attached to article: The Perfect Anime Project - Question #6

 Perfect Anime Project - Week 5 (Results - 107 votes)
- Attached to article: The Perfect Anime Project - Question #5

 Perfect Anime Project - Week 3 (Results - 96 votes)
- Attached to article: The Perfect Anime Project - Question #3

 How excited are you about the Suzumiya-licensing announcement? (Results - 1598 votes)
- Attached to article: Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Licensed!!

 PC Game reviews, yay or nay? (Results - 106 votes)
- Attached to article: Mario Kart DS Review.

 Tokyo 3 Server speeds are... (Results - 316 votes)
- Attached to article: A-S back with a New Server!

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